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How can I set up a language program?

An important starting point is being very clear about your goals.

  • What do you hope to achieve in the program? For example,
    • Is the goal to set up language nests for children?
    • Do you hope to provide a context for speakers to maintain language use in a particular domain?
    • Is your aim to educate the community about minority languages, etc?

There are many different types of language programs and setting clear goals. Various examples are given on our Language Maintenance Projects & Strategies page. A staged timeframe will help clarify the type that best suits the needs you have identified.

This page provides links to Australian state education department curricula and resources for school indigenous language programs.

Some very useful publications are now available. These can provide tips and strategies, references to other materials, and also insights into the experiences of other people who have established programs.

Professional help isn't always necessary, but can be particularly useful in the early stages of setting up a program. This website can help link you with communities and organisations or linguists who have experience with language programs. Your organisation might need a small budget to hire a teacher and/or a linguist to help get you started.

Appropriate training can also help to ensure that a program succeeds.

The Our Languages web site provides further suggestions on starting a language program.