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Certificate IV

CertIVCertificate IV in Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages

We are currently preparing a nationally accredited Certificate IV, that will contain the following units and structure.

CORE UNITS — do all eleven of the following units

Plan a language revitalisation project
Form words in an Aboriginal language
Construct simple sentences in an Aboriginal language
Develop an understanding of pronoun systems
Construct complex sentences in an Aboriginal language
Words and their meanings
Search and access existing language resources
Manage language resources
Explore the field of language documentation
Create a short story in an Aboriginal language
Learn to use immersion language learning methods
Build literacy skills in an Aboriginal language

ELECTIVE UNITS — choose three units from the list below

Prepare a grant application
Comply with organisational intellectual property requirements
Understand writing systems
Learn to use language elicitation methods
Transcribe language data
Begin to create a dictionary
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