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Emma Murphy

Emma is the Training Director at RNLD, and runs the DRIL Program.

Emma has a long history working with Aboriginal communities – particularly in remote areas. In the late 1990s she spent a few years living and working at Irrunytju Community on the WA, NT, SA border.  It was here, working with children and elders that she found her passion for Australian linguistics (even if she didn’t yet know what that was) and community development. She left the community to study at the University of Adelaide, but returned regularly for short-term projects and relief work.

Emma has been based in Darwin for the last seven years and worked with many Yolŋu communities across North East Arnhem Land on community development, language and health projects. She has a Master of Applied Linguistics, and has previously worked as a DRIL Trainer for two years.


Emma is usually available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays except when she is travelling to deliver DRIL training workshops.

Email emma.murphy @