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Karen Mezentsef

Karen MezentsefKaren Mezentsef is the Event Coordinator for the DRIL program's Advanced Professional Development Workshop which will be held in July 2015.

Karen is currently undertaking Honours in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne where she received her Bachelor of Arts (with a double major in Linguistics and Anthropology) and a Diploma in French. She undertook her DRIL/RUIL internship in December 2014 in Broome, Western Australia, participating in a DRIL workshop at Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga Language Centre led by DRIL trainers Margaret Florey and Emma Murphy.

She volunteered at RNLD during the November 2014 Professional Development workshop and also aided in the accreditation process of the DRIL Certificate III.



Karen works 0.2 and is in the office 9:00am - 5:00pm on Wednesdays.

Email: admin @