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Who we are

RNLD's founders

RNLD was co-founded in July 2004 by Margaret Florey and Nick Thieberger. In 2009, Margaret Florey first applied for and was awarded funding to manage RNLD and to develop the Documenting and Revitalising Indigenous Languages Training Program.

Our staff

— the DRIL staff members are based in our Melbourne office and also in other parts of the country. You can read more about our staff at this link.


— We have a great team of volunteers who support the work of the DRIL training program.


— The DRIL project and RUIL, University of Melbourne, have launched a student internship program.

DRIL Consultation Group

— The DRIL consultation group members provide guidance to DRIL staff on the development of the DRIL training program.

RNLD Executive Committee

— RNLD is governed by its seven-member Executive Committee.

Advisory Panel

— A ten-member Advisory Panel provides input and guidance to the Executive Committee on RNLD's programs.