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Languages in the news 2014

  • December 2014

    31 December SCC instructor named Regan Residency Grant recipient Smoky Mountain News

    31 December Native North America, Vol. 1 Common Ground

    31 December Juneau's biggest stories of 2014 by Casey Kelly KTOO

    30 December Documentary explores saving Jejueo language by Noelle Fujii Ka Leo

    30 December Pustaka Offers Indian Vernacular Books Online

    30 December Did You Miss Any Great Language Writing This Year? by Gretchen McCulloch Slate

    30 December Minister Aglukkaq Announces Support for an Aboriginal Language Application Market Wired

    30 December Santal Mahasangha demands Santali as 2nd official language of Odisha I am in

    29 December PV Mayor honors Navajo Code Talker, highlights proposed museum by Yihyun Jeong and Jesse A. Millard Az Central

    29 December Celebrating the harvest, preserving culture at Mohawk immersion school by Sarah Harris North Country Public Radio

    28 December Speaking in (Native) Tongues - The Revival of Forgotten British Languages Sputnik UK

    28 December Capitalism, colonialism and nationalism are language killers by Ross Perlin Aljazeera America

    28 December Language Fees E-Pao

    27 December White Mountain Apaches attend National Indian Education Conference WMI Central

    27 December Aboriginal question the most important moral issue in Canada by Irvin Studin The Star

    27 December Navajo Nation Council once again amends Navajo language fluency requirement for tribal presidency by Noel Lyn Smith Daily Times

    27 December Agenda: Scottish Studies deserves more than a gesture of tokenism by Barclay McBain Herald Scotland

    27 December Scheme to promote tribal sports talent in the offing by B. S. Satish Kumar The Hindu

    26 December The Choice Of One by Kobina Antobam Ghana Web

    26 December Indigenous Youth Help USFWS Restore Fish Passage on Cochiti Pueblo by Melanie Dabovich Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 December 10 years since Tsunami: Tribes survived disaster, but their languages are doomed by Sandip Roy Firstpost

    26 December The death of native languages by Bahram Sayad Daily Times

    25 December National unity through inter-tribal marriages by Agwu Enekwachi The Sun

    25 December Don advocates use of indigenous languages in schools by Olayinka Olukoya-Abeokuta Nigerian Tribune

    24 December Explorer found Barolin country News Mail

    23 December WCU faculty assist with Cherokee language documentary The Sylva Herald

    23 December Reindeer herders, an app and the fight to save a language by Holly Young The Guardian

    23 December Teach yourself ... five phrases in an endangered language by Holly Young The Guardian

    23 December Language Preservation Efforts and a Birch Bark Canoe Build at UMass Amherst Indian Country Today Media Network

    23 December With New Driver License Law, Indigenous Groups May Be Left Behind by Diana Aguilera Valley Public Radio

    22 December IDC Cultural Centre in project to support Arecuna language Stabroke News

    22 December This village school in Haiti helped propel a national movement to teach kids in Creole by Amy Bracken PRI

    22 December Mapping The Most Influential Languages On Earth Fast Company

    22 December Philanthropy award honors Salinas shippers by Mike Hornick The Packer

    22 December Whose mother tongue will you use? by Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Sunstar

    21 December Juneau workshops perpetuate Tlingit language by Mary Catherine Matin Enquirer Herald

    20 December They think indigenous rap is disgusting, but Im getting richer off it - Reminisce Nigerian Tribune

    20 December Saving Tarao tribe from extinction E-Pao

    19 December Help an Anchorage Man Address Shortage of Ahtna Language Children's Books Indian Country Today Media Network

    19 December Navajo Version of 'Finding Nemo' Aims to Promote Native Language by Dan Frosch Wall Street Journal

    19 December 'Tarao Tribe should be given Minority status' E-Pao

    19 December Lakota Nation Education Conference focuses on Native challenges Rapid City Council

    19 December With language on brink of extinction, Oneida hope mobile app will boost interest by Ryan Delaney North Country Public Radio

    18 December Penn adds Native American studies minor by Sarah Welsh Penn Current

    18 December LCO tribe fights to save language immersion school, facing deficit by Ramona Marozas Northlands News Centre

    17 December Anchorage man hopes to revitalize Ahtna language with new children's book by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    17 December A Traditional Native Practice, Given Modern Form by Erin Joyce Hyperallergic

    17 December Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History of Being Colonized, Oppressed by Christine Graef Mint Press News

    17 December 2014 will be remembered as a year full of hostility and attacks against our People by Dr. Woolombi Waters The Stringer

    17 December Media With an Endangered Language Message by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    17 December These Charts Show Which Languages Have The Most Global Influence by Drake Baer Business Insider

    16 December Not a Full Picture: Evaluating Tribal College Success Using Mainstream Measures by Marybeth Gasman Huffington Post

    16 December Ngarrindjeri language learned in Victor Harbor Victor Harbor Times

    16 December Navajo hearing officer who ruled in language-fluency case fired for lacking state bar license by Felicia Fonseca Daily Journal

    16 December Indigenous origin to city name, not Welsh by David Livitsanis The Courier

    16 December WCU faculty assist with award-winning Cherokee language documentary by Scott Cherokee One Feather

    15 December Serbia: we all speak Bulgarian; the Balkans have one common native language Focus News Agency

    15 December Supporting Michif Language-Learning Tools for Children by Geordy McCaffrey Yahoo Finance

    15 December Cllr Sian Gwenllian quits housing association board in Welsh Language row by Hywel Trewyn Daily Post

    14 December Hindi is still a thorn in Tamil Nadu's flesh by Sruthisagar Yamunan The Hindu

    14 December Victorian Aboriginal leaders promote better local understanding of culture, history by Karen Percy ABC News

    12 December Professor speaks at dinner recognizing veterans Missouri State News

    12 December Archie Roach returns to old stomping ground for Northcote Social Club gig by Julia Irwin Herald Sun

    12 December Reservation of land only worked against tribals by R. N. Bhaskar DNA Idna

    12 December Chinese Court Frees Uyghur Linguist Following Appeal Radio Free Asia

    12 December Nzimande and the Afrikaners by Dave Steward Politicsweb

    12 December Preservation of Manx Gaelic 'astonishing' by Dave Kneale IOM Today

    12 December Bid to stop evidence lost in translation by Tania Broughton and Nokuthula Ntuli IOL News

    12 December Parents and students rallied to keep this indigenous language school open by Deepa Fernandes PRI

    12 December State Hluttaw Confirm Mon Language Can Be Used on Government Signs Burma News International

    12 December Sámi artists compete in Europe by Sarah Bostock and Michael Sandelson The Foreigner

    11 December Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages, Including Burmese by Catherine Shu TechCrunch

    11 December Google adds Irish to list of Gmail options by Wilson Dizard Aljazeera America

    11 December FSU honors Seminole legend Louise Gopher by Dough Blackburn Tallahassee Democrat

    11 December Language equality 'impractical' by Ernest Mabuza Business Day Live

    11 December Phillips Wicoie Nandagikendan Dakota and Ojbwe Language and Culture Immersion Program by Laura Waterman Wittstock The Alley Newspaper

    10 December Looking for a Cause? Help a Yakama Elder Save Her Language India Country Today Media Network

    10 December Muskogee Native Americans Embrace Honor, Sacrifice, Warrior Traditions by David Vergun Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 December Erdogan's 'New Turkey' aspires teaching 'Old Turkish' by Pinar Tremblay Al-Monitor

    10 December Spotlight: Teaching Cree at Ecole Providence by Tom Henihan South Peace News

    10 December Make Guanaian Languages Compulsory in Schools - Prof Bosua Ghana Web

    10 December 152 local languages may die soon by Medinate Kanabe The Nation

    10 December Court dismisses lawsuit over Colville tribal settlement money Spokesman-Review

    9 December 'Language key to identity, harmony among Odisha tribals' Odisha Sun Times

    9 December Mesa Community College Leads in Foreign Language Classes Day News

    9 December Native youth education in state of emergency by Susan Frey EdSource

    9 December Making the internet talk local by Nandagopal Rajan Financial Express

    9 December Reinvigorating the Yekuana Indigenous Language Through Digital Media by Fernando Carias Rising Voices

    9 December Early exposure to English is damaging the standard of Irish among Gaeltacht young by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin The Irish Times

    8 December Bills to support tribal and sign languages by Viju B Times of India

    8 December Why Not Send Development Aid to the Western Sahara? by Michael Rubin Commentary

    8 December Watch: Frozen's Let It Go lyrics sung in Welsh The Telegraph

    8 December 'Hindi, local languages have a bright future in changing India' Times of India

    8 December Defending the 'gavaar and unsophisticated' languages by Minerwa Tahir Express Tribune

    8 December Manx language experts to star in new documentary Energy FM

    7 December Botswana: MPs Differ On Multilingual News Broadcasting Motion by Mmoniemang Motsamai All Africa

    7 December The Most Popular Language In Every State Other Than English And Spanish by Ben Blatt Business Insider

    7 December Comment: Language is a strong symbol of cultural identity by Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins Times Colonist

    6 December Gaelcholaistí top feeder schools list by Deborah Coleman

    5 December Adivasis don't enjoy political right The Daily Star

    5 December Drilling beyond 7,000 feet in Sarstoon-Temash by Adele Ramos Amandala

    5 December Manx Gaelic 'warriors' praised for language revival BBC

    5 December Forgotten Native American musicians: 'We could have been the next Nirvana' by Dorian Lynskey The Guardian

    5 December Namibia: Indigenous Language Initiative Launched by Fifi Rhodes All Africa

    5 December Hyd Lit Fest to be held at HPS The Hindu

    5 December Online TV station on Island to film Manx language documentary Energy FM

    5 December 'Irish Language Act is an act for everyone' Bradley by Paul Malone Newry Times

    5 December Room 220: Speaking in Tongues by José Torres-Tama Nola Defender

    4 December Our Culture, Our Standards, Our Rules: A Defence of Traditionalism by Damian Webster and Emmy Scott Indian Country Today Media Network

    4 December UW hosts second International Ladino Day by Alexa Teodoro The Daily

    4 December The bridge-building Nationals MP trying to save his party by Alex Mitchell Crikey

    4 December Michigan teacher works to preserve indigenous language by April Van Buren WKAR

    4 December 'Finding Nemo' is next movie to be dubbed in Navajo by Bill Donovan Navajo Times

    4 December NDA Govt. says it is committed to the protection of endangered languages Business Standard

    4 December Nigeria: 'Anilingo Product Series Will Promote, Preserve Nigerian Languages' by Joseph Wantu and Emeka Nwachukwu All Africa

    3 December 'Why can't we speak Irish?' by Pól Ó Muirí The Irish Times

    3 December Rainbow's Gr. 8 Aboriginal students surpass peers by Heidi Ulrichsen Northern Life

    3 December How Australia's newest technology can be used to save its oldest languages by Broede Carmody StartupSmart

    3 December Dickson encourages 'Ijaw BeBe Tolumo' in schools by Austin Ebipade-Yenagoa Nigerian Tribune

    3 December Gaelgeorí groups demand respect for Irish language Irish News

    3 December Dictionaries on tribal lingo to be brought out by year-end Times of India

    3 December Tribal Nations Conference Will Emphasize Outreach to Native Youth by Vincent Schilling Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 December Saving Indigenous Languages of Okinawa by Bernadine Racoma Day News

    2 December Morongo Elder Wins Heard Award for Language and Culture Preservation Indian Country Today Media Network

    2 December Revival of native tongue among Protestants speaks volumes by Dr. Ian Malcolm Belfast Telegraph

    1 December Words to live by by Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald

  • November 2014

    30 November Coming soon, lexicons in two tribal languages by Shankar Bennur The Hindu

    30 November Learning language of equal rights The Sunday Independent

    30 November Saginaw Chippewa tribe preserving ancient language by Kathleen Lavey Washington Times

    29 November Status of language Dawn

    29 November Will These Kids Make it to School Next Year?

    29 November In Japan's Okinawa, saving indigenous languages is about more than words by Anna Fifield Washington Post

    28 November Native Alaska Takes a Seat at the Table - and Plans to Stay There by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country Today Media Network

    28 November Animation as a way to tackle Indigenous language crisis by Corey Hague ABC Central Victoria

    28 November Aboriginal communities 'step up' to stop the loss of traditional language culture ABC Radio National

    28 November Indigenous language program a success by Rick Morton The Australian

    28 November Distinctions for inaugural Wiradjuri graduates ABC News

    28 November Students graduate from first Aboriginal Language TAFE course at Dubbo by Avani Dias ABC News

    28 November Harvard allows tests in Hawaiin by Richard Ewart ABC Radio Australia

    28 November Artists bring the opera to one of Mexico's most dangerous states by Tania Miranda Fusion

    27 November Venezuela's Indigenous Mapoyo Language Added to UNESCO Heritage List Venezuela Analysis

    27 November Aileymill teacher made national language ambassador Greenock Telegraph

    27 November First Nations Work to Save Language by Aru Pande Voice of America News

    27 November Cultural Thursday: Alutiiq language and culture revitalization efforts from Southern Alaska Brainerd Dispatch

    27 November Magadan authorities help indigenous peoples Pravda.Ru

    27 November My Open Letter to Ewes Who Speak Ewe by Selorm Kwawukame Ghana Web

    26 November Want to Learn More About Natives This Thanksgiving? Try These 5 Apps Indian Country Today Media Network

    26 November 11.26.14: Spatchcocking 101, Saving A Dying Language, & Good Gig New Hampshire Public Radio

    26 November Scotland's first-ever comic book superhero set to launch in Scots language Scotland Now

    26 November 'Save Tarao trive from extinction' e-Pao

    26 November Award-winning O-Kai Singers tour Southeast Asia Want China Times

    26 November Technology to the Endangered Language Rescue? by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    26 November Hawaiian Language Gains Legitimacy at Harvard by Emil Guillermo NBC News

    26 November First Nations languages are on the rise by Tim Collins Peninsula News Review

    26 November Lost Indigenous languages being revived by State Library of New South Wales by John Donegan ABC News

    26 November Colonialism Causes Diabetes, and Other Things I Learned at the Indigenous Health Conference by Andreas Krebs Huffington Post

    26 November Tribal colleges give poor return on more than $100 million a year in federal money by Sarah Burtrymowicz Hechinger Report

    26 November Paraguay to Hold First Fair of Native Languages Prensa Latina

    26 November Keeping African languages out of African schools? Beyond Niamey

    26 November Burning textbooks, beating children Beyond Niamey

    25 November Tarao tribe E-Pao

    25 November Reel Injun Looks at 100 Years of Native Americans in Films by Matt Novak Gizmodo

    25 November For Americans Fighting to Reclaim Their Culture, Thanksgiving Means More Than Food by Colleen Fitzgerald Diverse

    25 November Entries open for MDDA-Sanlam Local Media Awards

    25 November Senate backs incarceration target, funding for Aboriginal interpreters service in WA by Bonnie Christian ABC News

    25 November DUP should disassociate themselves from Irish language attitude: Ó hEára Londonderry Sentinel

    25 November NHRC Takes Note of Tribal Students' Neglect New India Express

    24 November Homicide, Suicide, Violence, Abuse and Neglect on the Rez by Harold Monteau Indian Country Today Media Network

    24 November FG Urged To Make Indigenous Languages Compulsory In Schools The Nigerian Observer

    24 November Gamilaraay language app launched by Kerrin Thomas ABC News

    23 November Russian Nationalist Hysteria by Maxim Goryunov Moscow Times

    23 November Arabic must be the main language in UAE education, FNC hears by Ola Salem The National

    23 November Multi-tongued Meranaw by Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Sun Star

    23 November Literary awards 'weave together' Aboriginal flair by Lii Wen Taipei Times

    22 November Dauenhauer end 2-year term as Writer Laureate by Amy Fletcher Kansas City Star

    22 November Community Connections: Thanksgiving Unedited Times-Standard

    22 November Concern over high drop-out rate among tribal children in Odisha Odisha Sun Times

    22 November Cherokee language: From Trial of Tears to texting in the native tongue by Juliana Keeping Aljazeera America

    22 November iTaukei in Parliament by Professor Wadan Narsey The Fiji Times Online

    22 November Calls for adopting native language as medium of instruction by Ijaz Kakakhel Daily Times

    22 November Use of local language can increase GDP, Smriti Irani says by Deeptiman Tiwary Times of India

    21 November First Nations language learners on the rise in B.C. by Sarah Petrescu Times Colonist

    21 November The 24 most endangered languages in Europe by Alice Vincent The Telegraph

    21 November Chippewa tribe's children preserving Anishinaabe language by Kathleen Lavey The Times Herald

    21 November Our indigenous languages fast disappearing by Umeh Bernard Nigerian Tribune’s Letter Section

    21 November Mt Druitt Indigenous Choir has great days ahead by Jade Whittmann St Mary’s-Mt Druitt Star

    21 November Should the president of the Navajo Nation speak Navajo? by Wyatt Orme High Country News

    21 November Zimbabwe: Tonga, Nambya Elevated to Exam Levels by Nyemudzai Kakore allAfrica

    21 November Winners of the 2014 Maskew Miller Longman Literature Awards Announced by Erin Books Live

    21 November Students learn Native American culture and language at Waa’t by Rachael Gustuson News Mirror

    20 November A Talk Over Tea: Preserving India's Indigneous Languages by Miguel Vilar National Geographic

    20 November Talking Language with Ernie Dingo by Ildiko Dauda SBS

    20 November Help pass on Chamorro language by Charmaine West

    20 November Documentary filmmaker keeps focus local with new projects by Glenn McDonald

    20 November 10 Things You Should Know About Alaska Natives by Richard Walker Indian Country Media Network Today

    20 November Report on young native Irish speakers highlights concerns RTE News

    20 November Arunachal gets its first audio Bible by Fr. Shyjan C. Job Don Bosco India

    19 November Adivasis despite 8% of India’s population are neglected The Avenue Mail

    19 November Grant of $206,500 awarded to study Native American traditions by Julia McLaughlin Daily Collegian

    19 November: FG Urged to Make Indigenous Languages Compulsory in Schools Leadership

    19 November Chippewa tribe's children preserving Anishinaabe language by Kathleen Lavey Lansing State Journal

    18 November Registro civil bilingüe: al rescate del jaqaru by Jorge Yrivarren Lazo El Peruano

    18 November Overcoming Disadvantage Report shows disadvantage not overcome by Gerry Georgatos The Stringer Independent News

    18 November What can we learn from efforts to save an ancient South American language? by Emily Wight The Guardian

    18 November The languages we speak at home, mapped by county by Reid Wilson The Washington Post

    18 November Association to clear up misconceptions through documentary by April Agnew The Shorthorn

    18 November Demands, Dialogues and Development : Evasion serves no purpose by Hueiyen Lanpao E-Pao

    18 November Schools show they are great PALS PSnews online        

    18 November Beary Academy starts dictionary project by Mohit M. Rao The Hindu

    18 November Hawaiian Language Making a Comeback at Harvard Indian Country Today Media Network

    17 November Language preservation is necessary for maintaining cultural identity  by John David Thompson The Crimson White

    17 November Garifuna Settlement Day Brings An Indigenous Community Together by Jessica Moulite Neon Tommy

    17 November WA Chief Justice slams end to funding of Aboriginal interpreting service  by Lucy Martin ABC Indigenous

    16 November ATSUM in agitation mode E-Pao

    16 November  NASO questions reasons behind EMU presentation by Casey Blickenstaff Eastern Echo

    16 November Western vs traditional culture in families by Rose Kindalo Zambia Daily Mail

    16 November Every day 14 languages in the world die a pre-mature death Avenue Mail

    16 November The Congress Of Aboriginal Peoples Recognize November 16 & Continue Appeal Of Daniels Case by Ron Swain Vice Wawa News

    16 November Sioux Valley Community takes action to keep Dakota language alive by Lindsey Enns Winnipeg Free Press

    15 November 5 biggest tribal issues still remain unaddressed in Jharkhand Nagaland Post

    15 November Tech talk: Typing in tongues, now a click away? by Shabbir Mir The Express Tribune

    14 November 33 European languages in danger of extinction by Tim Chester Mashable

    14 November Uganda Rewrites Language Rules With Spelling Bee by Lizabeth Paulat Voice of America

    14 November Language Crisis: The American Indian Reality by Walt Wolfram Huffington Post

    14 November Pawnee language teacher passes along tribe’s heritage by Merrick Eagleton Stillwater News Press

    14 November Veto override fails in Navajo language-requirement dispute by Charly Edsitty 12 News & The Arizona Central

    14 November Kutcha Edwards’ homecoming inspires the next generation by Jenni Henderson ABC Gippsland

    14 November How an El Sereno charter school fought for (and won) the right to teach in an indigenous language by Deepa Fernandes Off-Ramp

    14 November Talking Language with Ernie Dingo SBS

    13 November Mon Students Propose Law Guaranteeing Ethnic Language Teaching Burma News International

    13 November Minority-language report by S.A.P. The Economist

    13 November ‘Never Alone’: Alaska Native culture and language enters the world of video games by Richard Radford Juneau Empire

    13 November Australia’s endangered languages by Ezreena Yahya Honi Soit

    12 November Rutgers Students Help Rescue Languages in Peril by John Chadwick Rutgers Today

    12 November ‘First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee’ film to premiere Nov. 21 The Sylva Herald

    12 November Reinventing the Alphabet by Mark Hay Good Magazine

    12 November How the Hawaiian Language Got to Harvard College by Kaipo Matsumoto Honolulu Civil Beat

    12 November Forget Ice Water, Take the Indigenous Language Challenge Instead by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    12 November Costa Rican Court Orders Culturally Relevant Education for Indigenous TeleSUR

    12 November Bolivia Holds 1st International Congress on Aymara Language by David Dougherty TeleSUR

    12 November Four Indian Universities to Introduce Tribal Language Courses NDTV

    12 November Hindi Outpaces English Globally: Linguistic Survey by Chaitanya Mallapur IndiaSpend

    12 November Four British languages on ‘endangered’ list of dialects under threat of extinction… but experts claim tourism could help revival by John Hutchinson Daily Mail

    11 November Native American Language Revitalization Workshops in November by UT Arlington Media Release Native American Times

    11 November Tropfest 2014: Keeping the native tongue alive by Eryk Bagshaw The Sydney Morning Herald

    11 November Wikwemikong launches Anishinaabe language app The Manitoulin Expositor

    11 November Remembrance Day poem to be read in aboriginal language CBC News

    11 November Free Native American Language Revitalization Workshops in November Native American Times

    11 November Peruvian Indigenous Radio Aims to Empower Listeners by Rael Mora teleSUR

    11 November Isio Knows Better: Loki by Isio Wanogho Bella Naija

    11 November Indigenous Veterans Recognized Across Canada on Remembrance Day Indian Country Today Media Network

    11 November Honoring Veterans II: Belated Honor for Code Talkers by Steve Russell Indian Country Today Media Network

    10 November Students preserve Nuu-chah-nulth language through university course by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley Times

    10 November Change of medium of instruction was not meant to ostracize English by Rohana R. Wasala Lankaweb

    10 November Un mapa muestra los idiomas más populares hablados en Londres El Ibérico

    10 November Meskwaki Tribe honors retiring Senator Harkin by John Speer The Coledo Chronicle

    10 November Supporting Aboriginal Language Instruction Market Wired

    10 November These 33 European languages are all in danger of going extinct by Nick Clark The Independent

    10 November Mark their word, two new languages by Jonathan Pearlman AsiaOne

    9 November Talk focuses on Native American colonization by Antonio Henriques The Collegian

    9 November Film documents revitalization of Fort Peck languages by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    9 November Bringing back the forgotten tongue by Keagan Elder The Satellite

    9 November Lidl bans Welsh language in Welsh shops by Maryam Qaiser Gloucester Citizen

    9 November Welsh will ‘never be banned’ from stores, says Lidl BBC News

    9 November A Network of Indigenous Language Digital Activists in Mexico by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    9 November Four British language in danger of becoming extinct by Nick Clark The Independent UK

    8 November Tribal Languages Day held, Dy CM cuts short Director’s speech E-Pao

    8 November Top 5 Cities in the World With the Most Indigenous People by Hans Tammemagi Indian Country Today Media Network

    8 November Alaska Native language speakers require justice, not symbolism by Marcelle McDannel Alaska Dispatch News

    8 November 7 things to Know About Native American Language by Colleen M Fitzgerald The Huff Post Impact Blog

    7 November From ‘Big Jues’ To ‘Tay-Tay water’, A Quick Guide to Liberian English by Michaeleen Doucleff PennState WPSU

    7 November Lidl denies ‘ban’ on Welsh language claims in Welsh shops by Lizzie Dearden The Independent UK

    6 November Anthropologist Receives Mellon Fellowship Award to Study Endangered Ojibwe Language and Native American Traditions Newswise

    4 November Cape Breton Mi’kmaq woman battles illness to translate Bible by David Burke CBC News

    4 November Challenges before Odisha government to implement mother tongue based early childhood education in tribal areas by Badal Tah Odishadiary

    4 November Rekindling the Kaurna language by Karen Ashford SBS World News Radio

    3 November Native American Language Could Soon Disappear by Jenn Gidman Newser

    3 November Protecting Our Cultural Endangered Species: School Policies by Alissa Stern The Huff Post Impact Blog

    3 November This 81-year-old wrote a dictionary to save her tribe’s dying language by Anna Culaba Ryot

    2 November The people who want their language to disappear by Caroline Davies BBC News Magazine

  • October 2014

    31 October Comanche people give new life to ancestors’ language Video Voice of America

    30 October FNUniv professor preserving Cree language through stories and humour by Kerry Benjoe The Leader-Post

    29 October UBC prof hopes to bring more Aboriginal language study to UBC by Mateo Ospina The Ubyssey

    29 October Mom demands Hawaiian language classes by Jon Hargraves Courthouse News Service

    29 October This is how to revive a Native American language spoken before white people came by Pamela Munro The Washington Post

    28 October Referendum to recognise indigenous Australians should be held in 2016, committee says by Dan Harrison The Sydney Morning Herald

    27 October Project launched to preserve ‘Torwali’ language Dawn

    27 October Cree language to be taught in Saskatoon by the Department of Canadian Heritage Market Wired

    27 October While old Indigenous languages disappear, new ones evolve by Felicity Meakins The Conversation

    27 October Smartphone app helps preserve Indigenous language by Greg Dyett SBS

    27 October KMT lawmaker’s local language comments spark furor by Wu Po-hsuan and Jake Chung Taipei Times

    24 October For Navajo Nation, candidate stirs questions about saving dying language by John M. Glionna Los Angeles Times

    23 October Parnell signs Native language bill in emotional ceremony at AFN convention by Lisa Demer Alaska Dispatch News

    22 October US tribe’s high court orders presidential candidate in language fluency dispute off ballot by The Associated Press News 1130

    22 October Pre-primary education in tribal language by K. A. Shaji The Hindu

    21 October Second ethnic newspaper shuttered by Chin State Govt by Nyein Nyein The Irrawaddy

    20 October Native language is the theme of Elders and Youth Conference by Lisa Demer Alaska Dispatch News

    20 October Nurture my tongue: A linguist’s quest to preserve an endangered language by Amruta Lakhe The Indian Express

    18 October Di McNaboe: Mind your language by Jen Cowley Dubbo Weekender

    18 October Andean journal: Recovering native languages by Jose Barreiro Indian Country Today Media Network

    17 October Let’s speak the languages we dream in by Mandla Langa Mail & Guardian

    17 October Voting, congressional inaction discussed at National Indian Education Assoc. conference by Joaqlin Estus KNBA

    16 October Southwest Colombia indigenous communities to have their own university by Piotr Wojciak Colombia Reports

    16 October Iriarte named Master of Chamorro Chant by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    16 October Preserving Minnesota’s native languages by Anton Treuer and Mary Hermes MPR News

    15 October Western Nunavut’s Inuit languages need support, KIA hears by Jane George Nunatsiaq Online

    15 October New Minn. School preserving languages by Lindsey Seavert KARE

    15 October The Venezuelan Revolution and the Indigenous Struggle by Dan Kovalik The Huffington Post

    15 October Maduro Hands Over Land Titles to Indigenous Communities, Creates Institute to Protect Native Languages by Z.C. Dutka Venezuala Analysis

    15 October Calls for Indigenous language tuition in Northern Territory primary schools by Emilia Terzon ABC News

    14 October SOAS to host workshop in Bangkok on preserving indigenous languages SOAS University of London

    13 October Rescuing endangered native languages by Susie Allen The University of Chicago

    13 October Nome schools revive Inupiaq language by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    13 October Navajo Fluency Could Change Landscape of Navajo Election, Deschene Out? By Alysa Landry Indian Country Today Media Network

    13 October The future of Navajo Nation depends on the election issue everyone should be talking about by Jaynie Parish The Guardian

    13 October Minister welcomes Niuean Language Week Scoop Independent News

    10 October Irish language film chosen as Ireland’s submission to 2015 Oscars by Sorcha Pollak The Irish Times

    9 October Navajo tribal candidate ruled against in case over whether he’s fluent in tribal language by Felicia Fonseca Times Colonist

    9 October Cree language project on Aviva Community Fund voting list by Rick Garrick Wawatay News Online 

    8 October Language and the Interconnectedness of Things By Simon Dudley Lifesize Wired

    9 October Again, call for mother tongue as medium of instruction by Wale Akinselure Nigerian Tribune

    8 October Support for Ojibway Language Lessons by Kevin Tegosh EIN News

    8 October Should You Talk to Your Child in a Different Language? By Claire Bowern Slate

    8 October Malawi Muslims Plan Qur’an Yao Translation by Khalid Abubaker OnIslam

    8 October UM sophomore to create Native languages society by Jesse Desrosier Montana Kaimin

    8 October Kriol myths debunked by PhD scholar by Stephanie Zillman Katherine Times

    7 October 2014 Madhya-Purbiya Tharu (Nepal) RWC workshop a huge success by Kevin Warfel Rapid Words

    7 October Chukchansi course at Frenso State an effort toward preserving language by Colby Tibbet The Collegian

    7 October Alaska Must Translate Election Material Into 2 Indigenous Languages by Emily Schwing NPR

    7 October Kaurna language revived: Adelaide Region’s Indigenous language celebrated as part of dedicated week by Natalie Whiting ABC News

    7 October DSBN introduce First Nations language program by Brandy Fulton Niagara This Week

    7 October National Contest Builds Endangered Language Awareness by Nick Ng Guardian Liberty Voice

    7 October City Hall Happy Indigenous People’s Day, Seattle Capitol Hill Seattle

    7 October Aboriginal Radio picks RCS Zetta Asia Radio Today

    7 October Indigenous language dormant for more than 100 years revived By Natalie Whiting ABC News

    6 October Gwitch’in Translators Scramble to Ready Election Materials by Emily Schwing Alaska Public Media

    6 October Seattle Votes To Celebrate Indigenous People on Columbus Day By Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

    6 October Preserving Aboriginal Culture in Garden River By Chief Lyle Sayers Market Wired

    5 October Aboriginal Languages By Jeremy Eccles Aboriginal Art Directory News

    5 October Teaching in Indigenous languages – SADTU The Citizen

    3 October Do we care enough about Irish to save it?  By Meadhbh Sinclair News Education Independent

    3 October Subtexts: Wait – there was a word for that by Jennifer Levin Pasatiempo New Mexican

    3 October You’d care if the English or the French language disappeared by Khelsilem Rivers Huffpost British Columbia

    3 October Tribe member finds heritage in language by Reis Thebault The Miami Student

    2 October Proposal for state’s first Native American language charter school does not advance by Michael Gagne The Herald News

    2 October East Heritage students enjoy Native American day event by Alejandro Cano Fontana Herald News

    2 October Judge orders state to remedy Native language assistance by Tim Bradner Alaska Journal of Commerce

    2 October A glimpse into a tribal school by Shauna Tetrault Mille Lacs Messenger

    2 October Mahri: A language or dialect? By Ali Abulohoom Yemen Times

    2 October What’s in a name: Indian, native, aboriginal or indigenous? By Don Marks CBC News

    2 October Proposal for state’s first Native American language charter school does not advance by Michael Gagne The Herald News

    1 October MN School Helps Revival of Native American Languages by John Michaelson MN Public News Service

  • September 2014

    30 September PSS to address lack of teachers in native languages by Richelle Agpoon-Cabang Marianas Variety

    30 September ‘Displaced’ Author Rusell Kaschula on “Re-imagining the Grammar of Local Languages” By Linette Books Live UNISA Press

    29 September Literacy awards honour Aboriginal language teachers by Dali Carmichael Northern Journal

    28 September The natural law of languaes: Use it  - or lose it (2) by Onwuchekwa Jemie Business Day Media

    28 September Language list omitted Native Americans by Jon Walker Argus Leader

    27 September N.W.T. doctors say language is barrier to good health CBC News North

    27 September Children’s books feature Washoe language by Sarah Hauck Nevada Appeal

    26 September Tribal Nations Symposium Oct. 13 at UW UW News

    26 September Navajo language fluency is a ‘reasonable’ requirement for president, tribal Supreme Court says by James Fenton The Daily Times

    26 September Three European languages that you didn’t know existed by Emma Garland The Guardian

    23 September Judge orders election translation for Alaska Natives by The Associated Press CBC News North

    23 September Saving Languages Through Korean Soap Operas By Ross Eveleth The Atlantic

    22 September Language Becomes Key Issue in Navajo Presidential Race By Laurel Morales Fronteras

    22 September UA Anthropologist Earns Fullbright to Continue Language Preservation in Russia By Yara Askar UA News

    22 September 5 Questions with Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project’s Jennifer C. Weston By Peter Balonon-Rosen WBUR

    22 September Describing Pain in Hospitals Without Indigenous Language Services By Eduardo Avila Global Voices Online

    22 September Judge orders state to add language help for voters in Alaska villages By Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch News

    22 September Linguistics receive $260,000 grant to study endangered Irish language By Scott Rappaport UCSC Newscentre

    21 September The natural law of languages: Use it – or lose it (1) By Onwuchekwa Jemie Business Day

    21 September Rep Millett: Delaying Alaska Native language bill for AFN conference not political timing By Charisse Millett Alaska Dispatch News

    21 September Saving Native Languages and Culture in Mexico with Computer Games By Rick Kearns Indian Country

    20 September $300K Grant for Hawaiian Language Preschools to Increase Proficiency By ‘Aha Punana Leo Indian Country

    19 September Some languages in Nepal in danger of disappearing By Aidemaro Romero Jr. The Intelligencer

    19 September Aboriginal Issues get Royal Treatment at Nipissing University By Chris Dawson Bay Today

    19 September The Indigenous Language Challenge By Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    19 September New show champions Chamorro language: ‘Nihi!’ targets children ages 5 to 9 By Lacee A. C. Martinez Guampdn

    18 September How non-Indigenous allies can support Indigenous struggle By Apihtawikosisan Rabble

    18 September Supporting Michif Language and Culture in Kamloops Market Wired

    18 September Diné language app offered for mobile users By Shondiin Silversmith Najavo Times

    18 September Zimbabwe: Our Native Languages Matter too By Shaun Matesheza All Africa

    17 September Indigenous Scholar program taking a new turn at Northeastern State By Sidney Van Wyk Tahlequah Daily Press

    17 September Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik releases book “Languages and Cultural Diversity” By Bhubaneswar Dish a Diary

    17 September Should there be a TV channel just for sign language users? by William Mager BBC News

    16 September How a 17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American Language By Mark Hay Good

    16 September Belfast’s role in Manx language revival BBC News

    16 September Isle of Lewis: Language and life inside the Outer Hebrides by Rick Faragher BBC News

    16 September BDP Diyarbakir chair unlocks closed school educating in Kurdish Today’s Zaman

    16 September Czech expats seek to strengthen language skills by Ruth Fraňková Radio Praha

    16 September How a 17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American Language by Mark Hay GOOD Magazine

    16 September Find ebola health information in your local home language on Wikipedia by Charlie Fripp htxt.aftica

    16 September Long delay in signing Alaska Native language bill is pure politics by Dermot Cole Alaska Dispatch News

    16 September Researchers Try to Save Some Middle-Eastern Languages From Extinction by Benjamin Plackett Al-Fanar Media

    16 September Crowdsourcing Subtitles for Endangered Languages National Geographic

    16 September Language speaks to Westdale children Northern Daily Leader

    16 September Russians visit Standing Rock to talk native language by Dave Thompson Prairie Public News

    15 September University graduate works to uncover Houma language by Kelsey Bordelon The Daily Reveille

    15 September Minors Fleeing Central America Face Shaky Transition to U.S. Schools Nona Willis Aronowitz NBC News

    15 September Little-Known Indigenous Group from Mexico Lays Roots on Staten Island by Amanda Farinacci NY1

    15 September IU Researcher Working to Preserve Endagered Language By Network Indiana WBAA

    15 September How to respect and live in two worlds The Guardian

    14 September Evolve a mother tongue-based bilingual system: Kambar The Hindu

    14 September In Maine, the Penobscot dictionary project rises again by Britt Peterson The Boston Globe

    12 September A Native Tongue: Free classes help keep Cherokee language alive by Kevin Kinder NWA Online

    12 September Zimbabwe: The Language, Culture and Development Matrix by Lovemore Ranga Mataire All Africa

    11 September IU researcher looks to save endangered language WishTV

    11 September Premier of ‘Navajo Star Wars’ centrepiece of Native language institute program University of Texas Native American Times

    10 September Support for Ojibway Language Learning: Government of Canada Provides Funding to the Riverton and District Friendship Centre Market Wired

    9 September Nigeria: Institute introduces weekend classes for Indigenous language learning Daily Independent

    9 September State Presents Election Translation Plan by Daysha Eaton Alaska Public Media

    9 September Native Lands & Culture Courier Journal

    9 September Grant funds IU project to preserve endangered Ayook language in Mexico IU Bloomington Newsroom

    9 September Project aims to preserve Native American languages in Montana by Tim McGonial

    8 September Mi’gmaq community works to revitalize language by Janna Bryson McGill Daily

    8 September Bdote Learning Center opens in South Minneapolis by Laura Waterman Wittstock The Circle

    8 September Obijwe Language and Culture Camp Held at Ponemah by Michael Meuers The Circle

    5 September Native language immersion makes students better by Teresa L. McCarty Indian Country Today Media Network

    4 September Native American tribes in Alaska receive grants to preserve language by Administration for Children & Families Native American Times

    3 September Native language speakers win voting rights lawsuit against state by Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch News

    3 September Oglala native language program gets grant Argus Leader

    3 September Voices of the land: In Port Augusta, an Israeli linguist is helping the Barngarla people reclaim their language By Anna Goldsworthy The Monthly

    2 September Economic success 'drives language extinction' by Rebecca Morelle BBC News

    2 September ABC Radio is Broadcasting In Two Indigenous Languages Now, Continues To Be the Absolute Best By Alex McKinnon Junkee

    2 September Use of indigenous languages, solution to SSCE failure trend By Wale Akinselure Nigerian Tribune

    2 September Radio Station in New York Promotes Kichwa Language in US TeleSur

    1 September Finding lost identity in Aboriginal languages By Alexia Attwood ABC WA

    1 September San language lobbyist Banini Moyo dies Bulawayo 24

    1 September Tongan Language Week encourages Tongan NZers to nurture native tongue By Numia Ponika-Rangi Maori Television

  • August 2014

    31 August Spokane Baseball Team Promotes Local Tribe with Logo in Salish Language Indian Country

    31 August Kids song about alligator clue to Houma language By Kyle Peveto The News Star

    31 August Bible to speak fourth tribal tongue By Rudra Biswas The Telegraph, India

    27 August The Incredible Shrinking Planet by Jeremiah Jacques Trumpet

    27 August World Leaders in African Language Translation

    27 August Speaking in tongues, but how many and for how long? The National

    27 August Is First Caribbean Discriminating Against Garifuna Language? News 5

    27 August Politics of language by Kalpana Jha República

    27 August Behind Filipino by Michael L. Tan Inquirer

    27 August Who will teach our* languages? Crikey

    26 August Nigeria: Akeusola Canvass Use of Indigenous Languages of National Unity by Oyeniran Apata All Africa

    26 August The Welsh Strive to Keep Their Language by Katrin Bennhold New York Times

    26 August Begich Campaign Initiates Callouts in Alaska Native Languages by Charles Enoch Alaska Public Media

    26 August Life expectancy a barrier to Indigenous superannuation by Khama Reid ABC News

    24 August First Nations languages will not survive if English is the be-all by Gerry Georgatos Stringer Independent News

    25 August Tribal language charter school inches forward By Sean F. Driscoll Cape Cod Times

    25 August Use them or lose them: There’s more at stake than language in reviving Ryukyuan tongues  by Patrick Heinrich The Japan Times

    25 August Indigenous arts given funding boost by Tara Watson Arts Hub

    24 August Song about alligator helping women reconstruct dead language by Kyle Peveto The Advocate

    24 August Linguists record endangered Indigenous Goldfields language Tjupan in bid to save it by Rebecca Curtin ABC News

    22 August Belarusians try out a new language: their own by Rachel Stern Yahoo! News

    21 August Indigenous languages won’t survive if kids are learning only English by Jane Simpson The Conversation

    21 August NZ Pacific language speakers declining Radio New Zealand International

    21 August An open letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell by Ryan Wilson Indian Country

    21 August Canadian rangers use native language in exercise by Sgt. Peter Moon Net News Ledger

    21 August Minister laments decline of languages by Loa lok-sin Taipei Times

    20 August Noted Alaska historian, linguist Richard Dauenhauer dead at 72 by Mike Dunham

    20 August Half the world’s languages may be endangered by Joel N. Shurkin Inside Science

    19 August Poet, translator Richard Dauenhauer dies at 72 by Melissa Griffiths Juneau Empire

    18 August ‘Who speaks Wukchumni?’ by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee The New York Times

    18 August Mee Memorial agrees to provide indigenous language services Monterey Herald

    19 August Who killed Tagalog? A different whodunit by Marne Kilates Inquirer

    18 August New Tribal College Will Be Major Milestone for San Carlos Apache by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 August Using our own languages is the first step towards an African Renaissance by Apioth Mayom Apioth New Internationalist

    18 August Ongoing government project aims to preserve and document endangered languages by Stephanie Kanowitz Fierce Government IT

    18 August Triqui speakers win claim against Mee Memorial by Allison Gatlin The Californian

    18 August Outlander’s Gaelic language coach Àdhamh Ó Broin releases song to raise funds for Yes campaign by Katrina Tweedie Scotland Now

    18 August Alaska ballots fraught with issues for Yup’ik speakers by Julia O’Malley Aljazeera America

    18 August A Gathering of Indigenous Langauge Digital Activism in Oaxaca, Mexico by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    17 August A friend to endangered music by Gal Beckerman Boston Globe

    16 August Policies on the use of the Filipino language by Nigel Tan Rappler

    16 August Dreaming in forgotten lands by Michael Gordon Sydney Morning Herald

    15 August By Using Language Rooted in Andes, Internet Show’s Hosts Hope to Save It by Kirk Semple New York Times

    15 August The ISIS Rampage Could Wipe Out Aramaic, ‘The Language of Jesus’ by Peter Terlato Business Insider

    15 August Federal agencies provide new opportunities for dying languages National Science Foundation

    14 August Eleven different languages in the dressing room FC Barcelona

    14 August Cree language camp at Wanuskewin Heritage Part teaches culture too CBC News

    14 August Indigenous sites walk launched by Tathra Primary School by Albert McKnight Bega District News

    14 August Maori Language Bill: a Backward Step for Te Reo Maori Scoop

    14 August I will touch you on your language: rescuing Afrikaans from the right wing by Marianne Thamm Daily Maverick

    13 August A Tribute to Native American Culture: The 91st Nipmuc Nation Powwow by Fiona Guitard Armenian Weekly

    13 August Can you own a language? by Adi Robertson The Verge

    12 August Northern Arapaho Tribe to Take Part in Language and Culture Camp by Jenna Jackson KCWY News 13

    11 August Basketball camp teaches Tlingit language News Miner

    11 August Time for bilingual Maori to join the multilingual world by Will Flavell Scoop

    11 August Linguist’s concern at heritage language report by Massey University Scoop Education

    10 August Kooch’eit’aa: Teaching the Tlingit language through basketball by Casey Kelly KTOO

    10 August In my mother’s tongue by Ali Howard The Herald Scotland

    9 August Push for Hoklo study in curriculum by Sean Lin Taipei Times

    9 August Languages of indigenous people face neglect: Odisha tribal leaders by Santosh Jagdev Odisha Sun Times

    9 August Speechless diversity: Talking about evolution by Philipp Gassner Business Mirror

    9 August The Welsh Language – Dragonian measures The Economist

    8 August At Language Camp, Reclaiming Tradition Is Between Basketball And Lunch by Casey Kelly NPR

    8 August Language Is Key to Culture: Seneca Fight to Save Theirs by ICTMN Staf  Indian Country

    8 August First day of Meskwaki powwow focuses on the kids by Brent Griffiths The Gazette

    8 August Supporting television programming in Inuktitut EIN news

    7 August Monkey selfie, aboriginal language among Wikipedia copyright takedown requests  by Loek Essers (see Palawa Kani) Computer World

    6 August Scheme to protect endangered Indian languages Business Standard

    6 August UNM institute helps Native communities address design challenges by Carolyn Gonzales UNM Newsroom

    5 August Giving the ‘Breath of Life’ to endangered languages by Kathleen Maclay UC Berkeley News Center

    5 August Study of tribal horticulture underway in Ozark by Donna Baxter Springfield News-Leader

    5 August Peris urges support for constitutional change by Rick Hind ABC Indigenous

    4 August Murkowski Speaks to National Indian Educational Association on Language Education by Thea Card KDLG

    4 August Young High helps reclaim Wiradjuri by Daniella White The Young Witness

    4 August Tathra school exploring Indigenous heritage by Albert McKnight Bega District News

    3 August Ojibwemowin Revitalization Celebration Honors Larry Stillday by Michael Meuers Indian Country Media Network

    2 August 20-year-old master of Salish language a strong proponent of Native language, culture by Vince Devlin Missoulian

    2 August Push to preserve the Seneca language

    2 August Opinion: Suzy Wilson’s Indigenous Literacy Foundation is proof of the power of one by Kathleen Noonan The Courier-Mail

    1 August Valley tribe turns to technology to preserve ancient language by Linda Mumma  ABC30 Action news

    1 August Apps and games help preserve Chukchansi language by Sharon Martine The Fresno Bee

    1 August Community brings Secwepemc stories to life by Kristin Froneman Vernon Morning Star

    1 August Anthropological Scientists Find the Toto Language More Endangered than the Tribe Itself by Bernadine Racoma Day News

  • July 2014

    31 July Johnson’s native languages bill passes, heads to Senate floor by Sen. Tim Johnson’s office release Indian Country Media Network

    30 July Zimbabwe: Govt to craft policy on languages, culture by Stanley Mushava The Herald

    30 July Debunking myths in revitalizing Chinese languages by Luke Lu Today

    29 July Using native languages in prayer, song helps preserve culture, speakers say by N Fargo Catholic Sentinel

    28 July Broadcasting the news in Indigenous languages by ABC Back Story

    26 July For rare languages, social media provide new hope by Lydia Emmanouilidou WKMS

    25 July Diplomas bring hope, opportunity for aboriginal Quebecers by Mark Cardwell The Gazette

    25 July Physicists create tool to foresee language destruction impact and thus prevent it PhysOrg

    25 July Constitutional recognition will do nothing for Aborigines by Michael Mansell Sydney Morning Herald

    24 July Blade Nzimande, language and the universities by Dave Steward Politicsweb

    24 July Te reo family’s first language by Ruth Keber Bay of Plenty Times

    24 July Indigenous Languages Blog Launched by Des Crump SL Blogs

    24 July Tom E. Lewis wears King Lear’s crown

    23 July New book tells the story of the Long Walk from a Navajo perspective by Hannah Grover The Daily Times

    23 July Regional languages snubbed The Peninsula

    23 July New App Out for Cup’ik Language by Charles Enoch Alaska Public Media

    23 July Avianca implements Quechua services in Cusco airport by Rachel Chase Peru this Week

    23 July $4M grant to support documentation of endangered languages by Richelle Agpoon-Cabang Marianas Variety

    22 July US to promote native American languages and cultures World Bulletin

    22 July ‘Keep speaking Crow to me’: Teens immerse themselves in Native language by Derek Brouwer Billings Gazette

    22 July Yale Linguistics Department helping to save a Northern Goldfields language by Rebecca Brewin ABC Goldfields

    22 July Mind your language: The tongues of K-P and G-B to remain ‘regional’ by Manzoor Ali Express Tribune

    22 July Cherokee Language Now Available in Braille by Shirlanna Harbin Tulsa’s Channel

    21 July Helly I am UmZulu by Sabelo Masinga News 24

    21 July Primary school in Suffolk where pupils speak 58 languages including Portugese, Polish and Lithuanian by Corey Charlton Daily Mail Australia

    21 July Minister welcomes Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori Voxy

    21 July Westport High School’s hands-on NAIDOC celebration by Melissa Pretorius Macquarie Port News

    20 July Bemidji’s Ojibwe Language Project Featured on Native Report Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 July Tribal chief has mixed feelings on casino bid

    20 July Te Reo Maori a doorway to opportunity – Mahuta Voxy

    19 July ‘Tax-aaq’ ballot measure a mouthful in English, Yup’ik or Inupiaq by Alex DeMarban Alaska Dispatch News

    19 July MEELAL to erect statues of 7 Maichous E-Pao

    19 July The Irish language is not part of us – it has to be learned by Aidan Doyle Irish Times

    18 July Another Miracle for Eyak by Ben Yeager Cordoba Times

    18 July Tribe rejects offer from Redskins group Manteca Bulletin

    18 July Maori language strategy finds support in Waikato by Elton Smallman

    18 July Experts Want Promotional Programmes For Indigenous Languages Nigerian Observer

    17 July Australia: the Aboriginal People Al Jazeera

    17 July The Community Speaks by Chi Anunwa Language Magazine

    16 July McHugh: The fact that I can’t speak Irish makes people think about it Laois Nationalist

    16 July Back to my native tongue in Fermangh by Cormac McConnell Irish Central

    16 July Signs Maori language may be in danger by Michael Sergel Newstalk ZB

    16 July Great Spirit in Indigenous Round by Millie Thomas The Monitor

    16 July Language and Basic Rights in India: Beyond English by Akhilesh Pillalamarri The Diplomat

    16 July Can the FOSS community save 197 endangered Indian languages? by Rajesh Ranjan

    15 July New Zealand children’s book series available in Cup’ik language on app The Republic

    15 July When languages die, ecosystems often die with them by Max J. Rosenthal PRI

    15 July iTaukei language under threat, says academic by Repeka Nasiko Fiji Times

    14 July Funding to Garden River First Nation for language project by Bryan Hayes

    13 July Fate of Ranchi University’s showpiece department hangs in balance Times of India

    13 July Building a language bridge by Moeena Halim Mid-day

    12 July Lleucu Siencyn: Watch your language by Kirstie McCrum Wales Online

    12 July Indian languages suffer due to mindless English-medium advocacy by Sankrant Sanu Niti Central

    11 July In Peru’s Amazon, children learn to embrace grandparents’ language by Barbara J. Fraser The Boston Pilot

    11 July Minster’s Maori Language Strategy Is Wrong by Wiilie Jackson Waatea News

    11 July Blackfeet launch new language website by Kristen Cates Great Falls Tribune

    11 July Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines by Genelle Weule ABC Science

    10 July Immigrants Who Speak Indigenous Languages Encounter Isolation by Kirk Semple New York Times

    9 July Exhibit celebrates BC’s living languages by Chris Bolster Peak Online

    11 July Remote kids ‘need English to prosper’ by Justine Ferrari The Australian

    11 July Songlines Naidoc Jam review – musical showcase celebrates contemporary Indigenous culture by Eugenia Flynn The Guardian

    10 July In Peru’s Amazon, children learn to embrace grandparents’ language Catholic Sentinel

    10 July Zimbabwe: Preserve National Languages – Charumbira All Africa

    10 July Stick-em-up Louie: One bullet and a Tiwi nickname from WWII by Will Tinapple ABC Open

    10 July Riverland River Language, NAIDOC Week by Narelle Graham ABC Adelaide

    10 July Comment: Hindi or English? The politics of language in India by Garant Wyeth SBS

    10 July Aboriginal leaders reject call to halt English lessons by Justine Ferrari The Australian

    9 July Say g’day the indigenous way for NAIDOC week by Natalie Bochenski Brisbane Times

    8 July Hats off to Alaska translators of ballot issues; heaven help you Alaska Dispatch News

    8 July Ponca trive restores history with museum, new trail by Jerry Guenther Norfolk Daily News

    8 July Tribal children to study in mother tongue till Class V by Minati Singha Times of India

    8 July Free software to assist indigenous access to computers by Aleida Rueda SciDev.Net

    8 July How to say g’day in an Indigenous language by Saskia Edwards ABC Brisbane

    8 July The ABC’s Aboriginal news services is a sound idea by Michael Christie The Conversation

    7 July Ancient tribal artifacts go home to be displayed in Port Angeles by Lynda V. Mapes Seattle Times

    7 July Native speakers focus of voting rights trial Native American Times

    7 July Dual-language promgrams grow in Arizona public schools by Lisa Irish Arizona Education News

    7 July New York State Gives Tax Help in 79 Languages by Michael Cohn Accounting Today

    7 July Teacher brings Lakota language to national anthem by Dan Olson Native American Times

    7 July Teachers call for urgency on NZ languages policy Voxy

    7 July Insisting on indigenous by Sithandiwe Velaphi The New Age

    7 July Festival author urges more indigenous participation by Kaitlin Thals Sunraysia Daily

    6 July Elders, youths, scientists travel to document Native places, language by Susan Paskvan News Miner

    6 July State Moots Multilingual Classrooms in Tribal Dists New Indian Express

    6 July NAIDOC marked at Bellingen library by language and culture by Robyne Cuerel Coffs Coast Advocate

    5 July ‘Universal language’ meets native tongues by Michael Koziol WA Today

    5 July Bilingual emphasis allowed S’pore to maintain good standards in English and Mandarin: PM Lee by Tan Qiuyi Channel News Asia

    5 July First words: Pratham Books launches a publishing project to promote Indian tribal languages by Saurabh Kumar Live Mint

    4 July Lava Iris 402e With 10 Indian Language Support Launched at Rs. 4,999 by Ketan Pratap NDTV Gadgets

    3 July Say “G’day” in an Indigenous Language! by Des Crump SL Blogs

    3 July Maori language strategy approved Radio New Zealand

    3 July Hunger strike for Welsh language Tivy-Side Advertiser

    3 July Extinct No More! Explore the Revived Eyak Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 July Contributions to Literacy in Alaska awards announced Juneau Empire

    2 July Cherokee language radio show marks decade in Okla Miami Herald

    2 July Muscovites Embrace Learning Central Asian Languages by Eradzh Nidoev The Moscow Times

    2 July Education in Tanzania, U.S. by Halie Putorek The Parthenon

    2 July Taiwan’s neglected languages, feeling the love by Enru Lin Taipei Times

    1 July Election officials testify they work hard to help Native language speakers by Richard Mauer Alaska Dispatch

    1 July Now, doctors take tribal language test The Telegraph

    1 July ABC launches Warlpiri, Yolngu Matha Indigenous language news service 12 month trial ABC

    1 July Social media used to revive extinct language by Letisia Marquez Phys.Org

    1 July Language Barriers Pose Challenges for Mayan Mirgrant Children by Hansi Lo Wang KPBS

  • June 2014

    30 June 7 Most Popular Native American Languages in U.S. by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    29 June More than words by Melissa Griffiths Juneau Empire

    28 June Revitalising Indian languages will unlock our civilizational genius by Sankrant Sanu Niti Central

    28 June 9 of the world’s most multilingual countries by Josh Lew Mother Nature Network

    28 June 10 Ways to Show Your Native Pride Indian Country Today Media Network

    27 June Pratham Books launches Adi Kahani series Odisha Channel

    27 June Emails: Alaska official knew of poor translation on Yup’ik ballot News Miner

    27 June The State of Go Language for Android Native Development by Sergio de Simone InfoQ

    27 June Storytelling for kids goes tribal by Minati Singha Times of India

    26 June Listen to the Salish language through SPCC’s new website Char-Koosta News

    26 June Let’s Have A National Language by Navneeta Dash Odisha Sun Times

    26 June School revives lost local indigenous language by Peppe Cavalieri The Standard

    25 June Program seeks to revitalize extinct Eyak language by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

    25 June Trial opens in Native language voting lawsuit Moulton Advertiser

    25 June KOSU Joins Clinton Global Initiative Project to Preserve American Indian Languages by Kelly Burley KOSU

    25 June General session prayer delivered in Cherokee language Smoky Mountain News

    24 June Aboriginal languages app launches in Fort Qu’Appelle by Brady Knight Saskatchewan News

    24 June Model Talk focuses on documentation of endangered languages by Tanasia Curtis The Shorthorn

    24 June Tradition meets technology with indigenous language app by Kerry Benjoe Leader-Post

    24 June History buffs race to preserve dialect in Missouri Washington Post

    23 June Unique challenges to keeping languages alive by Julie Chadwick Nanaimo Daily News

    23 June First Nations language apps released by Saskatchewan tribal council CBC News

    22 June Chanakya’s view: Adrift from the mother tongue by Pavan K. Varma Deccan Chronicle

    21 June What language does soccer speak? by Kanishk Tharoor Aljazeera America

    21 June Speaking of Languages: Educators Back Native American Language Bills by Tanyah H. Lee Indian Country Today Media Network

    20 June 50.7% of Catalans usually converse in Spanish and 36.3% in Catalan Catalan News Agency

    20 June Indigenous language and cultural knowledge preservation one byte at a time: UBC partners work with BC First Nations to enable digitization of valuable recordings by Kevin Ward University of British Columbia

    20 June More must walk the linguistic talk at universities by Robert J Balfour Mail & Guardian

    20 June Eastern Cherokee Elder Opens N.C. Senate Digital Journal

    19 June Senator Murkowski Speaks on Native Language Programs by Thea Card KDLG

    19 June Lori Thicke: We Should care that B.C. languages are going extinct by Lori Thicke The Province

    19 June Indians press for funds to teach Native languages by Christopher Doering Argus Leader

    19 June Language barrier in nod for all people by Patricia Karvelas The Australian

    18 June 7 Ways to Celebrate Native Language Indian Country Today Media Network

    18 June Why Lost Words Matter by Pia de Jong Huffington Post

    18 June GG advises: Master English language by Regina Selman Moore Barbados Advocate

    17 June ‘Our language is our soul’: saving Aymara by Alexia Kalaitzi New Internationalist

    17 June Road rule videos translated into two Aboriginal languages The Transcontinental Port Augusta

    16 June CoLang 2014 works to revive indigenous languages by Tanasia Curtis The Shorthorn

    16 June Absu bats for tribal protection Times of India

    14 June Natividad Foundation a leader in outreach and impact The Californian

    14 June Pazeh writers get awards for preserving language by Hua Meng-ching and Jason Pan Taipei Times

    14 June Algoma U to host native language teachers’ gathering Local2

    13 June Bangarra’s Patyegarang is a beautiful evocation of romance and intrigue by Jill Sykes The Age

    13 June Africa: Speak It, Keep It, Tweet It – Reaffirming the Pride and Place of African Languages by Neil Payne All Africa

    13 June Dominant Languages to Boost MLE Plan New Indian Express

    13 June Native language teachers will gather in August Soo Today

    13 June African Americans And Native Speakers Keep Swahili Language Alive by Leija Farr & Radioactive Youth Media

    13 June Tribe strikes Te Reo deal Radio New Zealand

    13 June Boon of the language barrier by Hugh Boyd Herald Scotland

    12 June Indians to Feature Salish Worded Uniform on Opening Night by Josh Ouellette SWX Right Now

    11 June College graduates 5 First Nation language instructors by Patty Flather Yukon News

    12 June Eabametoong counsellor named ONECA’s counsellor of the year by Rick Garrick Wawatay News

    11 June Julie Kitka: Protecting Alaska Natives’ right to vote – no matter what language they speak – is critical by Julie Kitka Anchorage Daily News

    10 June Native Speakers and Linguists Fight to Keep Kumeyaay Language Alive by Jill Replogle Nevada Public Radio

    10 June Oraon community attempts to save its dialect from extinction by Satyasundar Barik The Hindu

    10 June Much more than words The Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun

    10 June Rosalie Kunoth-Monks inspires with her Q&A speech: ‘I am not the problem’

    9 June More books available in Cherokee language Cherokee Phoenix

    9 June Does the language you speak influence how you think? by Laura Moss Mother Nature Network

    8 June As forests are cleared and species vanish, there’s one other loss: a world of languages by John Vidal The Guardian

    6 June Speaking up about Indigenous language demise by Annette Marner ABC North and West SA

    6 June Our Language, Our Pride and its Role by Beven Liswani Kamwi New Era

    6 June Languages: Why we must save dying tongue by Rachel Nuwer BBC

    6 June The Language of Community: Student-Centered Bilingual Education in Rural Mexico by Chi Anunwa Huffington Post Education

    6 June Language lives in music Auckland City Harbour News

    6 June Indigenous Knowledge Leads a Worldwide Voyage by Adrian Kamalii Huff Post Hawaii

    6 June Museum highlights First Nations languages with new exhibit by Sarah Petrescu Times Colonist

    6 June Conference Hopes to Preserve Native American Languages by Anne Hoffman The California Report

    5 June Heitkamp Welcomes President & First Lady to North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Native American Times

    5 June Judge: State wrong on Native language rules Washington Times

    5 June Directing the future of Salish language preservation by Adriana Fehrs Char-Koosta News

    5 June Chester Nez, 93, Dies; Navajo Words Washed from Mouth Helped Win War by Margalit Fox New York Times

    3 June Towards promoting our indigenous languages by Ayodeji Ayodele Nigerian Tribune

    3 June Saving the Comanche Language by Juliana Keeping The Oklahoman

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  • May 2014

    31 May Chickasaw and Māori Celebrate Similarities, Language and Culture by K.C. Cole Indian Country Today Media Network

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    27 May Guatemalan hospital becomes one of the first in nation to hire staff and translators to serve indigenous Q’echi’ in native language by Anna-Claire Bevan Latina Lista

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  • April 2014

    30 April Fun with the interactive Algonquian language map by Arika Okrent The Week

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    21 April Alaska lawmakers vote to formally recognise indigenous languages by Steve Quinn Reuters

    21 April Passionate believers in Native heritage prod legislators to recognise languages by Dermot Cole Alaska Dispatch

    20 April Native language bill passes overwhelmingly after protest in Capitol by Richard Mauer Anchorage Daily News

    20 April Sitka Tribe awarded foundation grant by Shannon Haugland Anchorage Daily News

    20 April Arikara app aims to revitalise language by Dan Rudy Kansas City Star

    18 April Linguists struggling to preserve endangered immigrant languages by Josh Tapper The Globe and Mail

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  • March 2014

    31 March Zimbabwe: ZIBF @ 31 - Promises and Perils by Stanely Mushava All Africa

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    26 March Whatcom Museum showcases B.C. painter’s works by Margaret Bikman Bellingham Herald

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