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Our activities

RNLD is a national organisation using a range of strategies across Australia to support Indigenous languages. Follow us on Facebook Follow RNLD group on Facebook and Twitter Follow RNLD on Twitter to keep up to date on RNLD's projects.

  • In March 2012, RNLD organised two workshops which trained thirty-six Indigenous trainers in the Master-Apprentice Language Learning Program method. These workshops provided the first opportunity for Indigenous people from all Australian states and territories to learn this highly effective language revitalisation strategy.
  • Linguistics in the Pub is a monthly event which brings language activists and linguists together in an informal setting to discuss issues and methods for revitalising Indigenous languages.
  • In 2011, RNLD hosted a symposium on the theme of Strengthening language maintenance through cooperative training strategies to bring together representatives of Indigenous organisations, networks, government agencies, research centres, and educational institutions, all of which are actively developing and implementing innovative training strategies to support Indigenous languages.
  • RNLD staff members occasionally make presentations on our work at conferences and symposia. Here's some of our recent presentations and handouts.