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Languages in the news 2011

  • December 2011

    30 December First TAFE graduates in Gathang language North Coast TAFE

    30 December Cherokee: An Endangered Language On the Trail of the Trail

    30 December 2012 Elections: Tsai promises to work with Hakka and Aborigines by Chris Wang Taipei Times

    29 December Džíny, hamburgry and komputry: is Czech under threat from English? by Rosie Johnston Radio Praha

    29 December ALMA Observatory supports recovery of the Kunza language ALMA

    29 December Literature the Ojibwe Way: Erdrich Sisters' Wiigwaas Press Helps Preserve Ojibwemowin by Konnie LeMay Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 December Dreaming festival crosses cultures by Tim Douglas The Australian

    28 December Harper Government Invests in Language-Learning Opportunities for Maliseet First Nation Youth Canadian Heritage

    28 December Touching Their Ancestors' Hands by Jana Pickart Boston Review

    28 December Singing the National Anthem in their Own Language by Eddie Avila Rising Voices

    28 December Saving Native American Languages KERA

    27 December Venezuela: New computing dictionary enriches Wayuu language by Tatiana Chang Infosurhoy

    25 December Canada's First Christmas Carol Was in Huron Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    25 December Call to promote Assamese language Assam Tribune

    24 December Noel Pearson: recognise our place in nation by Patricia Karvelas The Australian

    23 December Achievements Abound for Native American Languages in 2011 Indian Country Today Media Network

    23 December 1000 Languages on the Web by Kevin Scannell Indigenous Tweets

    23 December Tokelauan New Zealanders get help to maintain language Solomon Star

    21 December What If We Occupied Language? by H. Samy Alim New York Times

    21 December Sask. First Nations say students shortchanged by Jason Warick The Star Phoenix

    21 December Even blokes shed a tear as the sounds of the Kimberley hit Broadway by Ellen Connolly Sydney Morning Herald

    20 December Endangered ethnic culture to be preserved China Daily

    17 December Mom Turned Author Creates Aboriginal Children's Character Indian Country Today Media Network

    15 December The Algonquian Language Reborn: An Interview with Blair Rudes Coastal Carolina Indian Center

    15 December Indigenous Person of the Year: The Indigenous Woman by Brenda Norrell The Narcosphere

    15 December Indonesian Languages Dying Out Jakarta Globe

    15 December Elections officials grapple with new Native language rule by Uriel J. Garcia Arizona Daily Sun

    14 December RPM Podcast #012: 'Revitalization' RPM

    14 December Rapper Tall Paul Represents His Culture by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 December IndigiTUBE an outback video star by Nadine Maloney ABC

    14 December Shelf-Promotion: Famed Novelist Louise Erdrich's Bookstore Stocks Great Native Books by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 December Navajo tops list of Native language speakers in US by Felicua Fonseca The Guardian

    14 December 169 local languages likely to extinct: Researcher Jakarta Post

    14 December Salish Numbers Book Helps Kids Learn Native Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    12 December I love Sauk language by Barbara Sorensen and Jennifer Weston Cultural Survival

    12 December Constitutional change is 'unfinished business' by Stuart Rintoul The Australian

    12 December Unlock the creativity so teens can get ahead by Paul Collard The West Australian

    11 December Arizona has most Indian language speakers UPI

    9 December Top writers score big at the SALAS by Edward Tsumele Sowetan Live

    9 December Everyone Speaks Text Message by Tina Rosenberg New York Times

    9 December Step to honour our first people by Michael Gordon The Age

    9 December Defying the Myth of Native Desolation: Cultural Continuity in Oaxaca by Kathleen Melville Upside Down World

    8 December Government attacked for lack of language services Kimberley Page

    8 December The Endangered Language Fund funds Southern Puebla Mixtec project Xayacatlan

    8 December Native American Study celebrates 15 years by Andrea Weiner The North Wind

    8 December Island language in a sea of change University of Cambridge

    8 December Parents help their kids speak fluent Spanish and maintain their heritage by David Montgomery Washington Post

    7 December Education research institute identifies ways to avoid extinction of indigenous languages Lagos Television

    6 December Language revitalisation through free software: the case of Aragonese by Kevin Scannell Indigenous Tweets

    6 December Language may trump race for young kids by William Harms Futurity

    5 December Taiwan aborigines back in spotlight as cultures fade Monsters and Critics

    5 December Modern language question by Lino Spiteri Times of Malta

    5 December Indigenous dictionary released on Straddie by Judith Kerr Bayside Bulletin

    5 December 3D animation helps preserve Indigenous history Physorg

    5 December Obama Signs Executive Order on Education and Tribal Colleges by Rob Capriccioso Indian Country Today Media Network

    4 December There Are No Dead Languages by John Farrell Forbes

    3 December Death of a language This Is Jersey

    3 December Igbo language films take centre stage @ Awka by Mukosolu Nzom Vanguard

    3 December Uduaghan endorses Itsekiri film industry by Benjamin Njoku Vanguard

    2 December Group makes case for use of indigenous languages by Dotun Ibiwoye Vanguard

    1 December Alaska Native Film Series continues tonight Juneau Empire

    1 December Destroying Indigenous communities and cultures by Michael Brull The Drum

    December 2011 Lost for words by Geoffrey Maslen About the House

  • November 2011

    30 November Guest: Mark Turin The MacMillan Report

    30 November The Internet: A lifeboat for endangered languages? Leaders Vision

    30 November Jabbali, an endangered language in Oman: is it worth a look before it's gone? Exploring Oman's Linguistic Treasures

    30 November Six Students Complete Choctaw Language Minor at Southeastern Indian Country Today Media Network

    30 November Native Eyes Film Showcase by Kevin Prosise Border Beat

    30 November 10th annual elders gathering promotes aboriginal teachings by Shuja Safavi The Manitoban

    30 November Arunachal Guv for promotion of indigenous languages The Shillong Times

    29 November The loss of Father Kevin McKelson keenly felt in Kimberley communities by Vanessa Mills ABC Kimberley

    29 November Why is it so important to maintain the minority languages? Sapcham

    29 November Ladino Hanukah Songs Shed Light on Endangered Language of Jews by Rhonda J. Miller PRX

    29 November Languages: Online Activism To Save Chakma Language Rising Voices

    29 November Will English kill off India's languages? by Mark Tully BBC News Asia

    28 November New university centre opens way for Indigenous Australians Charles Darwin University

    28 November Navajo Code: Powerful As Any Weapon In WWII NPR

    27 November Music the language to lower all barriers by Sarah Whyte Sydney Morning Herald

    27 November Mother language education by Tariq Rahman Express Tribune

    27 November Weaving history and heritage into an art form by Janet Mendelsohn Boston Globe

    26 November Indigenous cultural centre opens in Oaxaca, Mexico Sorosoro

    26 November How Hip-Hop is Helping Young Australians Find Their Culture by Tracey Croke Technorati

    26 November Volunteers sought to digitize Hawaiian-language newspapers Star Advertiser

    26 November 'A de pan kam': Language 'corruption' or 'enrichment' by Sheik Umarr Kamarah The Patriotic Vanguard

    26 November Day writers invaded Minna for Governor Aliyu's birthday by Henry Akubuiro Daily Sun

    25 November Cutting Centrelink cash won't stop indigenous truancy by Pat Turner Sydney Morning Herald

    25 November Indigenous Languages Discovery Workshop QLD Government

    24 November 'English banned' at song contest for minority languages by Nik Martin Deutsche Welle

    24 November Circassia: The Path to Peace and Reconciliation in the Caucasus UNPO

    23 November Aboriginal community ditched by church and state by Tim Kroenert Eureka Street

    23 November French will maintain favoured status in B.C. schools by Janet Steffenhagen Vancouver Sun

    23 November UMD professor's efforts to save Ojibwe language recognized Duluth News Tribune

    23 November Parent and Teachers Don't See Eye-to-Eye on Merits of Language Mixing by Maane Khatchatourian Brooklyn Ink

    22 November Maintaining Mongolian Culture by Montie Martin Arlington Connection

    22 November More languages added to curriculum plan by Dave Harrison The Age

    22 November Languages: Promoting Indigenous African Language Films Rising Voices

    22 November Kids to learn new lingo by Evonne Barry Herald Sun

    21 November New home movies resurrect endangered Native American language Mother Nature Network

    21 November Immersion course looks to keep Dakota language alive by Dan Olsen Post Bulletin

    21 November Utah governor holds events to celebrate Indigenous Day by Justin Smith Universe

    21 November How does linguistic diversity function in Europe? by Antje Wilton Public Service Europe

    21 November Indigenous languages need a new home base by Lu Shih-hsiang Taipei Times

    21 November Dying Ormuri language finds saviour in English book The Express Tribune

    20 November Colorado professor to speak in Steamboat about endangered languages by Scott Franz Steamboat Today

    20 November Cultural Exchange: CBC Radio links Canadians from shore to shore by Marcia Adair LA Times

    20 November Sami, Frisian and Udmurt - the obscure languages of Europe's 'minority' song contest by Roya Nikkhah The Telegraph

    20 November Linguist discusses endangered languages by Katie Mettler Indiana Daily Student

    20 November Cultural revelation by Jane E. Fraser Sydney Morning Herald

    19 November New Zealand Vies for First Oscar Nomination in Foreign Language Category by Pip Bullbeck Hollywood Reporter

    19 November Digital TV threat to Indigenous languages by Emma Murphy Green Left

    19 November Breaking down the language barrier Lithgow Mercury

    19 November Maintaining the balance The Peninsula

    18 November Elderly Siraya with giant cross starts sit-in protest by Loa Iok-sin Taipei Times

    18 November Indigenous languages 'must be preserved'

    18 November Conference: 'Indigenous languages the worst victims of globalisation' by Azam Khan The Express Tribune

    18 November We must pursue all options to revitalise te roe Voxy

    17 November Celebrating Native Language Revitalization Beyond the Box

    17 November First Andaman dictionary a 'linguistic treasure trove' by Alastair Lawson BBC News

    17 November Indigenous Focus: Santiago to host congress on indigenous languages by Laura and Ruan Seelau I Love Chile

    17 November Shortland sells the language short Voxy

    17 November Berkeley declares Native American code names offensive by Frances Dinkelspiel Berkeleyside

    16 November Podcast: Australia Through its Languages by Patrick Cox The World

    16 November Journalist makes case for indigenous language by Biola Azeez Nigerian Tribune

    16 November Breathing life into a dying language by Andrew Buncombe The Independent

    16 November 2012 Elections: Hakkas unhappy with Wu's stance by Chris Wang Taipei Times

    16 November Improved speech, language services targeted by Peggy Revell Fort Frances Times Online

    16 November Dying culture: Anambra community uses new yam festival to launch revival by Dom Ekpunobi Sun News

    16 November Loss of indigenous language, bane of Nigeria's development - Prof Omole by Francis Suberu National Mirror

    15 November Linguistic diversity of Europe by Antje Wilton Public Service

    15 November Program pairs English-speakers with speakers of another language by Lisa Kapps Little Falls Times

    15 November Pioneer school 25 years old today by Sheradyn Holderhead Adelaide Now

    15 November Fight for Nyoongar language by Anne Gartner In My Community

    14 November Apple Siri, Google Voice could help save the world's languages by Chris Jablonski ZD Net

    14 November Culture, language and art bring students together by Elise Batchelor Pilbara Echo

    14 November Aboriginal gospel singer on Broadway ABC News

    14 November PSS urged to include indigenous language class in high school graduation requirements by Moneth Deposa Saipan Tribune

    12 November Cordillera's young people make their own memories Manila Bulletin

    11 November Apaches work to save language by Rene Romo Alamogordo Daily News

    11 November NZ linguist using grant to dissect Vanuatu indigenous languages Radio New Zealand

    11 November Saving Endangered Languages Through Public Service Broadcasting by Levi Obijiofor Nigerian Village Square

    10 November 'We Still Live Here' Traces Comeback of Wampanoag Indian Language by Saskia De Melker PBS

    10 November Forgotten Tongues of the Dying People Mena FN

    9 November Tribe focuses on preservation of Apache language by Sandra Rambler Arizona Silver Belt

    9 November Pilot Program Teaches Sarawak Indigenous Children in Mother Tongue by Lisa Schlein Voice of America

    9 November Mescalero Apaches work to save ancient tongue The Republic

    9 November Racing to Save a Native American Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    9 November Pilot Program Teaches Sarawak Indigenous Children in Mother Tongue by Lisa Schlein Voice of America

    9 November National tongues by Derrick McClure Scotsman

    7 November Narrowing the gap for First Nation residents by Ryan Lux The Daily Press

    7 November Real or unreal: $345, 000 study on Vanuatu languages Radio Australia News

    5 November New NT education policy still sidelines Indigenous language by Emma Murphy Green Left

    5 November Katharine Siva Saubel, preserver of Cahuilla culture, dies at 91 by Elaine Woo LA Times

    5 November Helping indigenous Mexicans: Official visits Central Coast to gather data by Claudia Melendez Salinas Monterey County Herald

    4 November South Africa: Board Supports MEC for Community Safety Faith Mazibuko by Sibusiso Nkosi All Africa

    4 November Senator pushes for preservation of indigenous languages Phillipine Information Agency

    3 November Arts & More: Saving the Potawatomi language and 'The Michigan Poem'  by Lorraine Caron and Nancy Camden WMUK

    3 November Legarda wants to preserve indigenous languages US News Las Vegas

    3 November 'That Which Makes Us Haida' by Heather Ramsay The Tyee

    2 November Native Singers Keep Bird Songs Alive by Chris Clarke KCET

    2 November Research project to preserve Indigenous languages in NT Charles Darwin University

    2 November Language specialists racing with time to revitalise Cherokee language Physorg

    2 November Policy Joins Dots On Indigenous Culture Our Languages

    1 November Global Voices Podcast: Bridging the Language Gaps by Jamillah Knowles Global Voices

    1 November Native American culture being shown at libraries Daily Democrat

    1 November Proposal for i-Taukei academy and village by Epeli Tukuwasa Radio Fiji

  • October 2011

    31 October Laz foundation petitions Turkey to protect Laz language Today's Zaman

    31 October Native Village of Afognak Launches New Alutiiq Language Website by Jennifer Canfield KMXT

    31 October Learning native language bodes well for students' future by Marites N. Sison Anglican Journal

    31 October Diamond Giant De Beers Canada Releases Updated Mining Terminology Booklet Diamond News

    30 October Neto's Tucson: Language, land endure for visiting indigenous teachers by Ernesto Portillo Jr. Arizona Daily Star

    30 October Endangered Languages Week lends speakers' voices to languages almost silenced by Vallari Gupte The Shorthorn

    29 October Life (and death) lessons by Jewel Topsfield The Age

    29 October The Indonesian language at 83: Looking back to look forward by Setiono Sugiharto Jakarta Post

    28 October Linguist trying to rescue Saskatchewan Doukhobor language by Betty Ann Adam The StarPhoenix

    27 October Aborigines risk 'cultural impoverishment', says Noel Pearson by Sarah Elks The Australian

    27 October In Karuk by Heidi Walters North Coast Journal

    27 October Learning in both worlds by Lisa Waller Inside Story

    27 October IU departments co-sponsoring symposium on tacking and learning indigenous languages of Latin America Indiana University

    27 October Languages: A Podcast of Champions in Warlpiri by Eddia Avila Rising Voices

    26 October First Nations fight to preserve languages by Roxanne Stasyszyn Yukon News

    26 October Aboriginals of Australia: New Program Promises Efficient Funding Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation

    26 October Don makes case for indigenous languages by Musa Odoshimokhe The Nation

    24 October Mashpee Wampanoag linguist brings story to Stonehill Wicked Local

    23 October An iPhone app for Native artists Alaska Dispatch

    22 October Native American Language Documentary Wins Upper Midwest Emmy by Michael Meuers Indian Country Today Media Network

    21 October Perfecting His Irish on the Job by Corey Kilgannon New York Times

    21 October Using indigenous films for cultural revival by Simeon Mpamugoh Daily Sun

    20 October Speaking the tricky language of elections in Taiwan by Jialu Chen Reuters

    20 October Don't forget to tweet in both official languages: N.B. language commish by Shawn Berry Vancouver Sun

    19 October Animation used to promote indigenous languages by Liz Trevaskis ABC Rural

    19 October Grant allows Sealaska Heritage to digitise historic recordings Alaska Dispatch

    19 October Indigenous Focus: Indigenous Languages Being Strengthened Throughout Chile by Laura and Ryan Seelau I Love Chile

    18 October Ten languages aged just ten The Sun

    18 October Funds to help save Indigenous language by Kirsty Sexton-McGrath ABC News

    18 October SDLP Gaeilgoir defends use of Irish in the Assembly by Bronagh Murphy The Examiner

    18 October Institute of Welsh Affairs debate BBC Wales and S4C BBC News

    18 October Incredible journey to Peru by Dianna Lee Raukawa Doughty Daily Post

    14 October Remembering Inninimowin a tale of re-learning Cree Wawatay News

    14 October Distinct dialect of Jeju threatened with extinction Korea Times

    14 October Are Kalanga MPs ducking the language issue? by Edward Mpoloka Mmegi Online

    14 October Saving Taiwan's tribal cultures by Cindy Sui BBC News

    13 October National award for Inuvialuktun teacher by Samantha Stokell Northern News Services

    12 October Action needed to save Inuit language in Nunavut: NTI by Sarah Rogers Nunatsiaq Online

    12 October Harper Government Supports the Inuktitut Language Nation Talk

    12 October Cree immersion classes begin at Alexander First Nation by Susan Jones St. Albert Gazette

    12 October A World of First Nations, Learning by Katie Hyslop The Tyee

    12 October Traditional Indigenous language in danger of extinction by Steven Schubert ABC Rural

    12 October How to be relevant in global politics - Don by Dayo Johnson Vanguard

    11 October Giving Aboriginal Students Words of Their Own by Katie Hyslop The Tyee

    11 October Squamish Nation struggles to preserve a threatened language by Tessa Holloway North Shore News

    11 October AM calls for legal fight for Welsh content in local radio by Martin Shipton Wales Online

    10 October Minister must demand better return on Irish language spend by Eoin O Murchu Irish Times

    10 October Indian language literature goes to Frankfurt Book Fair IBN Live

    9 October Woman travels 1,100 miles to learn Omaha language by Kevin Abourezk Journal Star

    9 October It would be unspeakable to lose Gaelic by Kevin McKenna The Guardian

    8 October FIAF 2011: Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba filmmakers converge for indigenous language films The Nation

    8 October FIAF charts a new direction for film makers by Benjamin Njoku Vanguard

    7 October Mapping India - We the speakers by Rudraneil Sengupta Live Mint

    7 October Berenstain Bears Translated into Lakota Language Can Be a Game-Changer by Tanya Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    6 October Hai Sai (Hello) Uckinaguchi! by Ryoko Ohnishi Rafu Shimpo

    6 October In the World: Murmurs of Mayan by Emily Finn MIT News

    5 October Indigenous students create their own podcast featuring Warlpiri language by Caddie Brain ABC Rural

    5 October Language board chief Meri Huws is Welsh commissioner BBC News

    5 October New plan to increase child Gaelic speakers BBC News

    5 October Atayal-language science cartoons in 3D launched Taipei Times

    4 October FaveQuest creates first Inuktitut app by Elizabeth Howell Ottawa Business Journal

    4 October Workshop educates students on diversity in Texas' and Oklahoma's language by Rachel Snyder The Shorthorn

    1 October Avoiding language extinction by Matt Wells BBC Radio

    1 October Africa pushes for indigenous language in continent's development Afrique en ligne

  • September 2011

    30 September Promoting the language rights of indigenous peoples United Nations

    30 September The Endangered Language Catalog (ELCat) by Maddalene Tacchetti LAT News

    29 September HSU Author Publishes Indian Language Encyclopedia Humboldt State

    29 September Researchers work together to save languages by Sarah Plake The Kansan

    28 September Teaching aboriginal languages key to restoring pride, say residential school survivors by Louise Brown Parent Central

    28 September Boozhoo: Signs of Racial Reconciliation by Mary Annette Pember Daily Yonder

    28 September Irish language pack for schools stresses rights by Lorna Siggins Irish Times

    27 September Seediq Bale sparks renewed interest in aborigines at colleges by Hsu Chih-wei and Jamie Wang Focus Taiwan

    27 September Signing and hip-hop Shakespeare at 2012 Globe festival by Helen Bushby BBC News

    27 September Writer encourages preservation of Ndebele language by Khulani Nkabinde News Day

    26 September Ancient ways and modern times by Joe Mozingo LA Times

    26 September Children join race to save dying language by Titus Too The Standard

    26 September Students learn on the land by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison Northern News Services

    25 September Cherokee Nation Adds Sixth Grade and iPads to Bolster Native American Education Indian Country Today Media Network

    24 September Students do best when using native language by Janese Silvey Columbia Daily Tribune

    24 September FIAF 2011: Experts open talks on indigenous language films The Nation

    23 September Ageless voices find byways of the songlines Sydney Morning Herald

    23 September Saving Igbo language from extinction by Chidi Nkwopara Vanguard

    23 September Can dubbing a cartoon help save a language? by Antonia Zerbisias The Star

    23 September 'Language policy discriminates' - UB academic by Gothataone Moeng Mmegi Online

    23 September Language and the Right to Decide by Rudolph C. Ryser Center for World Indigenous Studies

    22 September Wiluna's hip-hop hub by Tayissa Barone West Australian

    22 September New books help Nyoongar language Central Advocate

    22 September NT English-only policy under fire Education Review

    21 September Finland engages in dialogue on the rights of indigenous people Finland Government

    21 September Native American Language Revitalization on Red Lake Agenda by Michael Meuers Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 September UN Human Rights Council: Preserving Indigenous languages by Brenda Norrell The Narcosphere

    20 September Sounds of Wiluna by Jane Kennedy ABC NorthWest WA

    19 September Small Number's adventures continue in math movie 2 SFU

    18 September India: fight to preserve dying languages by Jason Overdorf Global Post

    17 September Saving Warrungu ABC Radio National

    15 September Tribal college president to talk on Native languages by Tom Holm Montana Kaimin

    14 September Berenstain Bears Now Speaking Endangered Language in 'Matho Waunsila Thiwahe'  by James Macpherson Huffington Post

    13 September For world explorer, loss of language speaks for itself by Robert Upe The Age

    12 September A century later, Ishi still has lessons to teach by Barry Bergman UC Berkeley

    12 September Wangka Maya open for business by Elise Batchelor Pilbara Echo

    12 September Linguist revives lost Aboriginal language by Evan Schwarten The Australian

    12 September Young indigenous mentors connect by Keeli Cambourne Sydney Morning Herald

    12 September Astorian hones native language skills Down Under Daily Astorian

    11 September Nearly 50 Endangered Languages To Be Digitally Documented Red Orbit

    11 September Interpreters deciphering govt-speak jargon by Michael Inman Canberra Times

    10 September Say what? To find new subjects of study, some linguists simply open their front doors The Economist

    9 September Languages the key to closing the gap by Lisa Martin Nine News

    9 September Peru: The State of Quechua on the Internet Global Voices

    7 September Storm over Welsh Lingo Plea by Nigel Pauley Daily Star

    6 September Early language support for Indigenous school learning success Asian Correspondent 

    6 September Indigenous literacy gap must close by Kylie Ladd Sydney Morning Herald

    6 September Japanese linguist helps revive an Aboriginal language ABC AM

    5 September Silly stories with a serious message by Elisabeth Tarica The Age

    5 September 'How to protect our languages' by Emma Mgbeahurike The Nation

    2 September UQ researchers focus on Aboriginal languages UQ News

    1 September English off pedestal in remote language schooling by Anna Henderson ABC News

    1 September Native American Language Book Named Best Read Indian Country Today Media Network

  • August 2011

    31 August Early language support for Indigenous school learning success Charles Darwin University

    31 August South Dakota Radio Station Is a Good Neighbour - and a Good Listen by Stephanie Woodward Indian Country Today Media Network

    30 August Bilingual brain stays 'flexible' longer Toronto Sun

    30 August Aboriginals of Australia: New South Wales Library Receives New Language Funding Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

    30 August New chapter for ancient songbook by Andrew Bock The Age

    29 August Library to Rediscover Aboriginal Languages by Dan Watson Miller-McCune

    26 August Indigenous Voices of the Arctic by David Braun National Geographic

    25 August The Quest to Save Endangered Languages by Ruth Samuelson Fox News Latino

    24 August Acknowledge the survival of Gaelic out with the isles Herald Scotland

    23 August Feds award money to Tiguas for language, culture by Daniel Borunda El Paso Times

    23 August Virtual Keyboards for Over 1,000 Languages - Keyman Desktop PR Newswire

    23 August Australian Endangered Languages Get Boost from Alumna Georgetown University

    23 August You say tomato, they say 'xitomatl' - New Yorkers channel the Aztecs by saving a dying language by Edgar Sandoval NY Daily News

    21 August NSU offers Cherokee language technology course Wagoner Tribune

    20 August Teen uses song to preserve Native language by Kyle Hopkins News Miner

    19 August Rescuing Endangered Languages Means Saving Ideas by Emily Badger Miller-McCune

    19 August A mission to save indigenous languages by Beau Gamble Australian Geographic

    13 August Australia To Revive Lost Aboriginal Languages by VR Sreeraman MedIndia

    12 August Australian project hunts lost indigenous languages BBC Mobile

    12 August Lost indigenous languages to be revived

    11 August Wikipedia llega a México como una herramienta para las lenguas indígenas by Juan Pablo Mayorga CNN Mexico

    11 August NICO commences Indigenous Language classes by Ohi ojo Vanguard

    10 August With the Dakota language on life support, a resurgence among native youth by Jeff Severns Guntzel MinnPost

    10 August Indigenous designs, stories and culture are valuable sources of knowledge FinChannel

    9 August On Language, Ecology, and Sense of Place by James Treat Before It's News

    9 August Native American Teacher Connects a New Generation With Cherokee Culture Indian Country Today Media Network

    9 August Indigenous languages thriving in Colombia AlJazeera

    9 August People's Linguistic Survey to study over 800 languages The Times of India

    9 August Federal Agencies Take Action to Digitally Document Nearly 50 Endangered Languages National Science Foundation

    8 August Meet Google's Voice Hunter On A Quest For 300 Languages by E.B. Boyd Fast Company

    6 August L.A.'s Tunica tribe revives its lost language by Mary Foster Yahoo News

    1 August Teaching vanishing Native languages by Jonathan Grass Juneau Empire

    1 August Global Voices in Aymara: Preserving Indigenous Language Online Global Voices Online

  • July 2011

    29 July A Novelist, Among Other Roles by Rebecca Thurlow The Wall Street Journal

    28 July Bemidji’s Ojibwe Language Project Seeking Permanence Indian Country Today

    28 July A Chance to Record Some of the 112 Local Languages by Reyhan Harmanci New York Times

    27 July Saving language with a Record-A-Thon By Steven Short KALW News

    27 July Teacher program aids indigenous speakers by Claudia Meléndez Salinas Monterey Herald

    26 July Plan to preserve endangered languages by Bethany Hiatt The West Australian

    26 July Four Tribal Colleges to Receive an Initial $800,000 Each Under American Indian College Fund's Early Childhood Education Project PR NewsWire

    25 July PNG languages dying with each generation Australian Geographic

    25 July Languages on New Guinea vanish without a whisper by Jerome Rivet China Daily

    25 July Students should learn an African language IOL News

    25 July Language tool teaches Tlingit alphabet by Ed Schoenfeld Alaska Public

    24 July The power of Creole by Leon Neyfakh

    23 July Starting at home: A revival of Cree culture by Jason Warick The Montreal Gazette

    23 July Natives urged to relearn languages Brantford Expositor

    22 July UA Program Trains Educational Leaders From Rural Mexico by Richard Ruiz UA News

    22 July Council signs off on park's Indigenous name ABC News

    21 July Saving indigenous languages Latin America Press

    20 July NSW Government Announces Funding For Aboriginal Language Centre NSW Dept of Aboriginal Affairs

    20 July Reflections from the 2011 Athabaskan/Dene Languages Conference by Barbra Meek First Peoples Blog

    19 July Alumna Saves Endangered Languages in Australia Georgetown College

    19 July Reviving Indigenous languages ABC Life Matters

    19 July Dene Assembly delegates push GNWT for language programs HQ Yellowknife

    18 July Peru Officially Recognizes Indigenous Languages Cultural Survival

    18 July Twitter to Promote and Preserve Underrepresented Languages by Eddie Avila Rising Voices

    17 July Mi'kmaq language to be taught in 2 more P.E.I. schools CBC News

    17 July Land of 10,000 Stories: Reviving the dying Dakota language by Boyd Huppert Kare11

    15 July Revitalizing language by Nicole Veerman Northern News Service

    15 July Alaska's indigenous languages map gets updated, for first time in 30 years by Ben Anderson Alaska Dispatch

    14 July Aboriginal Languages Institute Returns to NWT Canada Views

    14 July Pitjantjatjara want the whole Bible Eternity

    13 July Researching roots of Tubatulabal language, artifacts in nation’s capital by Valerie Cassity Kern Valley Sun

    12 July Lessons in native languages The Australian Jewish News

    11 July Educators work to preserve endangered Alaska languages by Mike Dunham Anchorage Daily News

    8 July Saving Language ABC New England North West

    7 July Preservation of language and culture and creation of community governments among concerns by Roxanna Thompson Northern News Services

    7 July Aboriginal anthem 'a truly uplifting experience' by Dan Harrison Sydney Morning Herald

    6 July More deeply depressing news from the Northern Territory Languages by Jane Simpson Treaty Republic

    6 July How Do You Save a Dying Language? Crowdsource It Good Education

    6 July Aboriginal leader honoured ABC News

    5 July Six awards recognise contributions by Gemima Harvey Coffs Coast Advocate

    5 July Fluency in Maori dying with elders by Paul Easton

    4 July Social networking 'giving Welsh a new lease of life', according to language expert by Martin Shipton WalesOnline

    4 July The World's First Gaelic Speaking Teddy launches this Autumn Bord Na Gaidhlig

    2 July Native American Language Program Gets Funded for Another Year Indian Country Today

    1 July LiveAndTell, A Crowdsourced Quest To Save Native American Languages by Paul Glader Fast Company

  • June 2011

    30 June Call over language chief job South Wales Evening Post

    29 June Teenagers Revive Dead Languages Through Texting by Margaret Rock Mobiledia

    29 June Biripi's native tongue Manning River Times

    27 June Endangered language studied in Spain Science News

    27 June Compensation for lost languages by Verity Edwards The Australian

    27 June Silenced voices: Languages dying off around the globe by Tim Johnson The Sacramento Bee

    27 June The State Government will today transfer the largest and most iconic national park in the Cape York Peninsula Region to its Traditional Owners in an historic event Media Newswire

    27 June Hip-hop, texting may help save world's languages by Tim Johnson McClatchy News

    27 June Native youth advocate return to farming, traditional languages by Kim Bac  Native American Times

    26 June Cherokee language immersion school could become public by Wendy Burton Muskogee Phoenix

    23 June "Language is Heart of the People" Little River's Language Camp is Set Native News Network

    23 June Summit celebrates native languages by Nakia Zavalia Santa Ynez Valley News

    23 June Indigenous writer a second time winner of Australia to award ABC Radio Australia

    22 June First original Tlingit children's book published by Katie Spielberger Juneau Empire

    22 June Native American Students Helping Preserve Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    21 June Keeping Aboriginal Languages Alive: Passing on Squamish to the Next Generation by Kevin Griffin Vancouver Sun

    21 June In Wales, mind your language The Telegraph

    21 June Yelkatte one of the last Sencoten speakers by Judith Lavoie Times Colonist

    21 June Preserving Alaska Native culture by Jennifer Gibbins Cordova Times

    21 June Midwest Rappers Show Love for Their Indigenous Ojibwe Language by Thoai Lu Color Lines

    20 June Man arrested after 'pulling gun during pub language row' by Andrew Hough The Telegraph

    20 June California Language Archive clicks with multiple resources by Kathleen Maclay UC Berkeley News Center

    18 June Pioneers devised First Nations written language by Gayle Simonson Edmonton Journal

    17 June Squamish Nation publishes dictionary to keep their language alive by Kevin Griffin Vancouver Sun

    16 June Canada's Inuit leaders unveil education strategy CBC News

    15 June University helps Native Americans save languages by Diane Smith The Seattle Times

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  • May 2011

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    30 May Jeju's 'endangered' dialect by Anne Hilty Jeju Weekly

    30 May Praise for bilingual care from the NHS This is South Wales

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    26 May Welsh language activist Geraint Jones jailed BBC News North West Wales

    26 May Hawaiian Educators Spread Immersion Message in Washington by Wendy Osher Maui Now

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    25 May Revitalizing Indigenous Languages: Why and How by Bonnie Jane Maracle Indian Country Today

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    23 May Native peoples ask Jesuits to help preserve language by Michael Swan National Catholic Reporter

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    22 May Lessons preserve Okanagan language by Katherine Mortimer Vernon Morning Star

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    20 May The return of the Scots language by Brian Logan The Guardian

    20 May Amondawa tribe lacks abstract idea of time, study says by Jason Palmer BBC

    18 May United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is Underway Native News Network

    17 May Language Preservationists in Oklahoma Scramble to Revive Endangered Tribal Tongues by S.E. Ruckman Indian Country Today

    17 May Picture dictionaries keep language alive by Ellie Turner NT News

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  • April 2011

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    30 April Will this nation allow its languages to die out - from sheer neglect? by Mondli Makhanya Times Live

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    29 April Indigenous language linked to drop in drug abuse ABC

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    29 April Northwest Territories: South Slave Minister’s Regional Forum On Aboriginal Student Achievement Focuses On Revitalizing Language And Culture Indigenous Peoples, Issues and Resources

    27 April New textbook endeavors to preserve endangered language Global Times

    25 April NSU holds 39th annual American Indian symposium Cherokee Phoenix

    24 April Race against time and elements to record language World Edu

    21 April Aboriginal Languages Initiative Gives Out $5 Million Annually by Brenda Austin Indian Country Today

    20 April Language students take honors at fair by Sam Noble Oklahoma News

    19 April U of T prof wins Killam Prize for work on Slavey language by Mark Hume The Globe and Mail

    18 April What's the Native American Man Saying in "Meek's Cutoff"? by Nina Shen Rastogi Slate

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    15 April Endangered languages: the full list The Guardian

    15 April Basque second most tweeted minority language on Twitter by Olwen Mears EITB

    15 April CRTC approves Lenape-language radio licence The Wire Report

    15 April Keeping the Navajo language alive by Steve Pfarrer Intertribal Times

    14 April KBWG Brings Blackfoot Language Lessons to the Airwaves by Stephanie Tyrpak KFBB

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    14 April UHI cuts six Gaelic posts by Hannah Fearn Times Higher Education

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    13 April An Alaska native who lives in Portland battles cancer while working to save a tribe's language by Elisabeth Dunham Oregon Live

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    6 April Ojibwe-language signs promote unity in Bemidji by Tanya Lee Duluth News Tribune

    6 April Google includes Cherokee option Oklahoma Daily

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    5 April Identity dies when tongues are silenced by Geoff Maslen The Age

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    1 April Aboriginal Peoples Lose Rights and Mineral Rich Land in Northern Territory Intervention by Sarah Irving The WIP

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    1 April Indigenous cultural centre to finally get off the ground by Tony Moore Brisbane Times

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  • March 2011

    31 March Preserving the Cherokee language with children’s books by Davin Eldridge The Macon County News

    31 March Professor’s project provides first-ever Guatemalan language text for Mayan students University News Appalachian State University

    31 March Tribe honored for language work by Richard Gomez Santa Ynes Valley News

    28 March Students hold key to Nyoongar language revival by Katherine Fleming The West Australian

    26 March Oklahoma man hopes app will help Cherokee language by Keith Purtell Indian Country News

    25 March Government speaking the Goldfields' language by David McGeoch ABC

    25 March Dublin club putting the Gaelic back into football by Cliona Foley Independent

    23 March Linguist’s legacy lives on at the Smithsonian by Robie Liscomb University of Victoria News

    23 March Gathang language revival by Gai Hoddinott Great Lakes Advocate

    22 March Wampanoags Regain Their Voice by Sarah Durham Wilson Martha's Vineyard Patch

    22 March Native Tech Firm Developing Social Indigenous Language Software Platform by Michelle Tirado American Indian Report

    21 March Preserving Gaelic Language Focus of New Program Govt. of Nova Scotia

    21 March MLAs call for elder certification by Guy Quenneville Northern News Services

    21 March Don't be shy - Manx speakers urged to indicate support for language on census by Tessa Hawley Isle of Man

    21 March Irish Language School Gets Upgrade Build IE

    19 March Northern Territory: "Brainwash From English"?: Barunga Kriol Speakers’ Views On Their Own Language by Maïa Ponsonnet Indigenous Peoples, Issues and Resources

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    16 March Australia's first Indigenous recording star; Fanny Cochrane Smith by Greg Lehman ABC Hobart

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    16 March Almost half of Irish people 'speak fluent Irish', claims survey Irish Examiner

    15 March 27 Pakistani languages at verge of extinction: UNESCO Associated Press Pakistan

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