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Frequently Asked Questions

Animations — Where can I find free or cheap animation software which works well for language projects?

Archiving — Where can I archive my data?

Assessing language vitality — Are there tools that I can use to assess how endangered a language is?

Community language activists — What work can I or my community or organisation do without a linguist?

Compressing MPEG-4 files — How can I capture high definition video (HDV) tapes to produce MPEG-4 files suitable for archiving?

Dictionaries — What software can I use to make a dictionary?

Digitising cassettes — I'm planning to copy some old language tapes on cassettes to a CD format. What issues do I need to consider?

Documenting endangered languages — What's different about language documentation with endangered languages?

Fieldwork — How can I decide where to do linguistic fieldwork?

File-naming — What system should I use to name my files?

Films and plays — Where can I find films or plays in or about Indigenous languages?

GPS — Is it useful to take a GPS to the field?

Headphones — I'm looking for a recommendation for some high quality and comfortable headphones for fieldwork.

Informed consent — I'm starting a new community-based project. How can I make sure that I'm getting informed consent from the people who will be participating in this project?

Language information — Where can I find out more about language X?

Language programs — How can I set up a language program?

Linguists and research partnerships — How can I find a linguist to work with me?

Literature — Where can I read more about endangered languages and language documentation and conservation?

Macs and Windows software — Can you advise me about using Windows software (such as Toolbox) on a Mac using CrossOverMac or Windows emulators?

Microphones — What microphones do you recommend for fieldwork?

Orthography — What does developing an orthography for a previously unwritten language involve?

Photos — There are some photos I want to digitize. Is it better to digitize off negs or off prints?

Policies & conventions — Does any international legislation protect or support Indigenous languages?

Publishing — How can I publish books in my language to support language revitalization?

Recording equipment — What type of recording equipment is best for language documentation?

Recovering files — Is there a way to recover corrupted files from my video recorder?

Repatriating materials — How can I get copies of research material that has been recorded for my language and bring them home to my family and community?

Training — Where can I get training to learn more about how to work with endangered languages?

Transcribing — How do I transcribe my data?

USB memory drives — Can you recommend a sturdy USB memory drive for fieldwork data storage?

Video cameras — I'm looking to buy some video cameras for my fieldwork. What advice do you have about the new video cameras on the market?

Working with endangered languages — Who can I talk to about working with endangered languages?