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Linguistics in the Pub in London (LIPIL)

LIPIL is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in London and serves as an informal forum for the discussion of languages, linguistics and related issues. We plan to meet roughly once a month and discuss a particular theme or issue that is of interest to the group. It builds on the LIP concept which originally began in Melbourne, Australia and has spread to other places in that country, and now to the UK.

LIPIL is coordinated by Lauren Gawne (SOAS, University of London) and is open to everyone who is interested. We're currently looking for people who might be interested in helping to organise LIPIL, or write summaries of each of the events for the Endangered Languages and Cultures blog. Or you can Tweet on the night with the #LIPIL hashtag.


2017 LIPIL Topics  

May 2017 Documenting language in the home
February 2017 Data sharing, data mining, and research parasites
January 2017 Language and culture

2016 LIPIL Topics  

October 2016 What is a linguist?
January 2016 Open Access and the future of Academic Publishing - Recap here


2015 LIPIL Topics  

December 2015 Documenting ceremony
November 2015 Language Documentation in your lunch-break? Doing urban fieldwork - Recap here
October 2015 Why document endangered languages? - Recap here
September 2015 Fieldwork in multilingual communities - Recap here