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Professional Development Workshop 3

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From 7-16 July 2015, the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages (DRIL) Training Program ran a Stage II DRIL Leadership Professional Development workshop with nine DRIL participants from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The workshop brought back together 8 of the 11 participants who took part in the Stage I workshop in November 2014, and one participant who took part in our pilot professional development workshop in January 2014.


Roy & Jason


This program aims to develop the professional capacity of young Indigenous leaders and to build a professional network amongst Indigenous people engaged in language work. The training strengthens the participants' language documentation and revitalisation skills, and builds the capacity to become trainers and share skills with other people in families, communities and workplaces.


Over two weeks, the workshop trainers provided intensive training in linguistics, language learning and teaching methods, curriculum development, and resource production. You can see the full program here.

Salote, Ebony, MF, Roy
group work


  • Jason Kirby (Swan Hill, Victoria) — Wadi Wadi (D4)
  • Ebony Joachim (Shepparton, Victoria) — Yorta Yorta (D2)
  • Angelina Joshua (Ngukurr, Northern Territory) — Marra (N112)
  • Grant Thompson (Ngukurr, Northern Territory) — Ngandi (N90)
  • Hiroko Shioji (Broome, Western Australia) — Yawuru (K1)
  • Roy Tommy (Karratha, Western Australia) — Yinhawangka (A48)
  • Nadine Taylor (Geraldton, Western Australia) — Wajarri (A39)
  • Salote Bovoro (Adelaide, South Australia) — Adnyamathanha (L10)
  • Michelle Warren (Port Augusta, South Australia) — Dieri (L17)
Kat Forrester
phonetics Jess & EmmaJohn Hobson

Training team

Lead DRIL trainers Margaret Florey and Emma Murphy were supported by DRIL trainee trainers Katerina Forrester, Jessica Solla and Ebony Joachim.

We are very grateful to John Hobson and Susan Poetsch from the University of Sydney who joined the training team for this workshop to run four sessions on language teaching theory and methods.

Susan Poetsch

ILA logoAcknowledgement

This workshop was supported by a Professional Development grant from the Australian Governments' Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program (Department of Communication and the Arts).