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RNLD Board Vice President Julie Warren

Julie WarrenJulie Warren is the Vice President of RNLD's Board.

Julie completed a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne, majoring in politics. Working with Reconciliation Victoria, she continued her interest in education, working in partnership with Worawa Aboriginal College, an Aboriginal owned and run boarding school. In 2008, Julie joined the AFL to establish the industry’s Indigenous employment program, later broadening her role to grow the representation of all diverse peoples on and off the field. Recently, Julie has worked with the Australian Sports Commission in several countries in the Pacific to support sport for development programs. She is about to commence work with the Department of Health and Human Services to support the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Julie was attracted to a role with the RNLD Board because of her interest in education and her awareness of the importance of first languages in ensuring children’s success within education. Julie believes that, as language is an important part of culture, the preservation of the hundreds of Aboriginal languages is a critical project for an inclusive nation that adequately recognises its First Peoples. Above all, Julie considers that working cross culturally enables amazing innovation and creativity and furthermore, although often unrecognised, the Indigenous sector is regularly a leader in best practice.


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