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Languages in the news 2012

  • December 2012

    31 December Putin Signs Controversial Education Law Radio Free Europe

    27 December NICO's cultural fiesta underscores importance of indigenous languages by Mary Ogar The Guardian Nigeria

    26 December SOU professor awakens 'sleeping languages' by Janet Eastman Mail Tribune

    23 December High-tech classrooms reviving Aboriginal languages Saudi Gazette

    22 December Technology supportive of Hawaiian markings by Chris Sugidono Maui News

    22 December Don advocates indigenous languages for political renewal by Temitope Ogunbanke National Mirror

    22 December Aboriginal languages dying out: survey Taipei Times

    22 December Aboriginal language 'crisis' exaggerated, says census by Patricia Karvelas and Stuart Rintoul The Australian

    21 December Indigenous languages compulsory at all schools by Hlengiwe Nhlabathi Sowetan Live

    19 December Aussie classrooms reviving Aboriginal languages The News

    19 December CIP reports 5 indigenous languages in peril Taiwan Today

    18 December Generations of culture Wingham Chronicle

    18 December Cherokee is First Native American Language On Windows 8 by Russell Hulstine New On 6

    18 December Klallam Dictionary Helps Effort to Save Endangered Native Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 December Linguistics program garners $1.9 million for new project by Shelbie Umphenour UAF Cornerstone

    16 December New York, a graveyard for languages by Mark Turin BBC News

    14 December Aboriginal language in new online archive by Zara Zaher SBS Radio

    14 December Canadian project to help save Aboriginal languages by Jessica Tapp ABC News

    13 December Endangered Languages: What will we really lose? Radio National

    13 December First Klallam language dictionary revives ancient Native American tongue by Arwyn Rice Peninsula Daily News

    13 December Gathang language lessons online ABC News

    7 December Oklahoma Schools Push to Keep Native Languages Alive New America Media

    7 December Why the Kumzari tongue consists of ancient words with a future by John Henzell The National

    7 December Indigenous language app big in Japan by Margaret Paul ABC

    6 December Oklahoma Schools Push to Keep Native Languages Alive by Lynn Armitage Indian Country Today Media Network

    6 December Aberdeen don leaves to study Siberian reindeer herders' language by Neil Drysdale STV

    6 December Million dollars to train more Native American teachers in Wisconsin by Monte Stewart Hayward WI

    6 December Bard takes Yirra Yaakin to a new stage by Victoria Laurie The Australian

    4 December Minority languages sing out at Liet 2012 by Simon Hooper Al Jazeera

    3 December Tablet tools teach endangered aboriginal language by Jackie Sharkey CBC Kamloops

    3 December Teaching aboriginal languages in the North: A new approach for Yukon, Canada Eye on the Arctic

    3 December Pushing Science's Limits in Sign Language Lexicon by Douglas Quenqua New York Times

    1 December Yukon First Nations learn new language teaching approach CBC News

  • November 2012

    30 November Klallam people celebrate new dictionary by Richard Walker Kingston Community News

    30 November Far From Mexico, Students Try Saving Aztec Language by Margot Adler NPR

    30 November Aboriginal Languages Reclaimed By Native Gen Y by Jesse Ferreras Huffington Post

    29 November Nintendo scores for native language by Mike Youds Kamloops Daily News

    29 November Immigration News: Mexicans Entering US Display Other Languages Native to Mexico; Not Everyone Speaks Spanish by Jean-Paul Salamanca Latinos Post

    29 November A growing number of Mexicans in the US don't speak Spanish by Kristina Puga NBC Latino

    28 November Extinction of indigenous language worries NFVCB by Mudiaga Affe Punch

    27 November Yucatan begins national campaign against human trafficking: Specifically dedicated indigenous languages by Raul Ponce de Leon Curmina Yucatan Times

    26 November We, Maasai: Revitalizing Indigenous Language and Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Maasailand, Kenya by Daniel Salau Rogei Cultural Survival

    25 November Endangered Languages Radio National

    23 November Legendary Aboriginal partnership to bring community benefits Coffs Coast Advocate

    22 November Every 14 days another indigenous language dies by Eileen Smith Matador

    21 November Zimbabwe's Indigenous languages face extinction by Mark Peter Nthambe Voice of America

    21 November Chestnut Hill native looks to revitalise 'eroded' American Indian language by Aaron Moselle Newsworks

    21 November Trust recognised for trying to revitalise language by Laird Harper

    21 November Investment in indigenous languages crucial - Coltart by Walter Sebele ZimEye

    20 November Threat to Indigenous languages in French Polynesia ABC Radio

    20 November Indigenous languages in danger, say experts by Fanisa Mafisa The New Age

    19 November Teach indigenous languages to 'avoid death of cultures' Times Live

    19 November Aboriginal language decline: the digital intervention by Ben Collins ABC Indigenous

    19 November Gmail now supports Cherokee, its first Native American tribal language by Frederic Lardinois Tech Crunch

    18 November Minority languages: plugging education gap by Sen. David Coltart New Zimbabwe

    17 November It's time to revitalise Indonesian teaching by A. Chaedar Alwasilah Jakarta Post

    16 November Brewer pledges to preserve Lakota language by Andrea J. Cook Rapid City Journal

    16 November Aboriginal language radio secures content funding

    15 November Harper Government Supports Community Radio in Northern Alberta Broadcaster

    15 November Preserving a language one shelf at a time by Brian Kieran Campbell River Mirror

    15 November UHMC faculty member collaborates with Microsoft to promote Hawaiian language Maui Weekly

    15 November Fight to save indigenous languages topic of summit Rapid City Journal

    15 November Nunavut company translating video game into Inuktitut CBC News

    14 November Smartphone app created to increase use of endangered Aboriginal language in Australia Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 November Smartphone app could help save Australian Aboriginal language from extinction by John Platt Mother Nature Network

    14 November Crowdsourcing to preserve Bushman heritage by Ngoni Munyaradzi My Science Work

    13 November Katondoozi and the question of minding our indigenous languages by Nicholas Sengoba Daily Monitor

    12 November Last of Nepal's Kusunda Speakers Mourns Dying Language The News

    12 November Last words? Phone app bids to save dying aboriginal language by Naomi Canton CNN

    12 November Windows 8 supports Hawaiian language diacriticals, more by Wendy Osher Big Island Now

    11 November Learning Lakota, one word at a time by Lauren Donovan Bizmarck Tribune

    8 November Inspiring aboriginal youth in their native languages RCI

    8 November New Microsoft Windows Supports Hawaiian Language by Wendy Osher Maui Now

    7 November Grants to fund rare language research by Joseph Tisch Yale Daily News

    6 November UNILORIN VC backs indigenous languages in varsities by Success Nwogu Punch

    6 November First Nations working to keep indigenous languages alive among youth by Amy MacKenzie First Perspective

    5 November NWT aboriginal languages decline 4.1 percent by Lyndsay Herman Northern News Services

    5 November UBC researchers create alphabet for endangered language in Ghana UBC

    5 November New technologies to revive Indigenous languages by Margaret Paul ABC

    5 November NZ group says NT Indigenous education decades behind by Allyson Horn ABC

    5 November Promote more local language dictionaries by John Vienney Ahumuza Daily Monitor

    2 November UNILORIN VC Supports Indigenous Language For Teaching The Guardian Nigeria

    2 November The patrimony of the Filipino deaf by Roberto S. Salva Inquirer

    2 November Implementation of Urdu as official language demanded The News

    1 November Maintaining Indigenous languages: revering a distant past or contributing to a better future? by Bill Fogarty Fully (sic)

    1 November Chat app strengthens Canada's diminishing indigenous languages by Anna-Lilja Dawson Canadian University Press

    1 November Can we stop the language of domination? by Mukul Priyadarshini The Hindu

    1 November SDL pushes Fijian language for public service appointments Radio New Zealand

  • October 2012

    31 October Mother tongue being cut out by Graeme Hosken Times Live

    31 October Library as a Starting Point to Revitalize Tz'utujil Language by Eddie Avila Rising Voices

    31 October Search for Indigenous place name meanings SBS

    31 October I-taukei language should be a precondition for entry into civil service - SDL Fiji Village

    31 October Endangered Aboriginal languages by Sam Sky Wild Taipei Times

    30 October Festival aims to promote indigenous languages by Drew Fossum The Star Phoenix

    30 October Edu. Grant will help put more Native American teachers in WI colleges Northlands News Center

    29 October Aboriginal students celebrate indigenous languages by Bre McAdam News Talk 650

    29 October Online Maltese needs help to survive, say lecturers by Patrick Cooke Times of Malta

    28 October Hika Lite app to help other indigenous languages Te Karere Maori News

    27 October K-pop to A-pop - aboriginal singers could learn from Psy by Colleen Simard Winnepeg Free Press

    26 October Nyungar place names to have meanings deciphered NIRS

    26 October Once-vibrant Native languages now struggling in Canada Alaska Dispatch

    26 October Ojibwe Educator Leslie Harper to Present Convocation on the Preservation of Native Culture Carleton News

    26 Octoner Kenney taking heat over Gaelic language comments CBC News

    26 October Aboriginal languages still common up north First Perspective

    25 October First Nations tongues at risk of extinction by Colin Perkel Vancouver Sun

    25 October Movement aims to keep aboriginal languages alive by Jamie Komarnicki Calgary Herald

    25 October Mills says Indigenous language teaching is vital by Jano Gibson ABC News

    24 October Once-vibrant aboriginal languages struggle for survival CBC News

    24 October Native communities fight to keep their language alive by Andrew Francis Wallace Toronto Star

    24 October Schools help keep Indigenous languages alive: Stats Can data APTN

    24 October Aboriginal languages in deep trouble, but some rescue efforts paying off by Colin Perkel Globe and Mail

    24 October Census: Aboriginals struggle to maintain indigenous languages by Christopher Curtis The Province

    24 October Aboriginal languages finding new life with technology by Arik Ligeti Global News

    24 October Census release to show increasing diversity of languages spoken by Canadians Global Edmonton

    24 October Census: Quebec remains top province for aboriginal language speakers by Christopher Curtis Montreal Gazette

    24 October Anderson calls for schools to be made equal by Rick Hind ABC News

    24 October Coffs students try their hands at performing Daily Examiner

    24 October Green Bay School Preserves Oneida Language by Kristyn Allen WBAY

    23 October Namibia: English Not a Threat to Indigenous Languages All Africa

    22 October 'Encyclopaedia on indigenous agri science' Deccan Herald

    21 October MEELAL sets eye on language issue as well E-PAO

    21 October Mother Language Lovers Of The World Unite For Successful And Enlightening Seminar by Balwant Sanghera The Link

    21 October Parnell appoints five to Alaska Native Language Council Alaska Dispatch

    20 October South Dakota day care teaching infants Lakota among projects focused on revitalising language Washington Post

    20 October Indigenous people help translators make bible available by Charlie Butts One News Now

    19 October Support for Aboriginal women a phone call away CBC News

    19 October Governor Parnell Appoints Alaska Native Language Council Alaska Native News

    19 October Census will inject a dose of linguistic reality into the Canadian identity by Misty Harris Ottawa Citizen

    19 October A dynamic year of indigenous communication by Manuela Picq Al Jazeera

    18 October Protect indigenous rights by Nanise Loanakadavu Fiji Times Online

    18 October Teachers to help keep Indigenous language alive ABC Indigenous

    17 October Language Preservation Efforts Spark Interest in Ojibwe by Kathryn McConnell IIP Digital

    16 October Anishinabe Academy in Minneapolis: Can culturally-specific education affect massive attendance, achievement gaps? by Sheila Regan TC Daily Planet

    16 October DepEd indigenous culture revival in upswing by Benjie S. De Yro PIA

    16 October Facebook in Your Indigenous or Endangered Language by Kevin Scannell Rising Voices

    15 October Op-Ed: Can a doll save the world's endangered languages? by Alexander Baron Digital Journal

    15 October Nicaragua translates Constitution into indigenous languages by Tim Rogers Nicaragua Dispatch

    15 October Tasmanian Aboriginal people had many dialects by Joanna Egan Australian Geographic

    14 October Is Arabic turning into an endangered language in Dubai? Parents fight back Albawaba

    13 October Bishnupriya Manipuri focussed at world meet Assam Tribune

    13 October Lakota: The Revitalization of Language and the Persistence of Spirit Indian Country Today Media Network

    12 October Gaelic body says onus on community to see language prosper as Mod launches by Mike Merritt Scotsman

    12 October Indigenous languages fade away with every new generation Mmegi Online

    12 October MISS Woman of the Week: Kelsey Wallace of Bethel by Jacqui Lambert Arctic Sounder

    12 October Brazilian government uses indigenous language for the first time in anti-AIDS campaign Washington Post

    12 October Creating safe haven for indigenous languages by Mohammed Abubakar The Guardian Nigeria

    12 October Youths raise indigenous rights profile by Joseph Bingkasan FMT News

    12 October Public school board in Peterborough considers after-school Native language class by Sarah Frank My Kawartha

    11 October Changing voice of British identity by Catherine Addington Washington Square News

    11 October '96% languages in India endangered'  Times of India

    11 October Hangeul Scheme for Indonesian Tribe Folds The Chosunilbo

    10 October Pacific communities in NZ keen to set up school to revive languages Radio New Zealand

    10 October Endangered languages are struggling to survive in the modern world The Translation People

    9 October California Indian Day by April Testerman The Telescope

    9 October Professor works to preserve endangered languages by Ashley Grant University of North Texas

    9 October Being Young in Rural Alaska: Learning Indigenous Language by Anne Hillman Alaska Public

    8 October Lakota: The Revitalization of Language and the Persistence of Spirit by Jason Coppola Truthout

    8 October Boost for indigenous languages by Msindisi Fengu Sowetan Live

    7 October Nigeria: Participants Count Gains of Language Programme by Adie Vanessa Offiong All Africa

    7 October Scottish man Bobby Hogg passes away, takes Cromarty English dialect with him by Jordana Divon Yahoo News

    7 October Boost to indigenous language interpreting The Australian

    5 October Languages: The endangered-speeches list by Samuel Muston The Independent

    5 October Niuean Language Week - 6-13 October 2012 Voxy

    4 October Professor works to preserve languages before extinction Alestle Live

    4 October Gumbaynggirr language study Coffs Coast Advocate

    4 October FG Expresses Concern Over Fading Nigerian Languages by Kuni Tyessi Leadership

    3 October Final word from Cromarty: Scottish Black Isle dialect silenced forever as last native speaker dies aged 92 by Jane Borland Daily Mail

    3 October Saving Aboriginal languages by Thom Barker Yorkton This Week

    3 October University of Utah Shifts Focus to Tribal Languages, Some Fear World Indigenous Languages Will Be Left Behind Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 October Nigeria: Minister Advocates Promotion of Indigenous Languages by Ndidi Uche All Africa

    3 October Slip of the tongues: language and the unintended consequences of Indigenous policy by Nicholas Biddle The Conversation

    3 October Thornbury school to trial Aboriginal language program by Michael Gleeson Northcote Leader

    3 October The Ministry of Communications developed a phone with applications in Kichwa Ecuador Times

    3 October DeGraff awarded $1 million NSF grant to continue linguistics research in Haiti by Peter Dizikes MIT News

    2 October SA teacher revives Kaurna language SBS

    1 October Govt harmonises orthographies of four local languages The Guardian Nigeria

    1 October Indigenous Languages of Mexico: Rescued, Alive, and Facing Challenges in Cyberspace Native Voice

    1 October Study unravels Tasmania's historic languages by Darren Osborne ABC Science

    1 October Aboriginal language returns from the dead by Nicola Gage ABC News

    1 October Mexico to Join Global Effort to Promote Linguistic Diversity Latin American Herald Tribune

  • September 2012

    30 September New club aims to highlight overlooked culture by Danielle Reid Miami Hurricane

    30 September Interstate 5 span's Native American name, Whilamut Passage Bridge, praised by Randi Bjornstad Register Guard

    29 September Mexico Joins Group to Promote Linguistics Diversity, Communications Hispanically Speaking News

    28 September Mexican Expert Says Indigenous Languages Are Peoples' Wealth by Deisy Francis Mexidor Prensa Latina

    28 September Mohawk, Inuktitut courses in demand by Holly Tousignant Queens Journal

    28 September A living language by Wiriya Sati ABC Open

    27 September Alexina Kublu, Nunavut's language commissioner, retires Sept. 28 Nunatsiaq News

    27 September Nahuatl, the Aztec language that once graced Canutillo Elementary was displaced by pragmatism by Meili Robles Borderzine

    26 September Academics urge government to heed indigenous language report The Melbourne Newsroom

    24 September Digital 'app' in running for Maori language award Radio New Zealand

    24 September Speak your language with pride: Mathale SABC

    24 September University of Alberta Master's Student Champions Cree Culture, Honored With Alumni Award by Bev Betkowski Indian Country Today Media Network

    24 September Indigenous members of the community have welcomed by Kiri Ten Dolle The Satellite

    23 September Linguists' quest to preserve languages in danger after University of Utah closes unique centre The Republic

    23 September Light is fading for indigenous languages by Heath Aston Sydney Morning Herald

    22 September Indigenous game puts Aboriginal language into play by Andrew Faulkner The Australian

    22 September UAA works to preserve Alaska Native languages by Mike Dunham Anchorage Daily News

    21 September Call to teach indigenous languages Radio Australia

    21 September Mexican Indigenous Language to Live on After Last Two Speakers Die Fox News Latino

    21 September Languages will live on film when last two speakers die Zee News

    21 September LETTER: Let us promote African languages by Phillimon Mnisi BD Live

    21 September Our Land, Our Languages and Preserving Our Heritage by Claire Bowern Fully (sic)

    20 September Weekend to focus on the future of Aboriginal language by Ross Kay ABC Wide Bay

    19 September Bilingual education for Indigenous Australians 612 ABC Brisbane

    19 September Mexico among the Countries that More Retain the Original Languages Prensa Latina

    19 September Parlez vous Yolngu? by Vicki Kerrigan ABC Indigenous

    18 September School sees pitfalls in Indigenous language studies by Frances Adcock and Marlina Whop ABC News

    18 September Call for action to save Aboriginal languages by Bianca Hall Sydney Morning Herald

    18 September 'Sleeping' languages may be lost forever Otago Daily Times

    18 September Bilingual tack gains traction for indigenous children by Patricia Karvelas The Australian

    18 September First language education is a matter of common sense by Aidan Wilson Fully (sic)

    18 September Call for Indigenous languages in schools ABC News

    17 September Preserve Indigenous languages: Inquiry SBS on Demand

    17 September More support needed for first languages

    17 September Not enough done to advance SA's indigenous languages: De Klerk by Joseph Mosia SABC News

    17 September University of Utah shifts focus on indigenous languages by Brain Maffly Salt Lake Tribune

    17 September Indigenous students need bilingual education ABC News

    17 September Parliament reports on indigenous tongues: can they be saved? by Greg Dickson Crikey

    17 September Teach indigenous kids in mother tongue Sky News

    16 September Dr. Rafiu Ibarahim makes case for indigenous languages Ilorin.Info

    15 September Counting Gains of NICO Indigenous Language Programme by Bridget Chiedu The Guardian Nigeria

    14 September Minister acknowledges language activists' return to Parliament Voxy

    14 September NM House delegation introduces bill aimed at preserving Native American languages The Republic

    13 September Aboriginal language gets app of life by Patricia Karvelas The Australian

    13 September New app created to support preservation of endangered language

    13 September Endangered language thrown a digital lifeline ANU News

    13 September Dizon: Mother tongue education finds methods in teaching indigenous language Sun.Star Baguio

    13 September Bundjalung language needs support by Javier Encalada Northern Rivers Echo

    12 September Films to document Indigenous stories ABC Indigenous

    12 September Children's Show Soars Over the Language Barrier by Sam Laskaris Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 September Youth explores Cherokee life by Jessi Smith Herald-Tribune

    10 September Video Spotlight: The Importance of Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 September Language more important than land - academic Radio New Zealand

    8 September Changes to Utah native language centre criticised Daily Herald

    7 September U. of Utah dismantling native language centre by Brian Maffly Salt Lake Tribune

    6 September New program will certify language experts as teachers by Cindy Yurth Navajo Times

    6 September Newly added audio-visual materials for Nooksack place names book UBC

    6 September New State Library's Indigenous Language Webpages State Library of Queensland

    6 September Nollywood to start producing Ijaw films Channels TV

    5 September Digital Technology for Indigenous Empowerment Christensen Fund

    5 September New Games Breaking Barriers in Language and Communication by John Gaudiosi Gamer Live

    4 September Linguistics lab documents refugee languages by Timothy Russow Arbiter Online

    3 September The Endangered Languages Project People & Ideas

    3 September Aboriginal Australians Learn How to Read and Write Using Cuban Method Radio Cadena Agramonte

    3 September Duke Restates Need to Encourage Use Of Indigenous Languages Leadership

    2 September School keeping Salish language thriving in new generation by Kim Briggeman The Missoulian

    2 September Iroquois Linguistics Certificate at Syracuse University Comes at Important Time for Native Languages by Gale Courey Toensing Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 September 'Half of the 6,000 plus spoken languages today will disappear by the end of the century.' by Eddie Walsh The Diplomat

    1 September Lunch with Lou Bennett by Liza Power The Age

  • August 2012

    31 August Qom As You Are: Saving Indigenous Languages in Argentina by Brit Weaver Argentina Independent

    31 August Arizona Adopts Native American Language Teacher Certification Policy Indian Country Today Media Network

    31 August Posters speak out about power safety ABC Indigenous

    30 August Keeping Noongar language alive

    29 August Knowledge of Indigenous Language Is An Advantage To Writers by Nwagbo Nnenyelike NICO

    29 August Guam to Increase Education in Indigenous Language and Culture Open Equal Free

    29 August Udall visits Medcalero Apache Schools to talk language preservation by Harold Oakes Alamogordo Daily News

    29 August Guatemala: Indigenous unite in Congress by Raúl Barreno Castillo Infosurhoy

    29 August That indigenous languages may survive Nigerian Compass

    29 August Aiming high as Southern Stars concert set to explode by Danika Wilkinson & Justin Huntsdale ABC Illawarra

    29 August Sounds of then: This is Australia ABC News

    28 August Language revival expert calls for 'native tongue title' Voxy

    28 August Igbo language to die by 2025 The Sun

    28 August Languages: A Video Library for Successor Pipil Generation Rising Voices

    27 August SIUE professors granted five-year study of endangered languages and geography in Nepal by Natalie Lapacek This Week in CAS

    27 August NOTES ON QUOTES: Losing Languages And Saving Mother Tongues by Gordon and Marcia Mercer Raleigh Telegram

    26 August Frenchman helps keep Alaska Native Eyak alive by Diane Jeantet Alaska Dispatch

    25 August That Legislation On Compulsory Teaching Of Indigenous Languages In Schools by Lucky Oyibo The Pointer

    24 August Revitalizing the Local Language by Jesse Garnier SF Bay

    24 August Marois statement angers aboriginals by Christopher Curtis First Perspective

    23 August Harper Government Supports Revitalization of the Michif Language Canadian Heritage

    23 August Alaska Native Languages & Studies degree comes to UAS by Xh'unei Lance A. Twitchell Juneau Empire

    22 August Tribe awarded grant for language preservation Neshoba Democrat

    22 August Endangered Languages Program Expands Media Projects and Websites Cultural Survival

    22 August Global Notes: Indigenous sounds get a new beat WBEZ

    22 August Elfrida woman works to preserve endangered languages by Adele Marie Crouch Willcox Range News

    21 August What's 'telephone' in Yaygirr? One indigenous language revived, evolving The Wire

    21 August Danuwar language endangered Himalayan Times

    20 August Taiwan Struggles to Save Indigenous Languages by Ralph Jennings Voice of America

    20 August Show attuned to remote need for news by Sarah Martin The Australian

    20 August Half of World's Languages Face Extinction by Ted Landphair Voice of America

    19 August Film documents youths' efforts to preserve language by Adrian Gomez

    18 August How an Old Medium like Radio can save Endangered Languages by Kirsten Winkler Fair Languages

    18 August Hip-hop Kichwa: Sounds of indigenous modernity by Manuela Picq Al Jazeera

    17 August Cabbie on a mission to promote native languages by Hung Ting-hung and Jake Chung Taipei Times

    17 August Lost Languages Find a New Voice in Radio The Take Away

    16 August Stakeholders advise govt to promote local languages by Mary Ogar The Guardian Nigeria

    15 August NICO begins weekend programme on indigenous languages by Tony Okuyeme Nigerian Compass

    15 August Crow Tribe gets language immersion grant by Susan Olp Billings Gazette

    15 August Radio Free Cherokee: Endangered Languages Take to the Airwaves by Alexis Hauk The Atlantic

    15 August Endangered Languages Want the Airwaves by Alison Kroulek Le Blog

    14 August Documentary Follows Native Students Learning and Preserving Tewa Language by Vincent Schilling Indian Country Today Media Network

    14 August A language to love by Li Yingqing and Liu Wenwen China Daily

    13 August Many Californians Working to Revitalize Native Languages Indian Country Today Media Network

    13 August Google, Mozilla and Wikimedia projects get Maya language translations at one-day 'transathlon' by Alexis Santos Engadget

    13 August Indigenous Languages are Urgent Tools for the Growth of the Nation - Ayakoroma Ilorin.Info

    12 August Awards honour original music in native tongues by Ho Yi Taipei Times

    11 August Shawnee High School to offer new course on endangered Sauk language by Carmen Bourlon News-Star

    10 August Revitalising small Finno-Ugric languages SKR

    10 August Mozilla Firefox Translated to Maya language Yucatan Times

    10 August New literacy systems shine by Kate McIlwain Illawarra Mercury

    9 August NEH and NSF Award $4.5 Million to Preserve Languages Threatened With Extinction National Endowment for the Humanities

    9 August Keeping traditional language alive in Mildura by Damien Hooper and Deb Banks ABC Mildura-Swan Hill

    9 August Far west helps spread indigenous language by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    9 August Kakchiquel Speakers "Like" New Facebook Application by Tracy Lopez Fox News Latino

    9 August Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices Invest in NZ

    9 August Aboriginal media is for all Canadians: UN panelist Brandon Sun

    9 August Indigenous language activists appeal for support Bakhita Radio

    8 August Media plays vital role in empowering indigenous rights - UN experts UNRIC

    8 August Film on Native languages named official White Sands selection Native American Times

    8 August Language of identity by Padre James Bhagwan Fiji Times Online

    8 August Taiwan indigenous tribes launch language revival programs by June Tsai Taiwan Today

    7 August Cook Islands language week highlights bilingual education Scoop

    7 August UW Professor Preserves Endangered Ladino Language by Joe Veyera The Daily

    6 August Indigenous peoples foundation launches Internet radio service by June Tsai Taiwan Today

    5 August Facebook helps protect native tongue The Australian

    4 August Local Guatemala language soon on Facebook Yahoo News

    4 August Preserve indigenous languages - NICO by Jewel Stephen Daily Times NG

    3 August Reopened centre to teach and save Indigenous languages by Steven Schubert ABC Rural

    3 August Tribe Revives Language on Verge of Extinction by Kirk Johnson New York Times

    3 August Taiwan indigenous tribes launch language revival program by June Tsai Taiwan Today

    2 August Indigenous tap new app to save old languages by Renee Lewis Al Jazeera

    2 August NICO holds indigenous language programme Aug 8 The Guardian Nigeria

    2 August Language teachers slam system by Loa Iok-sin Taipei Times

    2 August It's now or never, and never is right around the corner by Xh'unei Lance A. Twitchell Juneau Empire

    2 August Traditional ruler places emphasis on Indigenous languages to avoid extinction News Agency of Nigeria

    2 August How to preserve Africa's language by Kofoworola Belo-osagie The Nation

    1 August New Maori Language Commissioners Radio New Zealand

    1 August Lawmakers canvass protection for endangered minority languages by Bridget Chiedu The Guardian

    1 August David Gill: In love with local languages by Setiono Sugiharto Jakarta Post

    1 August Sakizaya tribe start project to save language Taipei Times

  • July 2012

    31 July Dictionary to revive Aboriginal language by Jessica Tapp ABC North Coast NSW

    31 July 'Rosetta Stone' of Alutiiq language rediscovered Alaska Dispatch

    31 July Sounds in Oaxacalifornia: Gala Porras-Kim Investigates Indigenous Tones by Sara Schnadt and Pilar Tompkins Rivas KCET

    31 July Progress with te roe 'huge' by Alan Solomon The Daily Post

    29 July Ambitious and Controversial School Attempts to Save the Mohawk Language and Culture by Tanya Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    28 July Who We Are: Oneidas fight to save their culture by Keshia Clukey Utica OD

    28 July Children's brains are wired to learn language by Jeremy Muir Gisborne Herald

    26 July Reversing the decline in speakers of te reo Maori Scoop

    25 July CLAS postgrad researcher Lucia Brandi in publishing first for Mexican indigenous language SOCLAS Blog

    25 July Saving Endangered Languages From Cultural Assimilation by D A Barber Rise Up

    25 July Indigenous language forum in Broken Hill by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    24 July Indigenous Linguists from Panama Attend AILDI University of Arizona

    24 July Instructors study disappearing languages at UND by Stephen J. Lee Grand Forks Herald

    24 July Maori language must be 'sexy' by Jonathan Carson Sunday Star Times

    24 July Ngugi laments dying African indigenous languages by Segun Olugbile Punch

    23 July Harper Government Invests in Revitalization of the Nelueun Language Canadian Heritage

    23 July Search: Burunge one of waning languages by Sammy Awami The Citizen

    23 July Native Americans work to revitalise California's indigenous languages SFGate

    23 July Queen's University to offer Inuktitut course CBC News

    20 July New books to reinvigorate Indigenous language by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    20 July Premier pitching for teaching of aboriginal languages by Elaine Hou Focus Taiwan

    20 July How not to report on Indigenous education by Greg Dickson Fully (sic)

    20 July More money can save endangered languages: council by Shih Hsiu-chuan Taipei Times

    19 July Native American Languages Act: Twenty Years Later, Has It Made a Difference? by Kelsey Klug Cultural Survival

    19 July Anishinabemowin teachers studying at Lakehead by Rick Garrick Wawatay News

    19 July Adventist television ministry increasing Africa outreach Adventist News Network

    18 July 64 Indian dialects endangered in Mexico by Mark Stevenson Casa Grande Dispatch

    18 July Google project highlights Aussie languages SBS

    18 July Native American Tribe Races to Preserve Endangered Language by Jessica Cheung New America Media

    18 July Bolivians equip ancient language for digital times DW

    18 July Just 4 people keep a language alive The Hindu

    18 July Google project highlights Aussie languages The Australian

    17 July Traditional dancing connects researcher to her language by Heather Amos UBC

    17 July Groups bring new life to the ancient Cherokee language by Katy Nelson Carolina Public Press

    17 July Lack of English in remote communities: crisis or win for local language? The Wire

    17 July Mexico's Indigenous Dialects Disappearing Fox News Latino

    17 July Mexico: 64 dialects at high risk of disappearing by Mark Stevenson Huffington Post

    17 July Saimars on the brink of extinction Deccan Herald

    17 July Speakers of endangered language 'Saimar' to be feted Times of India

    17 July Breathing the Inuit language down under by David Murphy Nunatsiaq Online

    15 July Guiana Arawaks seek to revive their language Stabroek News

    13 July Promoting The Use Of Ghanaian Languages by Kwaku Darkwah Boateng Ghana Web

    13 July Project tries to save India's linguistic treasures by Samanth Subramanian The National

    11 July Ngurrju! Manymak! Pupuni! NT drops First Four Hours in English policy by Greg Dickson Fully (sic)

    11 July Central Institute of Indian Languages to felicitate oldest speaker on an endangered language by HM Aravind Times of India

    11 July New grads hold hope for language revitalization University of Victoria

    11 July Penn and Google preserve endangered languages by Jenny Trang The Daily Pennsylvanian

    9 July Linguists hope to save endangered languages in India PRI

    9 July Symposium on Khasi poetry held Assam Tribune

    8 July Institute aims to keep languages alive by Meagan Thomas LJ World

    8 July How to save a dying language by Archana Khare Ghose Times of India

    6 July Going, Going, Gone: Five of Asia's Most Endangered Languages by Sherley Wetherhold Asia Society

    6 July A quest to keep native tongues talking by Jacqueline Maley Sydney Morning Herald

    5 July Welsh and Aboriginal musicians turn up the volume for endangered language Arts Council of Wales

    5 July A Push to Support Language Diversity in India by Tory Starr The World

    5 July First Voices Chat app available by Rick Garrick Wawatay News

    5 July An official mess The Economist

    4 July Breathing life into Koori language: Wurundjeri elder Aunty Hoy Wandin Murphy by Suzi Taylor ABC Melbourne

    4 July How a language transformed a town by Suzi Taylor ABC Goulburn Murray

    4 July Learning Koori language by Rachael Lucas ABC Gippsland

    3 July First Nations language program 'should be mandatory,' parent says CBC News

    3 July $48 million for Indigenous arts, culture and languages Minister for the Arts

    2 July Rekindling local Aboriginal languages by Jeremy Lee ABC South West Victoria

    2 July English-language news 'denigrates Maori', says academic Auckland Scoop

    2 July Keeping Endangered Languages Alive Online Global Voices

  • June 2012

    30 June Data Visualization Empowers Endangered Languages Project by Kathryn Buford Silicon Angle

    30 June Lakota speakers looking to start immersion daycare by Kristi Eaton Native American Times

    29 June UA Researcher Part of Global Language Preservation Initiative by Monica Everett-Haynes UA News

    29 June Indigenous Insight - Language Oiwi TV

    29 June Mobile app gives new impetus to Indigenous languages by Cendrine Marrouat Examiner

    28 June LU honours 'keeper of the language' Northern Life

    27 June French, New Orleans musicians revive colonial language France 24

    26 June Maori Television to screen far more te reo Radio New Zealand

    26 June Gaelic, English and dialects pledge from Highland Council by Steven McKenzie BBC

    25 June Commission helps language preservation plan by Jeremy Warren The StarPhoenix

    25 June 'English Goes in One Ear and Out Another': An Endangered Language Perspective by Brian Clark Howard National Geographic

    25 June Deliverable secrets Indian Express

    24 June Google Project Aims to Preserve Dying Languages by Richard Solash The Cutting Edge

    24 June Instituto Cervantes celebrates Chabacano Language through variety of events GMA News

    22 June Google Joins Fight to Save Nearly 3,000 Endangered Languages by Keith Wagstaff Time

    22 June Island takes centre stage in battle to save languages by Jack Knox Times Colonist

    22 June UAF teams with Google on new endangered languages website Alaska Dispatch

    21 June Meet the 12-Year-Old Girl Who Risked Prison to Revive Her People's Language by Jenna Krajeski The Atlantic

    21 June App allows First Nations speakers to chat in their native tongue by James Keller The Spec

    21 June Facing History and Ourselves Creates New Educational Resource on Canadian Aboriginal Languages Facing History

    21 June Bible translators race to preserve cultures, histories Mission Network News

    21 June Google cataloging endangered languages by Omar El Akkad Globe and Mail

    21 June Google sets out to save dying languages Economic Times

    21 June Google language project by Pol O Muiri Irish Times

    20 June N.W.T. community to offer kindergarten in Tlicho language CBC News

    20 June First Voices: bringing aboriginal language to the dinner table CBC

    20 June Google partners with UH Manoa linguists on endangered languages project University of Hawaii

    20 June iPhone app allows First Nations speakers to chat in their native tongue by James Keller The Province

    19 June First Nations youth bring vitality to languages: Regional Health Survey CNW

    19 June Traditionalists lambast undermining of Xhosa language by Sithandiwe Velaphi The New Age

    19 June Dunging Alphabet helps Iban stand tall by Churchill Edward Borneo Post

    18 June FirstVoices Chat app for First Nations languages hits the iPhone by Stephen Hui

    18 June Internet Society funds Niue language lifeline Pacific.Scoop

    18 June Parkes Wiradjuri group to feature in ABC documentary Parkes Champion Post

    17 June Community involvement makes a difference in Victoria and around the world Times Colonist

    17 June Te reo leads the way by Charles Anderson

    16 June With Casino Revenues, Tribes Push to Preserve Languages, and Cultures by Norimitsu Onishi New York Times

    16 June 'Long' Countries Protect Languages Better: Study by Neal Colgrass Newser

    15 June Breathing new life into Indigenous language by Damien Brown ABC Hobart

    15 June Vanishing Languages by Russ Rymer National Geographic

    15 June Aleut elder Nicolai Galaktionoff helped keep Unangan language, culture vital by Jillian Rogers Alaska Dispatch

    14 June Is Cantonese an endangered language? by Michelle da Silva

    14 June Endangered Aramaic Language Taught in Two Villages, Two Sides of a War Open Equal Free

    14 June The ears of the nation turn to Tasmania to save a language by Damien Brown ABC Hobart

    13 June Prison inmates join project to transcribe historical Hawaiian-language newspapers by Oskar Garcia The Republic

    12 June AIATSIS funds restoring of Gumbaynggirr stories Muurrbay

    12 June Teens sign up to learn dying language by Katie Derosa Times Colonist

    12 June California Language Archive gives great insight into America's Indigenous languages by Dave Bower ALTA

    11 June How geography shapes cultural diversity by Zoe Corbyn Nature

    11 June Words to live by by Nick Kuhl Lethbridge Herald

    11 June Karri-borlbme kun-wok - Learning language by Greg Dickson Fully (sic)

    10 June Linguistics graduate student strives to preserve fading languages through her work at UCLA by Olivia Hitchcock Daily Bruin

    10 June WA's first Aboriginal school principal ostracised by the Department of Education by Gerry Georgatos Indy Media

    9 June Unesco plans to preserve Kelabit and Bidayuh under programme The Star

    8 June Our Mother Tongue: Wiradjuri by Suzi Taylor ABC Open

    7 June Native speakers and local missionaries work to save an indigenous Mexican language by Sara Rubin Monterey County Weekly

    7 June Sky Hopinka Named Outstanding Student in Higher Education Indian Country Today Media Network

    7 June Native language council seen as hope for indigenous culture by Pat Forgey Juneau Empire

    6 June Indigenous LOTE program saves dying language by Alice Roberts ABC Capricornia

    6 June Translation Tools Could Save Less Used Languages by Tom Simonite Technology Review

    6 June Stop, revive and survive by Ghil'ad Zuckerman The Australian

    6 June A lungful of air! by Sangeeta Barooak Pisharoty The Hindu

    5 June Indigi-Briz interview about Indigenous language loss in Australia 4ZZZ

    4 June How Math Can Help Save a Dying Language by Veronique Greenwood Discover

    3 June Obscure language isolate will dies with this woman Hot Word

    3 June Translation makes Bible available to Inuktitut speakers by Michael Posner The Globe and Mail

    2 June $900m bill to save Aboriginal languages by Bianca Hall The Age

    2 June Indigenous languages in threat of extinction by Bianca Hall Canberra Times

    1 June Embrace your mother tongue: iLIVE by Odirile Dingoko Times Live

    1 June Call for Indigenous languages boost by Michael Kenny SBS Podcasts

  • May 2012

    31 May Can we save the world's dying languages? by Gaia Vince BBC

    31 May Lose the language, lost the culture University of Calgary

    31 May The Costs and Consequences of Rwanda's Shift in Language Policy by Izabela Steflja Africa Portal

    31 May Indigenous schooling's 'bold move' by Natasha Robinson The Australian

    31 May More language teachers for Menindee by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    31 May U of T linguist receives Molson Prize for helping preserve Canada's Aboriginal languages by Kim Luke University of Toronto

    31 May Movement to save a dying Alaska language struggles by Katie Medred Alaska Dispatch

    30 May Lost Yirrgay dialect recovered by Sam Davis ABC Far North Queensland

    30 May Kids Can Learn Dakotah With Computer Games Indian Country Today Media Network

    30 May Funding sought for Aboriginal language classes by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    30 May Zimbabwe: Killing Our Languages Slowly by Sekai Nzenza All Africa

    29 May An extravaganza of world music is hitting Greenwich to celebrate the Olympics by Nikki Jarvis News Shopper

    29 May Globalization and Revitalizing Endangered Languages by Alexandra Méndez Harvard Political Review

    29 May Gov signs bills with impact on rural Alaska, including 1 establishing Native language council The Republic

    29 May New legislation to preserve Native languages KTOO News

    29 May Book launch: Writers for promoting endangered languages by Mavra Bari Express Tribune

    29 May Maori Party celebrates Samoan Language Week Voxy

    28 May Hannahville to host summer language camp by Jason Raiche Daily Press

    28 May Indigenous languages key to prosperity Poliglotti4

    28 May Villages trying to resurrect Aramaic language by Diaa Hadid Enid News

    28 May Vanishing voices by Babu Gogineni Post Noon

    28 May App helps Aboriginal youths preserve Tlicho language by Phoebe Ho Metro News

    28 May Language centre stage on Africa Day by Sandiso Phaliso The New Age

    28 May Lessons in Itelmen by Julia Phillips Moscow Times

    28 May Star to make his prizemoney talk by Iain Shedden The Australian

    27 May Technology keeps Aboriginal native language alive by Sheradyn Holderhead Adelaide Now

    26 May Language barrier a problem in NT courts Radio National

    26 May Indigenous Focus: Positive News for Indigenous Languages in Chile by Laura and Ryan Seelau I Love Chile

    25 May Nokia's new typeface: designed to work in any language by Beth Carter Smart Planet

    25 May Using language as instrument of national identity by Obike Ukoh Business Day

    25 May Video: Defying the Stigma of Speaking Indigenous Languages by Juliana Rincón Parra Global Voices

    24 May Govt committed to preserve indigenous language, culture of Kargil: P Chidambaram Indiamart

    24 May Kura kappa praised for keeping language alive Radio New Zealand

    24 May Speaking up native tongues by Craig Hoggett The Mercury

    22 May Preserving indigenous languages in Pacific a major challenge Radio New Zealand

    22 May Indigenous singer Gurrumul will perform a specially commissioned song at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert in London Herald Sun

    21 May BOOKS: Can language preservation battle be won? by Richard L. Carrico North County Times

    21 May The making of Telugu by G.S. Subrahmanyam The Hindu

    21 May NG Explorers Help Record Xyzyl Language by Andrew Howley National Geographic

    21 May Bemidji incorporates Ojibwe into city's signs and daily life by Cynthia Boyd Minn Post

    20 May Indigenous round talk of the town The Examiner

    20 May Theatre leads battle to save Macau's 'sweet speech' by Katie Hunt BBC News Asia

    19 May Native American language advocate dies; Tom Parsons spent years promoting teaching of Indian languages by Grant Scott-Goforth Times-Standard

    19 May Outsider of sorts champions his, Okinawa's cultural roots by Ayako Mie Japan Times

    18 May 8 Languages You've Never Heard Of (And Who Actually Speaks Them) by Kyle Ellison Gadling

    18 May Saving the Siletz Language by Dave Blanchard OPB

    17 May Traditional language used to boost school attendance by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    17 May Play honors 'Mvskoke Way' by Chesley Oxendine Muskogee Phoenix

    17 May Paraguay: A Look Inside Aché Indigenous Communities by Silvia Vinas Global Voices

    17 May Twitter translation centre now open for Basque language EITB

    16 May Indigenous language circle in Broken Hill by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    16 May Call for more money for Indigenous languages by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    16 May AFLPA launches Indigenous Players Map Port Adelaide FC

    16 May Language teacher gets to the top by Lehlohonolo Mokoena The New Age

    15 May VIEW: Saving our indigenous languages by Asher John Daily Times

    15 May Indigenous Languages Research Discovery Workshop 26-28 March SLQ Blog

    14 May The last word: Kusunda language set to die out because only one speaker is left by Steve White Mirror

    14 May Bank of Hawaii Installing Hawaiian Language on ATMs by Sonia Isotov Maui Now

    14 May More Indigenous language and culture needed on Canada's airwaves by Joanne Penhale

    14 May The Secret of Mayan Success by Kristal Bivona Language Magazine

    13 May Inuit-language bible finished after 34-year project by Tristin Hopper National Post

    13 May Nova Scotia's first language by Paul W. Bennett Chronicle Herald

    13 May Bangladesh tribals fear linguistic 'genocide' Asia One

    12 May Book on tribal languages released E-Pao

    11 May Conversation: Poet Natalie Diaz PBS

    11 May Conference at TRU focuses on saving indigenous languages by Michele Young Kamloops Daily News

    11 May Zimbabwe: Paradigm Shift on Minority Languages a Welcome Move by Steven Mpofu All Africa

    11 May Peruvian Indigenous Group Fights to Save Dying Language by Alexander Houghton Dailymotion

    10 May Chile's indigenous languages - use it or lose it, experts say by Jade Hobman Santiago Times

    10 May Honoring our elders, establishing our traditions by Lance Twitchell Juneau Empire

    10 May Archaeologists discover lost language

    10 May Language Diversity is Highest in Biodiversity Hotspots by Russell Mittermeier Huffington Post

    10 May Tablet reveals 2,500-year-old forgotten language Cambridge News

    10 May UN discusses indigenous peoples' cultural heritage & rights PressTV

    9 May War of words over tribal tongue by Eugenie Samuel Reich Nature

    9 May A gift for languages improves class results by Natalie Jones ABC

    9 May British Columbia Aboriginal communities using technology to bring endangered languages back from the brink Jamrock

    8 May Indigenous languages disappearing as lobbying starts for bilingual programmes by Sam Davis ABC

    8 May 'Hot spot' languages are in danger, too by A'ndrea Elyse Messer Futurity

    8 May Linguistic diversity linked to biodiversity Language Magazine

    7 May Chukchansi Pledges $1 Million for Language Study & Revitalization KSS News

    7 May Crowd gathers in Anchorage for workshop on Alaska Native languages revitalisation by Rachel D'Oro The Republic

    7 May Chukchansi gives $1M to Fresno State to preserve language Business Journal

    7 May Facebook may help save dying language by Anne Bromley-Virginia Futurity

    7 May Community revival in Aboriginal languages by Margaret Paul Radio Australia

    7 May Teachers learn iTaukei language by Salaseini Vosamana Fiji Times

    6 May How to Help an Endangered Language Voice of America

    6 May Bill looks to boost knowledge, awareness of Native languages by Pat Forgey Juneau Empire

    5 May Call to introduce exam paper in mother tongues Assam Tribune

    4 May Maori language better off under National - academic Radio New Zealand

    4 May Clear focus on Indigenous languages is rather fuzzy by Greg Dickson Fully (sic)

    4 May Geek Speak: Jared Deck, Sto:lo Shxweli Halq'eméylem Language Program by Stephen Hui

    4 May Polari: A Tart in Gildy Clobbers by Michael Schulman UTNE

    3 May Northern Territory: Indigenous Languages A Clear Focus Of The Government Indigenous People and Resources

    3 May 55 endangered State languages to be documented Assam Tribune

    3 May Arctic Christians get first complete Inuit Bible by Ron Csillag Washington Post

    2 May Course aims to preserve language by Ioane Burese Fiji Times

    1 May CBU names lab after Mi'kmaq language pioneer by Nancy King Cape Breton Post

    1 May 'Speak Tulu, save language' Deccan Herald

  • April 2012

    30 April N.W.T. elder's chief bid barred over language rule CBC

    30 April Hopes for revival of an Aboriginal language by Margaret Paul ABC Indigenous

    30 April Dump the dialect and face possible extinction New Straits Times

    30 April A long fight begins to save Phillipine languages Rappler

    30 April Language campaigners to represent nation in US by Peter de Graaf Northern Advocate

    29 April India's tribal people fast becoming lost for words by Ben Doherty The Age

    29 April Indigenous language daily celebrates its first decade by Maggie Wittstock INMA

    29 April Region-9 Schools Adopt Indigenous Dialects by Tony Pe Manila Bulletin

    29 April Multifaceted benefits of bilingualism by Alamgir Khan The Daily Star

    28 April The language link between central Siberia, Alaska by Ned Rozell Anchorage Daily News

    27 April Quechua: Words of Encouragement from the Haquira Mayor by Eddie Avila Rising Voices

    27 April Yiman does not have a word for 'massacre' by Ingrid Piller Language on the Move

    26 April Workshop focuses on Aboriginal languages UQ News

    26 April Yuchi Language PRoject Attends Youth Language Fair Cultural Survival

    25 April Our Voices on the Air: Reaching New Audiences through Indigenous Radio Cultural Survival

    25 April ROTC uses Cherokee language as training tool by Tesina Jackson Cherokee Phoenix

    23 April 'I realised the power of words and reading' State's first Aboriginal teacher on the importance of literacy by Emma Wynne ABC Perth

    23 April What does cheese have to do with preserving languages? Radio Australia

    23 April New Native Language App Starts Small, With Animal Names in Four Tongues by Leeanne Root Indian Country Today Media Network

    23 April The language is the thing by Dionne Christian

    22 April Languages: The Digital Sounds of Bésiro (Chiquitano) by Eddie Avila Rising Voices

    22 April Australian Indigenous languages at top of threatened list Radio New Zealand

    20 April For Native people, progress toward equity is 'painfully slow' by Vickie Evans-Nash Twin Cities Daily Planet

    19 April A Reluctant Babel by Maxim Edwards Souciant

    18 April Australia: The Aboriginal People Al Jazeera

    18 April UCB Studies Language of a Wrecked African Slave Ship Spoken by Very Few Berkeley Patch

    18 April Indigenous American Language by Kevin Robinson Chicagoist

    18 April Christians welcome the Bible in Burkina Faso Mission Network News

    17 April NSW puts schools at the centre of communities by Emma Alberici Lateline

    17 April Saving the native tongues of Australia by Rhodri Davies Al Jazeera

    17 April Graduate students in linguistics leaving legacy for speakers of endangered language of Garifuna by Kathleen Maclay UC Berkeley News

    16 April Indigenous language bill signed by Joe Hanel Durango Herald

    16 April Washoe offers sacred name 'Tahnu Leweh' for Lakeview Commons in South Lake Tahoe by Jeff Munson Carson Now

    15 April New wellness centre hosts first Pomo language workshop Lake County News

    14 April Dalai Lama promotes Hawaiian culture during visit by Robert Shikina Star Advertiser

    14 April Children teaching parents about Aboriginal culture: UBC study UBC

    13 April Legislature approves council to preserve Native languages News Tribune

    13 April First Complete Bible in Inuktitut Language to be Published in the Arctic Gospel Herald

    13 April Rare language also under threat in Straits of Hormuz France 24

    12 April Helping to maintain Mi'Kmaw culture by Clayton Hunt The Coaster

    12 April Race to save PNG Sepik language Radio Australia News

    12 April SHI publishes atlas of Native place names Juneau Empire

    12 April Ojibwe iPad app brings language to world Wawatay News

    11 April Indigenous languages at risk by Ros Childs ABC

    11 April Twitter Gets Help from SLU Prof on How to Deal With Indigenous Tweeters by Nicholas Phillips Daily RFT

    11 April France: Taking a Stand for Regional Languages Global Voices

    10 April Australian linguicide - Des Crump ABC Brisbane

    10 April Living Tongues: Endangered Language Technology Kits To The Rescue Rising Voices

    10 April Ghana calls an end to tyrannical reign of the Queen's English by Afua Hirsch The Guardian

    10 April Call to protect dying Indigenous languages by Nance Haxton ABC

    9 April Sabha gives Bihu deadline for signboards in state language Indian Express

    9 April Talking posters in indigenous communities to warn of ATM bank fees by Natasha Bita The Australian

    8 April Tribes embrace native names to preserve culture by Dennis Wagner 12 News

    8 April Storytime for Essex children comes in English and Spanish by Mary Gail Hare Baltimore Sun

    7 April Preserving Aymara Language and Culture on Wikipedia by Elaine Mao Watching the Watchers

    7 April DW Baig: Tunes from the Pamir mountains by Sehrish Ali Express Tribune

    6 April Ancient Language Lives on Thanks to UVa Linguist Newsplex

    6 April Keeping languages alive: A different kind of conservation by Pete Zrioka Mother Nature Network

    6 April Hishuk Ish Tsawalk: Everything is One by Anna Luisa Daigneault The Dominion

    4 April Capturing the Wajarri language brings joy to elders by Gian De Poloni ABC News

    4 April Speakers of France's endangered languages demand recognition by Maxime Caillon and Maela Koareg France 24

    4 April Lingua franca of South Africa's mines set to fade slowly by Ed Stoddard Reuters

    3 April Tributes for our lost Aboriginal centenarians by Jamie Walker The Australian

    2 April Aboriginal elder Ned Cheedy dies in WA Nine News

    2 April Call to teach Kaurna at every city school by Sheradyn Holderhead Adelaide Now

    2 April Technology provides Ojibwe language a lifeline by Jenna Ross Star Tribune

    2 April SA Kaurna speakers seek funding Nine News

    2 April Indigenous language dictionary launched ABC Indigenous

    2 April Opinion: We need to save languages as well as species by Peter Culshaw The Arts Desk

    2 April Volume is no guarantee by Rrishi Raote Business Standard

    1 April Turkey's Laz community demands protection of cultural, linguistic rights by Aysu Otag Today's Zaman

    1 April Vanishing Voices by N.L. Zutshi Greater Kashmir

  • March 2012

    31 March Native American Language iPhone App in Development Daily Motion

    30 March France a 'rogue state' on regional languages by Simon Hooper Al Jazeera

    29 March Winona LaDuke Speaks on Biocultural Diversity, Language and Environmental Endangerment by Jacob Wheeler The Uptake

    29 March Amazing 'talking' dictionary project helps preserve Ojibwe language by Cynthia Boyd Minn Post

    28 March Reinstate Ikalanga in schools Botswana Gazette

    28 March Shakespeare in Aboriginal language by Mark Naglazas The West Australian

    28 March Is the Chamorro language dead? by John S. DelRosario Jr. Saipan Tribune

    28 March Heritage language awareness week Capital City Weekly

    27 March Minister meets with Aboriginal Languages Revitalization Board Northwest Territories

    27 March Microsoft Helps Hmong Folks Rescue Dying Language Via Online Translator by Laurentiu Stan Social Barrel

    27 March April 1-7, 2012 Proclaimed Heritage Language Awareness Week Sit News

    26 March Texting Endangered Languages ALTA

    26 March Book launch today Cape Breton Post

    26 March Little River Band of Ottawa Indians offers language education tool Ludington Daily News

    26 March TIMOR-LESTE: When do mother tongues divide? IRIN

    25 March Calif. Hmong community launches online translator by Gosia Wozniacka Businessweek

    23 March Indigenous singer on the starting blocks in London by Iain Shedden The Australian

    23 March Magar youths gear up to protect language The Himalayan Times

    22 March Teachers urged to learn local language by Margaret Paul ABC

    21 March 11 graduates trained to teach ailing Tsuu T'ina language CBC News

    21 March Quest to preserve Ojibwe goes online_and talks by Mila Koumpilova Green Bay Press Gazette

    20 March Local language loss by Nina Bicket The Student

    19 March Digital Technologies Give Dying Languages New Life by Tom Banse NPR

    19 March A right to speak in many tongues by Malcolm Brown Sydney Morning Herald

    19 March Q & A with K. David Harrison on Groundbreaking 'Talking Dictionaries' by Daniela Kucz Daily Gazette

    18 March Homeroom University of Minnesota: Team helps create online Ojibwe People's Dictionary by Mila Koumpilova Twin Cities

    18 March Language preservation helps American Indian students stick with college by Marisa Agha Sacramento Bee

    18 March Found in translation by Archana Khare Ghose Times of India

    17 March Students' soft spot for Hindi classes speaks for itself by Kim Arlington Sydney Morning Herald

    17 March Hundreds expected at funeral ceremony for Onondaga Nation clan mother by Sarah Moses

    16 March Indigenous Insight - Keeping Language Alive Oiwi TV

    16 March Can foreign speakers help the Irish language survive? by Kate Dailey BBC

    16 March Piece of San culture has died along with Una Rooi IOL News

    16 March Hiawatha graduation rates soar by Sarah Frank My Kawartha

    15 March Protecting the World's Endangered Languages by Tim Brookes AINA

    14 March Minister Lavin launches the Rescate de Lenguas Indigenas (Rescue of Indigenous Languages) Program Gobierno de Chile

    14 March Indigenous Language and AI/AN Student Success by Ernestine Hayes Huffington Post

    14 March Indigenous Focus: Chilean Government Announces Additional Initiatives to Save Indigenous Languages by Laura Seelau & Ryan Seelau I Love Chile

    14 March State Senate passes bill to protect languages Capital City Weekly

    14 March Oklahoma museum offers linguistics workshop focusing on indigenous communities Newsok

    14 March Elders share language and culture by Cara Brady Vernon Morning Star

    13 March South Africa: HWB Communications Offers Releases in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa All Africa

    13 March S.Africa seeks to shore up local languages IC Publications

    13 March Wisdom in tongues by Dirk Jena Fiji Times

    12 March Scheme to speak up for Indigenous languages ABC Indigenous

    12 March Nunavut's stance on bilingualism 'nickel-and-dimeing Inuit:' MLA Nunatsiaq Online

    12 March Visiting Teachers Develop Materials for Local Educators by Monica Everett-Haynes UA News

    12 March A literary dilemma

    12 March An Indigenous Language With Unique Staying Power by Simon Romero New York Times

    11 March Singing The National Anthem In Their Own Language Rising Voices

    10 March Mind your languages by Veenu Sandhu & Indulekha Aravind Business Standard

    10 March International Mother Language Day Celebrated by Acharya S.P.Dwivedi The Link

    9 March Toddlers Can Learn Lakota With New App Indian Country Today Media Network

    9 March Language Plan and Tribal Efforts Praised by Carol Berry Indian Country Today Media Network

    9 March Of Words and Woods by Nataly Kelly Huffington Post

    8 March Senate Passes Bill to Protect Alaska Native Languages Alaska Native News

    8 March "Cornerstone of culture" threatened by Alina Mogilyanskaya MediaGlobal News

    8 March Translating Twitter into languages read right to left isn't easy by Deborah Netburn LA Times

    8 March Wikipedia promotes content in indigenous languages They Are News

    8 March The Seed Company embarks on 800th Bible translation project One News Now

    8 March Using Social Media to Capture an Endangered Language by Courtney Van Der Weyden Uncluttered White Spaces

    6 March Norway's indigenous Sami people turn to Israel for help in reviving old tribal language Washington Post

    6 March In Hebrew's revival, a Nordic people see hope by Daniella Cheslow

    6 March Irish language endangered by austerity measures by Finbar McDonnell Irish Times

    6 March IndigiTUBE: Media Made By And For The Indigenous People In Remote Australia Rising Voices

    6 March Social Innovation Saving 7,000 Vanishing Languages by Sangeeta Haindi Justmeans

    6 March Diocese apologises to student reprimanded for using her native language by Sam Lucero U.S. Catholic

    6 March Dream State: Speaking an Endangered Language with Poet Victor Teran by Ben Rodkin LARB

    5 March Majority of world's languages to be extinct by next century PressTV

    5 March iPhone app teaches language and culture to Lakota children by Ruth Moon Rapid City Journal

    5 March Technology Rescues Dying Languages by Tom Banse Voice of America

    4 March A Road Trip In Search Of America's Lost Languages NPR

    4 March Language funding will help keep native heritage alive in Alderville Northumberland News

    3 March Language of music has London calling by Mark Ellis Sydney Morning Herald

    3 March US school punished indigenous girl for speaking her own language PressTV

    2 March Harper Government Supports Language Learning Opportunities for First Nations Children Canadian Heritage

    2 March NW tribes strive to save disappearing languages by Crystal Price KVAL

    2 March Why Our Culture Is in Our Genes by Matt Ridley Wall Street Journal

    2 March Reviving Indigenous languages at the touch of a button APTN

    2 March Working group calls for help to preserve Sami language YLE

    2 March Airwaves breathe new life into endangered ethnic languages by Sean Gleeson Phnom Penh Post

    2 March Mother Tongue Promotes National Development by Kayode Aponmade PM News

    2 March AUDIO: Speaker's Weekly Address - "One Generation Away From Extinction of Chamorro Language" Pacific News Center

    1 March Scarborough monument to honour many languages spoken in Canada by Mike Adler Inside Toronto