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Professional Development workshop 5

From 30 May - 4 June 2016, the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages (DRIL) Training Program ran a Stage II DRIL Leadership Professional Development workshop with nine DRIL participants from New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.


This program aims to develop the professional capacity of Indigenous people engaged in language work and to build a professional network. The training strengthens the participants' knowledge of linguistics and their ability to use grammars and dictionaries in their language revitalisation work. It builds the capacity to become trainers and share skills with other people in families, communities and workplaces.


Over six days, the workshop trainers provided intensive training in linguistics and the participants began to create a Learner's Guide for their own languages. On Day 5, the participants recorded stories that they had created in their languages, and a glossed book of the stories was produced on the final day. You can see the full program here.


  • Caroline Bradshaw (Kempsey, NSW) — Dhanggati (E6)
  • Sharon Edgar Jones (Stroud, NSW) — Gathang (E67), Wonnarua (HRLM) (S63)
  • Terrie Lowe (Grafton, NSW) — Bundjalung (E12)
  • Aaron James (Brisbane, Qld) — Pitta Pitta (G6)
  • Sandra Delaney (Brisbane, Qld) — Jandai (E19)
  • Patricia Coleman (Gladstone Qld) — Byellee (Bayali) (E42)
  • David Moon (Melbourne, Vic) — Boandik (S13)
  • Edie Maher (Geraldton, WA) — Wajarri (A39)
  • Donald Thomas (South Hedland, WA) — Nyangumarta (A61)

Training team

Margaret Florey, Jessica Solla, Ebony Joachim, Amy Parncutt

ILA logoAcknowledgement

This workshop is supported by a Professional Development grant from the Australian Governments' Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program (Department of Communication and the Arts).