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Languages in the news 2015

  • December 2015

    31 December Australian schools add Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    31 December Snow goes by many different names by Robert Amason The Western Producer

    29 December St. Paul Public Library publishes books in Karen language by Doualy Xaykaothao MPR News

    28 December Mapped: The 7,000 languages across the world by Ashley Kirk The Telegraph

    27 December Jaqaru: Campaign launched to protect dying Peruvian language from extinction by Simeon Tegel Independent

    24 December Debunking the myth that Canadian schools teach enough about Indigenous people by Chelsea Vowel CBC News

    23 December Early childhood classes hope to pass on Hupa language by Hunter Cresswell Times Standard

    23 December Passamaquoddy Tribe looking to children to preserve language by Jennifer Mitchell MPBN News

    22 December Tuba City primary school honors Navajo language student achievement by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    20 December We should shout about the historic achievement of adding Indigenous languages to the national curriculum by Jakelin Troy Sydney Morning Herald

    20 December Israeli inspiration into revitalising Maori language by Keren Cook J-Wire

    19 December Native American storyteller receives artistic honor WNPR

    18 December Preserving the Shona linguistic heritage in the Diaspora The Herald Zimbabwe

    18 December Rocky students to learn Darumbal language at school by Zhanae Conway-Dodd The Morning Bulletin

    17 December Gondi language loses a legend The Hindu

    16 December Why mother tongue’s getting short shrift in big city by Mohua Das Times of India

    16 December Health services explore new technology to overcome language barriers in Indigenous healthcare by Thea Halpin ABC

    16 December Relinking tribal youth with their culture The Hindu

    15 December Jackson Lafferty pitches Department of Language and Culture at priorities meeting CBC

    15 December New edition of new Testament enhances Cherokee culture by Bill John Baker Skiatook Journal

    15 December Council commits to British Sign Language Charter by Kris Kowalewski Birmingham Newsroom

    15 December Q&A with Canada's Belinda Daniels, 'Novel prize of teaching' contender by Terry Coles Yahoo

    14 December Residential schools to blame for problems plaguing aboriginals: Truth and Reconciliation Commission by Mark Kennedy National Post

    14 December Teaching of Barkindji language wrongly prioritised: far west elder by Declan Gooch ABC

    14 December Some statistics on indigenous Canadians by Mark Kennedy Ottawa Citizen

    14 December NSF grant to help UC Davis preserve rare Hupa native language UC Davis

    14 December Vernacular carols ring in Christmas spirit by Kelly Kislaya Times of India

    14 December Browning First To Use Native Langauge Immersion Funds by Miriam Hall Montana Public Radio

    13 December Students eat and share Alaska Native cultural traditions by Leona Long

    11 December First Nations schools could see federal funding double, leader says by Betty Ann Adam Saskatoon StarPhoenix

    11 December Should Doric or Gaelic be prioritised in the north-east? by Blair Dingwall Aberdeen Press & Journal

    11 December New Aboriginal languages course should count towards ATARs by Jakelin Troy The Conversation

    10 December Saskatoon Cree teacher shortlisted for $1M global award CBC News

    10 December Canada’s New Typeface Unifies the Country’s Many Languages by Liz Stinson Wired

    10 December ‘Canada can make itself whole’: Skeetchestn chief calls on Ottawa to restore language funding News Kamloops

    10 December Nez Perce seek federal grant to develop language programs Tribal Tribune

    10 December ABVP submits demands of Tribal Students' Parliament to govt Business Standard

    10 December Curriculum revives Tonga culture Chronicle

    10 December Linguistic communities called upon to preserve language by Vijakumar Patil The Hindu

    10 December PARADISEC activity update by Amanda Harris PARADISEC

    9 December Senate Passes Provisions to Improve, Expand Native Hawaiian Education Maui Now

    9 December When languages die, we lose a part of who we are by Anouschka Foltz The Conversation

    9 December Museum program provides insight to Chickasaw language, culture by Lynn West New Albany Gazette

    8 December Saving Sm’algyax: Tsimshian community aims to preserve language by Ashley McCuen Seattle Globalist

    8 December French priest honored for compiling Amis dictionary by Chen Chih-chung and Y.F. Low Focus Taiwan

    8 December Radio Adelaide closure would cut off remote communities, Indigenous advocate says by Tim Bennett and Khama Reid ABC Online

    8 December Cree and Ojibway language programs offered by Winnipeg School Division by Adrian Cheung Global News

    8 December The True Tongue of the Tsimshian Tribe Language Magazine

    8 December Cherokee Nation publishes its first red letter New Testament in the Cherokee language Cherokee Nation

    8 December Why my daughter won’t study Aboriginal languages in her HSC by Jakelin Troy NITV

    7 December NIC Offers Kwak’wala Language Course this January North Island College

    7 December Death knell tolling for Irish as community language – expert by Lorna Siggins The Irish Times

    4 December Icelandic language “almost dead” Iceland Monitor

    3 December Lecture exposes students to uncommon language by Madelyn Edwards The Shorthorn

    3 December Inuit Broadcasting Corp. opens new media centre in Iqaluit by John Van Dusen CBC News

    3 December Before Our Languages Go Extinct Leadership

    2 December Now, words in 60 dialects with Marathi meaning for schoolkids by Ardhra Nair Times of India

    1 December More than $3 million for Indigenous languages and arts Minister Communications

    1 December Tuba City Junior High puts on first Navajo and Hopi Lavayi traditional play by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    1 December 'Ixcanul' Director Jayro Bustamante on the Strength of Mayan Women and Guatemala's Indigenous Majority by Carlos Aguilar Indie Wire

    1 December Fostering Taiwan’s Indigenous Languages Language Magazine

    1 December The first time I spoke in my own language I broke down and wept by Jakelin Troy The Guardian

    1 December Tupe: Street signs to be in native Jaqaru language by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

    1 December Aboriginal languages to become new HSC subject by Eryk Bagshaw Sydney Morning Herald

    1 December Yearning to learn Ojibwe by Kyle Edwards Macleans

    1 December Noeline helping retain language by Laini Kirkman Moree Champion

    1 December More Than Words: The race to save a Northern Paiute dialect that’s down to a handful of speakers reveals what we stand to lose when a language dies by Jeremy Miller Earth Island

    1 December Pasifika Renaissance invites individuals to document oral traditions by Daisy Demapan Saipan Tribune

  • November 2015

    30 November Making Te Reo ‘cool’ essential to language’s future Massey News

    30 November ‘The reo is your reo too' by Leigh Marama McLachlan Radio New Zealand

    30 November The Internet Isn't Available in Most Languages by Katharine Schwab The Atlantic

    30 November Seven Oaks one step closer to Indigenous, Filipino language immersion programs by Meghan Roberts CTV News

    30 November Seven Oaks explores Cree, Ojibwa, Tagalog bilingual programs by Laura Glowacki CBC News

    30 November Struggling to Preserve “Fading” Tibetan Language by Samuel Wade China Digital Times

    29 November Even Without Interpreter, Hawaiian Judge Brings A Message KOSU

    29 November Nun self-publishes Indigenous language books to improve literacy at Wadeye by Garry Barker Sydney Morning Herald

    29 November School division mulls immersion in aboriginal languages by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    28 November Tar Heel: John Standingdeer’s goal is saving the Cherokee language by Marti Maguire News & Observer

    28 November Ho-Chunk Tribe looks to revitalize language by Mike Buhler Norfolk Daily News

    28 November Tibetans Fight to Salvage Fading Culture in China by Edward Wong New York Times

    27 November Cabinet OKs indigenous language development bill Taiwan Today

    27 November Literacy in the Internet age by Osama Manzar Live Mint

    27 November Indigenous Languages On Brink Of Extinction by Chika Okeke Leadership

    26 November First Nations celebrate language success stories CKOM News

    26 November Highlights from the 11th Language and Development Conference by Saket Suman The Statesman

    26 November A celebration of tribal languages The Statesman

    26 November Cabinet approves indigenous language development bill by Tai Ya-chen and Evelyn Kao Focus Taiwan

    25 November 10th annual Language Keepers Conference starts today in Saskatoon CBC News

    25 November Technology plays huge role in revitalisation of language and culture Maori Television

    25 November Why preserve native languages? by Sky Road Webb and John Littleton Point Reyes Light

    25 November Culture and language in the classroom explored at Language Keepers Conference by Creeden Martell Saskatoon StarPhoenix

    25 November Council pledges support for extending language immersion program by Holly Kays Smoky Mountain News

    24 November Rising Voices: New film depicts the effort to save the Lakota language by Cameron Dodd Intercontinental Cry

    24 November Western education has led to disappearance of Nigerian languages by Lai Mohammed Pulse Nigeria

    24 November Gunnedah chosen for opera project Namoi Valley Independent

    24 November University of Regina Press is asking you to speak up to save First Nations language by D.C. Fraser Regina Leader-Post

    24 November Tribal basketry workshop keeps culture, language alive by Lex Talamo Shreveport Times

    24 November Stanford adds Cherokee Language class by Scott McKie B.P. Cherokee One Feather

    23 November President’s Faculty Lecture showcases the importance of B.C. First Nations languages by Kamilah Charters Simon Fraser University News

    23 November Tongue twister: Minister reiterates government’s commitment to promote Hindko by Hidayat Khan The Express Tribune

    23 November Aboriginal researcher fights for indigenous languages, looks to Maori by Donna-Lee Biddle

    23 November For UO linguists and students, saving a language saves a culture by Scott Greenstone Daily Emerald

    22 November How to revive an endangered language in the age of social media by Elizabeth Jenkins KTOO

    22 November How one York professor is bringing Ojibwe culture to the classroom by Kyle Edwards Maclean’s

    22 November Technology key to revitalising language and culture Tangata Whenua

    21 November KPC hosts Dena'ina language forum by Elizabeth Earl Peninsula Clarion

    20 November Speaker shares personal accounts of cultural preservation by Malachy Dempsey The Lamron

    19 November Ethnic language struggles near China border by Nyein Ei Ei Htwe and Myat Noe Oo Myanmar Times

    19 November Learning to Speak Across the Ages with Wampanoag Language Program by Alex Elvin Vineyard Gazette

    19 November Revitalizing the Yekuana Language With an Academic Perspective by Fernando Carias Global Voices

    19 November Skill builder workshop focuses on Native American languages by Jerry Tudor Upper Michigans Source

    19 November Nunavut’s single language of instruction should be Inuktut, Inuit org says Nunatsiaq Online

    18 November Why Nigerian languages are dying by Joel Ajayi National Mirror

    18 November Peru Seeks Indigenous Support for New Bilingual Education Plan by Gustav Cappaert Latin Correspondent

    18 November Wanted: Speakers of Mayan languages, many of them by Jasmine Garsd KPCC

    18 November Southern Utes want to revitalize dying language by Jessica Pace Durango Herald

    18 November Dead Nigerian Languages: 10 local mother tongues, you will never get to hear by Ben Bassey Pulse Nigeria

    18 November Tata Steel is organizing Samvaad - A Tribal Conclave India Education Diary

    17 November Telling Thanksgiving's Story in a Vanishing American Language by Scott Johnson National Geographic

    17 November Lecture looks at origins of place names by Samantha Wright Allen Prince George Citizen

    17 November TripAdvisor refuses to publish Welsh language review by Tom Davidson Daily Post

    17 November Links to German linguist hold key to reviving an Aboriginal language by Michael Dulaney and Deane Williams ABC

    17 November Aboriginal languages preserved in print by Michele Jedlicka Inverell Times

    17 November Canberra Close Up: Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis by Farz Edraki ABC

    17 November Samvaad: Scholar emphasizes on need to promote tribal languages Avenue Mail

    16 November Omaha program helps children of Karen community retain their native language Daily Journal

    16 November Maharashtra to introduce textbooks in dialect for tribal students by Shoumojit Banerjee The Hindu

    15 November “Endangered” reception brings together art, music and dance by Alena Naiden La Voz News

    15 November Heralding Save Nigerian Indigenous Languages by Edozie Udeze The Nation Newspaper

    15 November 4-day tribal conclave kicks off in Steel City today by B Sridhar Times of India

    14 November Language can be an economic asset by Nilima Pathak Gulf News India

    14 November Indigenous language project considers what is in a word by Teresa Belcher Science Network WA

    14 November Journey Museum hosts film, class working to keep Lakota language alive by Jaclyn Seymour Black Hills Fox

    13 November Language Project To Launch Wôpanâak Immersion, Montessori Preschool by Sam Houghton Cape News

    13 November Teaching the next generation of Lushootseed speakers by Chris Winters Herald Net

    13 November Chickasaw Nation takes steps to revitalize its native language The Ada News

    12 November Oglala daycare works to revitalize Lakota language by Steve Long Black Hills Fox

    12 November FG Advises Youths To Speak Mother Tongue Leadership

    12 November Teaching Mandarin in schools is another slap in the face for African languages by Russell H Kaschula Mail and Guardian

    12 November Cherokee Language Film Wins Awards by Brent Winter NC State News

    12 November Queensland academic heads to the Amazon to save indigenous language on the verge of extinction presented by Fran Kelly ABC RN

    12 November U.S. Census Bureau recognizes Hawaiian Pidgin English as language by Moanike'ala Nabarroby KITV

    11 November Native American code talkers honored at Crazy Horse by Eliana Sheriff Black Hills Fox

    11 November Cultural diversity is a national strength, not a weakness by George Vasilev The Age

    11 November Peruvian Culture Ministry organizes international language rights roundtable Andina

    11 November Radio Waves Signal Hope for Indigenous Minorities Indigenous Voices in Asia

    11 November Meet the Great-Grandmother Writing a Dictionary to Preserve Her Dying Language by Rafi Schwartz Good Magazine

    11 November Partnership to save Menominee language offers new resources for language teachers by Nicole Hurley University of Wisconsin-Madison

    11 November First Mass in Nahuatl Held in Mexico’s Most Important Shrine by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    11 November Nez Perce Language Program coordinator creates free app by Chelsea Embree Spokesman-Review

    10 November Filmmakers showcase Lakota language project, ‘Rising Voices’ by Lee Zion Capital Journal

    10 November Chickasaw Nation, Rosetta Stone to Create Tool to Preserve Language by Grant Hermes

    10 November Jersey language to be taught in more schools BBC News

    10 November 'Welsh language less popular than Portuguese in Wrexham', council claims by Gary Porter Daily Post

    10 November In pictures: Life in Prophet River BBC News

    10 November Language, technology and democratic culture The Sun

    10 November Brazil: Indigenous Resistance in Rio’s Metropolis of Mega Events by Aldo Santiago Upside Down World

    10 November PSEB to introduce science subjects in Punjabi from next session by Aakanksha N Bhardwaj Hindustan Times

    9 November Indigenous Languages: Preserving a part of culture by Mark Snider Daily Illini

    9 November J&K Gujjars demand adequate representation to Gojri on AIR, DD Daily Excelsior

    9 November Tribe To Launch Montessori, Language Immersion School Next Year The Mashpee Enterprise

    8 November Navajo Prep will host language workshop by Joshua Kellogg Farmington Daily Times

    8 November 'Rising Voices' highlights efforts to save endangered language by Max B. O’Connell Rapid City Journal

    8 November English strangling indigenous tongues by Tinyiko Maluleke Independent Online

    7 November Chickasaw Nation Partners With Rosetta Stone To Save Language

    6 November Brazil project aims to save endangered indigenous languages by Jenny Barchfield Yahoo

    6 November Language expert to be adjunct professor at Mangalore varsity by Anil Kumar Sastry The Hindu

    6 November Namibia: African Languages As a Medium of Instruction Laughable All Africa

    6 November Critically endangered Syilx language preserved by Keith Lacey Oliver Chronicle

    5 November Film screening highlights struggle to preserve native language by Annie Rosenthal Homer News

    5 November Bloomington center of nonprofit's efforts to preserve Native American languages by Lyndsay Jones Indiana Daily Student

    4 November Importance of Language: Grassroots Efforts to Revitalize the Diné Language by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    4 November Cornish language-use council plan unanimously backed BBC News

    4 November Sydney should embrace the indigenous Gadigal language and roll out dual names say experts by Heather McNab Daily Telegraph

    4 November Facebook launches youth safety guide in Cree, Ojibway and Inuktitut by Tiar Wilson CBC News

    4 November Bayelsa Employ 30 Teachers To Teach Izon Language To Keep It From Extinction Information Nigeria

    3 November Men on mission to promote MP’s tribal language by M. Poornima Hindustan Times

    2 November Jaky Troy: awakening Australia's sleeping languages ABC

    2 November What future for Francoprovençal? by Jonathan Kasstan Swiss Info

    2 November McKinley to Denali sure, but not all Alaska place-name changes make sense by Rick Sinnott Alaska Dispatch News

    2 November Both Native and American News OK

    1 November Guatemalan Film 'Ixcanul' Takes Mayan Indigenous Culture Global teleSUR TV

    1 November Why Bella Galedonia is launching Scots and Gaelic strands by Mike Small Open Democracy UK

  • October 2015

    31 October 'Advertising in mother tongue languages growing' SABC News

    30 October Native Americans praise Missoula's shift to Indigenous People's Day by Martin Kidston Missoulian

    30 October Withering Words: Asia, Africa and Europe's Endangered Languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    30 October Africa: Indigenous Languages Are Fundamental to Development by Dr Charles Mubita All Africa

    30 October Language a factor in Aboriginal obesity by Rob Payne Medical Xpress

    30 October Ashamed Of Speaking My Native Language - Kashmiri by Faiez Ajaz Moharkan Kasmir Images

    30 October Other Voices: Preserving native languages needs to be pursued Aberdeen News

    29 October Wisconsin Tribes Recognized For Health Initiatives That Emphasize Native Culture by Gilman Halsted Wisonsin Public Radio

    29 October 'Rising Voices': New Film A Call To Arms for Lakota Language Revitalization by Christina Rose Indian Country

    28 October Senate backs native language immersion programs Language Magazine

    28 October Passamaquoddy tribe to launch language immersion program by Johanna S. Billings Bangor Daily News

    28 October South Bay Arts: Extinct and dying languages the focus of a new Euphrat Museum of Art exhibit by Kristi Myllenbeck San Jose Mercury News

    27 October Pouroto Ngaropo to help achieve Maori TV bilingual goal by Wepiha Te Kanawa Maori Television

    26 October Nez Perce Tribe preserves their native language through new smartphone app by Suzette Reynoso KLEW TV

    26 October Tokelauans look to language week for survival Radio New Zealand

    26 October Language revival a healthy path to Indigenous survival by Rick Morton The Australian

    25 October Lheidli T’enneh elder earns masters degree by Mark Nielsen Prince George Citizen

    25 October Film narrates efforts to preserve Lakota language in SD, ND by Regina Garcia Cano Washington Times

    24 October Yakima Valley schools more culturally aware these days by Rafael Guerrero Yakima Herald

    23 October Withering words: Australia and Oceania’s endangered languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    23 October ANU researcher translates UN Declaration of Human Rights into Aboriginal Pintupi-Luritja language by Hannah Walmsley ABC News

    22 October Slam poetry meets language activism by Megan Zlatos Anchorage Press

    22 October Mashpee charter school effort heads to final stages by Sam Houghton The Mashpee Enterprise

    22 October Native language immersion bill moves forward by Cassidy Belus ABC Fox Montana

    22 October Australian researcher creates world-first Indigenous translation of Declaration of Human Rights Xinhua News Agency

    21 October Native American language bill passes U.S. Senate Committee Big Island Now

    21 October Action not words needed to save Irish, say native speakers by Harry McGee Irish Times

    16 October Ahead of Northampton premiere of documentary on Lakota Native language, WMass filmmaker explains connection to film on Sci-Tech by Carolyn Robbins Mass News

    16 October Niuean community pin language hopes on youth Radio New Zealand

    16 October Withering Words: America's Endangered Languages by Christina Garofalo Paste Magazine

    16 October FLI organizes orthography workshop for Yidgha language in Chitral News Tribe

    16 October Technology used to revitalise indigenous culture by Catherine Knowles NetGuide NZ

    16 October Nigeria must act before indigenous languages go extinct – Gani Adams warns by Wale Odunsi Daily Post

    16 October Yuin elders develop 'message stick' app to teach almost-lost Aboriginal language by Bill Brown ABC Online

    16 October Police launch plan for wider use of Gaelic language within service Herald Scotland

    15 October NACC hosts Choctaw languages classes by Will Reid Yale Daily News

    14 October Video: Indigenous language preservation at the Elders and Youth Conference by Scott Jensen Alaska Dispatch News

    14 October New School Language Policy: Charity Begins At Home RadioVop

    14 October Historic Voting-Rights Win in Alaska by Stephanie Woodard Indian Country

    14 October Reviving the ancient language of the Mohawks by Christopher Curtis Montreal Gazette

    14 October Revitalisation of indigenous knowledge and culture Scoop

    14 October Mother tongue and the Nigerian child by Barth Anulunkoron National Mirror

    13 October N.W.T. ID should allow Dene symbols, says languages commissioner CBC News

    13 October Tuba City School District celebrates and embraces Native American heritage by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    13 October EY 2015 stresses Native language revitalization by Heather Hintze

    13 October Irish radio award for Manx language documentary Manx Radio

    13 October In America we speak more than just English! by Emile Schepers People’s World

    13 October How a 14-year-old girl is making Quechua cool in Peru — with music and lyrics from Michael Jackson by Jenni Monet PRI

    13 October After 25 years, Bible translation into Mayan language completed by Thomas D. Williams Breitbart News Network

    13 October Erris group set-up to maintain Gaeltacht status in area by Anton McNulty Mayo News

    13 October Mexico performs first Mass in indigenous Nahuatl language Yahoo News

    12 October Experts call for saving threatened languages The Tribune

    12 October Michigan tribes make efforts to save native language by Emily Fox WBEZ

    12 October CUK to document endangered languages by T. V. Sivanandan The Hindu

    12 October The stories and songs of Frank Yamma INDAILY

    12 October Spokane Indians change jerseys to Salish language by Rodney Harwood Indian Country

    12 October Language House to revitalize endangered language Penticton Western News

    12 October Learning the lingo: Here's how Google Translate copes with even the rarest languages by Tina Amirtha ZDNet

    11 October Program allows UVa to offer more-obscure language classes by Derek Quizon The Daily Progress

    11 October Digital boost for dying languages The Tribune

    10 October Dying Nsyilxcn language given new life in classroom by John McDonald

    10 October Young Navajos study to save their language by Ashley Thompson & Adam Brock VOA

    10 October VCE Indigenous language students awaken ‘sleeping’ Dhudhuroa tongue by Timna Jacks The Age

    10 October Manipur State integrity : The importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    9 October Learn Chamorro app takes Guam's native tongue into the digital age by Drew Roberto Kuam News

    9 October Children's program encourages learning of language by Heidi Ahsoak The Arctic Sounder

    9 October Tunica-Biloxi Tribe hosts ‘Endangered Languages’ conference at Tulane by Raymond L. Daye

    9 October Tell us how to promote NZ Sign Language Scoop

    8 October Reader's View: Introduction of Ojibwe language to Duluth schools a great idea by Raven Beaulieu Duluth News Tribune

    8 October Kashmiri Language: Need to trace our roots by Syed Shahinda Rising Kashmir

    8 October National Indigenous language conference showcasing the richness and diversity of Australia's original languages News Maker

    7 October Promoting Indigenous Languages in Nigeria by Uchechuwku Okwum The Tide

    7 October Hear hear for British Sign Language by Ashley Davies Scotsman

    7 October Gaeilgeoirs demand end to Irish language 'lip-service' by Luke Holohan UTV

    7 October Two cultures together: Guatemalan Mayan Indians visit Isleta Pueblo; talk about preserving their languages by Julia M. Dendinger Valencia County News Bulletin

    7 October "Fonts are core brand assets" by Bruno Maag Transform

    7 October Ubykh: The language that died with a man Daily Sabah

    7 October Ojibwe language course to be offered in Thunder Bay Wawatay News

    7 October A symphony for China’s dying language of Nu Shu BBC News

    6 October A call to teach children indigenous languages by Pini Bothoko Mmegi Online

    6 October Mapmaker continues quest to map western hemisphere - one tribe at a time by Katherine Locke Navajo-Hopi Observer

    6 October Shm’algyack speaker passes on language in Ketchikan by Megan Petersen Native American Times

    6 October Irish language groups launch investment plan by Harry McGee The Irish Times

    5 October Want to learn a language? Try living here by Lindsey Galloway BBC Travel

    5 October Tarahumara Indians risk losing language to survive economically by Yahaira Jacquez Cronkite News

    5 October Ubykh: The language that died with a man by Burcu Arik Turkish Weekly

    5 October Organization works to save Aboriginal languages by J. H. Moncrieff My Toba

    4 October Linguistic minorities deprived of their rights by C.S. Narayanan Kutty The Hindu

    4 October Make Yoruba language compulsory in South-West schools - Gani Adams by Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji Premium Times

    4 October Sealaska Heritage Institute honored by the National Endowment for the Humanities Juneau Empire

    3 October Bolivia's Aymara Language Set for Official Facebook Status by Dimitri O’Donnell teleSUR

    3 October ASL table provides space for practicing unoffered language by Zarina Patwa The Wellesley News

    2 October KET launches the 1st Naga Glossary of 16 Naga tribal languages by Alice Yhoshu Eastern Mirror

    2 October Editorial: Political Parties and First Nations by Katie Smith The Free Press

    2 October “Multiplying” Ojibwe language at Bemidji stores, offices, schools by Lee Egerstrom The Circle

    1 October Irish and the Gaeltacht - they haven't gone away, you know by Rónán Mac Con Iomaire Irish Independent

    1 October Finding our voice: Looking to Wales to save the Irish language by Sharon Ni Chonchuir Irish Examiner

    1 October Lila Downs fights to keep native languages alive through her music by Dyllan Furness Miami New Times

  • September 2015

    30 September Book launched for Tuvalu language week Radio New Zealand International

    30 September Lecture focuses Navajo Rosetta Stone creation by Noel Lyn Smith Farmington Daily Times

    30 September Linguist documents dying languages still spoken in Toronto by Verity Stevenson The Star

    29 September What some tribes in Michigan are doing to stop their native language from going extinct by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

    28 September Losing out on languages by Rabab Khan Gulf News 

    28 September The joy of identity Ketchikan Daily News

    28 September Saving the Amis language one megabyte at a time by Aaron Wytze Wilson Taipei Times

    28 September Native American boarding schools have nearly killed Michigan's native language by Emily Fox Michigan Radio

    27 September Tata starts 3-tier course to revive Ol Chiki by B Sridhar The Times of India

    26 September Raila roots for use of vernacular languages to conserve cultural identity mediamax

    26 September Languages are dying, but is the internet to blame? by James Temperton Wired

    25 September American horse school focuses on Lakota language by Kevin Woster Keloland Television

    24 September Korean broadcasting station visits Galway city to cover endangered languages Galway Advertiser

    24 September Manitoba to promote Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    24 September Story of Brazil’s diverse languages and people Massey University

    24 September 'Language plays a key role in our identity' SABC

    24 September Manitoba working to preserve Aboriginal languages The Reminder

    23 September Revitalizing language: Poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

    23 September Hawaiian language celebrated at event on Bachman Hall lawn University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

    23 September Artiste uncensored: acting requires passion - Matel Eyengho by Ngozi Emedolibe National Mirror

    23 September Revitalizing language: poet Holman kicks off Alaska film tour by Mary Catharine Martin Juneau Empire

    23 September Ditira launches 4th book by Jdlamini News24

    23 September A Spanish-speaking pope, and America’s complicated relationship with bilingualism by Janell Ross The Washington Post

    23 September Research documents Cherokees who face backlash despite efforts to revitalize language The University of Kansas

    23 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - part 2 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    23 September Tribal members make pilgrimage to visit artifacts in DC by Allison Frost OPB

    22 September Warm Springs Tribes “Recovering Voices” in D.C. by Allison Frost OPB

    22 September Kazakh diaspora chooses unique ways to maintain identity by Kamila Zhumabayeva The Astana Times

    22 September Why connecting the billions of people who are offline requires more than just cables (or even drones) by Alice Truong Quartz

    22 September Tuba City students and staff set to celebrate Native American Week Sept. 28-Oct. by Rosanda Suetopka Navajo-Hopi Observer

    22 September Ohlone descendant to recite native language at Serra ceremony by Carl Nolte San Francisco Chronicle

    21 September 2 members of Ohlone tribe to play prominent role in canonization Mass Catholic San Francisco

    21 September Media Release: Manitoba announces historic partnership to protect, promote Aboriginal languages

    21 September Several groups signs (sic) on to language preservation agreement, but not the federal gov’t by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    21 September Cocker spaniel learns basic Gaelic in 3 weeks The Scotsman

    21 September 5 unexpected things we learned in Peru by Jessica Vander Leahy Women’s Weekly

    21 September Manitoba announces ‘historic’ aboriginal language partnership CBC news

    21 September NM courts work on Native language training system by Lida Alikhani

    21 September Mother tongue the dissertation language by Leanne Jansen Independent Online

    21 September South Africa: are we becoming another Chinese Province? allAfrica

    21 September A message from a segment of our society by Sean Bergy The Point

    21 September Enkosi, ke a leboha, ndi a livhuwa by Mondli Makhanya News24

    20 September Native language of Patukoraha surveyed by Harata Brown Maori Television

    20 September The bitter legacy of Canada’s forced-assimilation boarding schools Butet-Roch

    20 September ‘Use Indigenous languages to teach science’ by Lungile Tshuma Bulawayo 24 News

    19 September UiTM is constitutional, vernacular schools are not by Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi Malay Mail Online

    18 September Endangered Languages Summit in Okinawa to discuss 8 UNESCO-listed languages Ryukyu Shimpo

    18 September Manipur State integrity: the importance of Tribal languages to strengthen it - Part 1 by Ragongning Gangmei E-Pao

    18 September Language Revitalization Donations Gifts with Vision

    18 September It’s never too late to learn another South African language by Martin Young Mail&Guardian

    18 September South Africa’s controversial language education Language Magazine

    17 September Bolivians translate Facebook into Aymara teleSUR

    17 September From Denali to McKinley to Denali: U.S. place names tell you who’s in power by Lauret E. Savoy The Daily Beast

    17 September Administrator defends teaching of Mandarin in Nigerian schools The Guardian Nigeria

    17 September Texting in Cherokee Language Magazine

    17 September Bolivia: Group translates Facebook into native language BBC News

    17 September Facebook os translated into native language by Bolivian Group by frank The Reveille

    17 September Concepts of numbers in Indigenous Australian languages changed over time by Dani Cooper ABC News

    16 September Is Ontario doing enough to preserve its Aboriginal languages? by Chantal Braganza tvo

    15 September Thinking and Acting Globally by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

    14 September The Evolution Of Language: Study Of Rare Indigenous Language Shows All Humans Think Of Colors In The Same Way by Dana Dovey Medical Daily

    14 September National Indigenous Human Rights Awards by Gerry Georgatos The Stringer

    14 September Aberdeenshire taxpayers to fork out £300k for Gaelic plan by Andrew Whitaker The Scotsman

    14 September Irish Duolingo course reaches a million learners by Cathal McGuigan The Irish News

    13 September Onondaga Nation's urgent mission: Saving our language by Sarah Moses

    13 September Only Scotland’s diaspora can save the dying native language by Evan Fleischer Quartz

    13 September How the Cherokee language has adapted to texts, iPhones by Eduardo Avila PRI

    13 September Native people’s culture linked to ocean for thousands of years by Matt Markey The Blade

    12 September Efforts underway to save traditional speech by Kristi Dobson Alberni Valley Times

    12 September Love of Irish language set to grow from ground up by Helen Sweeney Derry Journal

    12 September Pansalb roots for Indigenous languages in schools by Konelo Lekhafola SABC

    12 September Benjamin Law: First contact by Benjamin Law The Age Good Weekend

    12 September Two Oscar entries from Latin America center indigenous stories, languages by Sabrina Vourvoulias Al Dia News

    11 September Researchers Work To Preserve Rare Language Spoken In Door County by Rich Kremer Wisconsin Public Radio

    11 September Hearing-impaired want sign language recognised New Era

    11 September Venezuelan film in Indigenous Warao language an Oscar hopeful Telesurtv

    11 September At Venice Biennale, Latin America pavilion highlights endangered languages by George Fishman Miami Herald

    11 September Alaska lawsuit over Native language voting rights settled by Rachel D’Oro CBCnews

    11 September It’s not nawa at Trustco New Era

    11 September Mind your language: Scottish Government to up promotion of Scots by David Jamieson CommonSpace

    11 September Drezus big winner at Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg CBCnews

    11 September How this long-haired rock band is mainstreaming an ancient language – one mosh pit at a time by Manuel Rueda Fusion

    11 September Mahesh Sharma, regional languages are also a part of India’s culture by Sanjiv Shankaran The Times of India

    10 September Anishinaabe author, historian Basil H. Johnston dies at 86 by Tim Fontaine CBCnews

    10 September Holyrod launches drive to promote Scots language by Tom Peterkin The Scotsman

    10 September Indigenous languages, literacy and the myth of the “unwritten language” by Greg Dickson Crikey

    10 September Hindi will be at top in digital world, says PM Modi NDTV

    10 September Preserving Australia’s first languages Language Magazine

    10 September State to provide language assistance to Yup’ik, Gwich’in voters by Lisa Phu Alaska Public Media

    9 September Teaching Tiwa: Los Lunas Schools offering Native language class to high school students by Deborah Fox News-Bulletin

    9 September Washoe Tribal Member Herman Fillmore To Teach Wašiw Language at WNC Carson Valley Times

    9 September Centre for endangered languages in limbo The Hindu

    8 September Yukon educator wins national literacy award CBC News

    8 September Sister Kate’s land allocated for healing by Sally McGlew Community News

    8 September Bhasha Research & Publication Centre: Devy, linguist who gave voice to tribal languages, calls it quits by Kumar Anand Indian Express

    6 September Harmony and Discord by Sameer Pokhrel Kathmandu Post

    6 September Young Gwich'in woman champion of her language CBC News

    5 September Village of Igiugig awarded $900K for Yup’ik revitalization effort by Dave Bendinger KTOO Public Media

    4 September In Alaska, it’s always been Denali by Holly Cusack-McVeigh The Conversation

    4 September Elis James brings Welsh language tour to town: ‘I’d always wanted to do stand-up in Welsh’ by Mark Rees South Wales Evening Post

    4 September Why languages die by Michael L.Tan Inquirer

    3 September Denali and America’s long history of using (or not using) Indian names by Doug Herman The Smithsonian

    3 September Decolonize the land: Native people welcome Mt. Denali name change by Andrea Perkins People’s World

    3 September Ojibwe language immersion program begins 2nd year Fox 21 KQDS

    3 September Spotlighting Australia’s languages: Anindilyakwa by James Bednall Crikey

    3 September Peru teen aims to revive Quechua, one pop song at a time by Roberto Cortijo The Daily Star

    2 September Mexico: Mozilla Firefox in 26 Indigenous languages Telesurtv

    2 September Granger announces plans to save Amerindian languages Stabroek News

    2 September This generation is more liberal, says Javed Akhtar by Diksha Bijlani The Hindu

    1 September In Alaska, massive achievement gaps separate Native and white students by Emma Brown The Washington post

    1 September “Encourage print media to use indigenous languages” by Lekan Otufodunrin The Nation

    1 September Indigenous Literacy Foundation brings a love of reading to remote communities by Linda Morris The Sydney Morning Herald

    1 September A truly developing Filipino language by Marne Kilates

    1 September Funding boost to preserve local Indigenous languages The Advocate Coffs Coast

  • August 2015

    31 August Sydney Park wetlands to be named in Aboriginal language to commemorate history Inner West Courier

    31 August Zimbabwe: seeking renaissance through language AllAfrica

    31 August Education NGO wants business courses to promote indigenous languages eNCA

    31 August One LaaS thing: building the Indian Internet in vernacular languages by Sahil Kini Your Story

    31 August Should Africa speak Mandarin? Zim Daily

    31 August A Korean identity by Esther Felden DW

    31 August Ja-Li-Si Pittman crowned 2015-16 Miss Cherokee Cherokee Nation

    31 August Africa: We need new names by Jera AllAfrica

    30 August Taal used to disadvantage non-speakers by Khaye Nkwanyana Sunday Independent

    29 August Tribes hold historic meeting at Red Clay by Scott McKie Cherokee One Feather

    28 August Pan-Arctic summit recommends Roman orthography for the Inuit language by Steve Ducharme Nunatsiaq Online

    28 August Tsuut’ina Nation returns to original name to preserve culture and language CBC News

    28 August Linguistic discrimination by Garga Chatterjee The Echo of India

    27 August To hear history: High-tech project will restore recorded Native Americans voices by Chelsea Leu Cal Alumni Association UC Berkeley

    27 August Creative Scotland pushing for revival of Scots language by Mure Dickie The Irish Times

    26 August Igiugig awarded large grant for Yup'ik revitalization effort by Dave Bendinger KDLG

    26 August Atausiq Inuktut Titirausiq: delegates ponder one written Inuit language by Steve Ducharme Nunatsiaq Online

    26 August Peirone Prize winner: Jessie Isadore by Chey Scott Inlander

    26 August Treasuring lessons of language deep in the Amazon by Christopher Marinelli Hartford Courant

    25 August Preserving Australia’s Aboriginal languages Language Magazine

    25 August CUK V-C for preservation of language, culture and ethos Scoop News

    25 August Seven tribal literature authors felicitated by Tata Steel Avenue Mail

    25 August Filipino is no longer Tagalog by Buwan Ng Wika

    25 August Scholars hope to save ethnic VN languages Viet Nam News

    24 August Grant given to preserve Chamorro tradition by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    23 August Tackling the Maltese language crisis by Roderick Bovingdon

    23 August Two of these will boost your brain power by Emma Manser The New Daily

    23 August Reviving endangered languages in Bangladesh by Saifur Rashid The Financial Express

    23 August US interns heading here to document language Solomon Star

    22 August Original teachings and worldviews by Vivian Delgado The Bemidji Pioneer

    22 August National Post view: A new dawn for Aboriginal education? National Post

    22 August Empowered communities: indigenous kids with a twinkle in their eyes by Rick Morton The Australian

    21 August The physicist who’s saving the music by Hannah Bloch The Wall Street Journal

    21 August The sacred Navajo language: one of sacrifice and strength by Pamalita Paloma Alioto Sangre de Cristo Chronicle

    21 August Outlander Gaelic coach saves rare Dalriada dialect The Scotsman

    21 August Macanese Patois Macauhub

    21 August For the Smithsonian, language is worth a million bucks by David Montgomery The Orange County Register

    21 August Mexico’s constitution translated into Mayan to avoid more tragedies by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    20 August Racing to record Indigenous languages under attack from ‘onslaught of English’ by Monica Tan The Guardian

    20 August Announces significant federal funding for native language immersion program at Sitting Bull College by Patricia Williams Political News

    20 August ‘Navajo’ and other Indian names by Marc Simmons D Chieftain

    20 August Researchers work to preserve richness of Indigenous languages by Clare Sibthorpe Sydney Morning Herald

    20 August Heitkamp announces significant federal funding for native language immersion program at Sitting Bull College

    20 August Endangered Indigenous languages to be recorded in dictionaries by Australian National University ABC Online

    20 August European Commission confident Croatia will honour minority rights

    20 August Improve indigenous languages first by Nokulunga Ngobese News24

    19 August Argentina creates Indigenous film school Telesurtv

    19 August Talking the lingo in Rio: Chatting with your new Southern Quechua speaking friends about football by Laura Hale ParaSport News

    19 August Let’s understand each other first by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya The Mercury

    19 August Cow Creek Tribe teaches itself to speak again by Scott Greenstone NRtoday

    19 August Proudly multilingual by Michael L. Tan Philippine Daily Inquirer

    18 August Firms banned from advertising in Welsh on Twitter by Lydia Morris Daily Post

    18 August HHS announces new funding to preserve native languages and strengthen early childhood development and tribal courts EIN News

    18 August Alaska Humanities Forum launches online resource to preserve native languages by Samantha Angaiak 2KTUU

    18 August Ancient whistling language challenges scientific understanding of how we comprehend communication 9news

    18 August ANC plans to reopen colleges by Amy Musgrave IOL News

    18 August In bid to foster Iranian nationalism, Tehran launches first-ever Kurdish language program by Gelavizh Hemmat BolandPour Al-Monitor

    18 August This Peruvian girl’s Michael Jackson cover will make you want to learn the dying language of Quechua by Nidhi Prakash Fusion

    18 August Smithsonian gets $1.2M gift to sustain endangered languages CBS Baltimore

    17 August Time to study Ilokano lessons by Chris Quilpa Suffolk News-Herald

    16 August Meet the Canadian saving rare languages by Fatima Arkin The Star

    16 August Learning in ‘Urdish’ The Nation

    14 August Northern Arapaho language camp wrapped up Wednesday at St. Stephens County 10

    14 August Indigenous language dev and the African child by Baridorn Sika The Tide

    13 August Creole manual to better serve Haitian community by Alley Olivier Caribbean Life

    13 August Ranafast Gaeltacht in Donegal fights Irish language decline by Kevin Sharkey BBC News

    12 August Tribal language books introduced to check dropout in Odisha The Times of India

    12 August Kenya: Our vernacular languages good for the country by Mbugua Ngoroge All Africa

    12 August Language program adopts new curriculum by Will Phinney East Oregonian

    11 August Navajo language decision represents paradigm shift by Laurel Morales KNPR

    10 August Tibet: New apps helping Tibetans stay connected with their culture by Reetika Revathy Subramanian Hindustan Times

    10 August Microsoft Translator App For Android And iOS Is Best For Use On-The-Go by Ankita Katdare Crazy Engineers

    10 August Preservation of Endangered Languages of Bangladesh LAHRA by Towhid Bin Muzaffar The Daily Star

    10 August Endangered apes reveal roots of human language by Darwin Malicdem International Business Times

    10 August Feature: Mexico's indigenous languages weakening with every generation Xinhua Global Post

    9 August Kuki Airani: Fighting to save an endangered language by Tim Glasgow Radio New Zealand

    9 August UW builds largest digital library of Sephardic language by Nina Shapiro The Seattle Times

    9 August Making the culture and language of Peru’s Nomatsigenga people accessible and enduring by Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe Global Voices

    9 August NBT to work for reviving dying NE languages Nyoooz

    9 August Britain: Through correcting my parents' English, I realised how unnecessary it is to be fluent by Rachel Shabi Independant

    9 August Alaska: Immersive Tlingit language program held in Sitka KTUU

    7 August Taking pride in local languages by Jesse Pizarro Boga Minda News 

    7 August Be proud of your township lingo, says expert by Ahmed Areff News 24

    7 August Without their native tongue, Utes fear for loss of souls by Tobie Baker The Durango Herald

    6 August Five languages that have returned from the brink by Pieta Woolley UC Observer

    6 August Markin Rudin: Idaho linguists aid communication, help preserve languages by Mark Rudin Idaho Statesman

    5 August Bilingual Mexico constitutio: Spanish-Mayan translation complete after years by Sarah Berger International Business Times

    4 August Rediscovering the Judeo-Spanish language by Benjamin Ivry Forward

    4 August Vulnerable indigenous languages focus of UAlberta summer school by Angelique Rodrigues UAlberta

    3 August John Key rapped over disputed claim he said Maori language month would be ‘boring’ by Jo Moir

    3 August Indigenous language: Balochi dictionary formally launched The Express Tribune

    3 August One man’s quest to preserve Abenaki language by Jane Lindholm & Erin Lucey VPR

    3 August Vital Hurkou: Native language is necessary self-identification for any nation Chapter’97

    3 August Going, going, gone: endangered languages by Jane Lindholm & Erin Lucey VPR

    2 August Bolivia recognises workers for mastery of native languages by Carlos Valdez Yahoo News

    2 August Are dialects dying out? by Christina Chin Asia One 20

    2 August A new beginning for education at Isleta Pueblo by Ryan Boetal Albuquerque Journal

    2 August More than 100 languages are spoken in Edmonton with non-English homes mostly in the north and south by Rachel Ward Edmonton Journal


  • July 2015

    31 July The successful revival of the Chitimacha language by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    31 July Native Language: pathway to traditions, self-identity by Tsanavi Spoonhunter Indian Country

    31 July We all know and admire the Haka… so why not one of our own? by Marcus Woolombi Waters The Conversation

    30 July Fort Folly First Nation attempts to bring back Mi’kmaq language by Lindsay Michael CBC News

    30 July Why do we shortchange one of Hawaii’s official languages? by Adam Keawe Honolulu Civil Beat

    30 July On the Philippines’ diversity of languages by Jorge Mojarro Businessworld Weekender

    30 July Paora Maxwell: Protect precious taonga by giving te reo a go by Paora Maxwell New Zealand Herald

    29 July New way to learn te reo online by Finn Rainger Gisborne Herald

    29 July Youth group take up challenge to speak Maori for 40 hours by Aroha Treacher Maori Television

    29 July Conference focuses on preserving American Indian languages by Sarah Okeson The Joplin Globe

    28 July Saving local languages by Zubair Torwali The News International

    28 July Mi’kmaw language camp participant wants to teach others by Frank Gale The Western Star

    28 July Reborn on the bayou: A lost language of Louisiana by Daniel W. Hieber Houston Chronicle

    27 July Study finds use of Te Reo Maori on rise by Eru Rerekura Radio New Zealand News

    27 July Ojibwe language classes keep aboriginal language alive in Winnipeg by Dave Baxter Metro News

    27 July Learning the language: The tribe is working to have more children learn Chemehuevi as few adults speak it fluently by Kevin Baird Today’s News-Herald

    27 July Learn 40 Aboriginal hand signs used to communicate across Western Australia’s desert by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    27 July Wake-up call: We are killing the Maori language NZ Herald

    27 July Renaissance on the bayou: the revival of a lost language by Daniel W Hieber The Conversation

    26 July The hills come alive with the sounds of an Ghaeilge Ulster Herald

    26 July ‘Reconciliation one hour at a time’: Reviving Aboriginal culture in schools by Lily Partland ABC News

    25 July A Navajo speaker says the language connects her with her culture by NPR staff Spokane Public Radio

    24 July Haiti’s government backs native Kreyol Language by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    24 July A combination of two words by Diane Gibas Mille Lacs Messenger

    24 July Letter:Language Interest by Jan Van Eijk Leader-Post

    23 July Digitised, searchable archives help revive ‘sleeping’ languages by Michelle Z. Donahue Smithsonian Science

    23 July Finding new ways to define Native Hawaiian student success by Jessica Terrell Honolulu Civil Beat

    23 June American-Okinawan working to keep Ryukyu language alive by Tomomi Tomita The Japan Times

    23 July Notes from a single Mom: our founding ‘Fathers’ by Lynn Armitage Indian Country

    23 July Comedy lifeline: video skits teach endangered Lushootseed language by Aisha Nazim The Seattle Globalist

    23 July Navajos vote to drop language fluency requirement for top elected leaders The Guardian

    22 July Quapaw Tribe working to pass on native language by Ardina Moore The Joplin Globe

    22 July Sask. Cree language camp attracts participants from around the world CBC News

    22 July Singing lullabies to preserve the Butchulla language by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    22 July Navajo voters approve change to language fluency requirement for top leaders by David Schwartz Business Insider

    21 July Language revival could have mental health benefits for Aboriginal communities by Natalie Whiting ABC News PM

    20 July Aboriginal languages should be official by Olga Lovick Winnipeg Free Press

    20 July Amendments aim to promote native language education, improve school facilities Maui Now

    18 July Koori cultural classes for children at Laverton Community Hub by Fiona O’Doherty Hobsons Bay Leader

    17 July A word in your ear: Indigenous languages (with Des Crump) 612 ABC Brisbane

    16 July Mexican newspaper launches Mayan-Language edition by J.Tadeo Global Voices

    13 July Letting languages go extinct could lead to limitation and exploitation by Tameca L. Coleman

    11 July To resurrect a vanishing language, try YouTube and Indiegogo by Marc Silver Delaware Public Media

    11 July Aboriginal languages in Canada can and should be made official, expert says CBC News

    11 July Lakritz: More money won’t save aboriginal languages by Naomi Lakritz Calgary Herald

    10 July Young Aboriginal student helping to preserve Dja Dja Wurrung language by Larissa Romensky ABC Central Victoria

    10 July Language app help preserve Queensland’s Indigenous voices and culture through touch screens by Jessica Hinchliffe ABC News

    10 July Santa Fean’s film captures Native teens’ effort to help preserve language by Margaret Wright Santa Fe New Mexican

    10 July Authors of New Anthology of Arapaho stories hope to preserve language by Melodie Edwards Wyoming Public Radio

    10 July Revitalising the Ojibwe language Brainerd Dispatch

    9 July Canada chief calls for recognition of native languages Yahoo News

    9 July Magpie spirit can never be taken from Port Adelaide by Matthew Agius Port Adelaide FC

    8 July AFN asks Ottawa to declare all aboriginal language official by Gloria Galloway The Globe and Mail

    8 July The case for language diversity by Moshin El Hallouati Morocco World News

    8 July 3 Questions with Aimee Barry Broustra by Enrique Limon Santa Fe Reporter

    7 July Chickasaws adapt to modern storytellng technology Indian Country

    7 July Mount Druitt Indigenous youth choir revives Dharug language by Melanie Kembrey The Sydney Morning Herald

    7 July Preserving Kaprun language and culture in the Goldfields by Chloe Papas and Kirstyn March ABC Goldfields

    3 July A workshop gather digital activists revitalising Indigenous Languages in Colombia by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    3 July Mapping Endangered Languages by Sarah Ogilvie Stanford University



  • June 2015

    30 June Passion for preserving language, culture stirs Native American groups by Briana Wipf Great Falls Tribune

    30 June Canberra preschoolers learn local Indigenous language of ACT, southern NSW by Matthew Doran ABC News

    30 June Why kumtuks Chinook? by Kelly Sinoski The Vancouver Sun

    30 June Efforts to save ‘endangered’ language by Mike Chaussee KXNews

    29 June The future of America’s endangered languages by Matt Hansen The Week

    29 June Irish in crisis - we need a New Deal to revitalise the language by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin The Irish Times

    29 June Letter: Gaelic has chronological precedence in surviving Scots languages by Derrick McClure Herald Scotland

    27 June Te Wiki o te reo Maori kicks off today Maori Televsion

    27 June Part 2 of “Don Quixote” now translated into Quechua La Prensa

    26 June Do urban Gaeltachts produce a compromised Irish? by Barton Creeth Slugger O’Toole

    26 June Marlborough schools ready for Maori language week by Rachel Thomas Marlborough Express

    26 June Trio hope to revive pidgin language by Susan Lazaruk The StarPhoenix

    26 June ‘Allow linguistic minorities to pursue education in mother tongue’ The Hindu

    25 June Should all students learn First Nations languages? CBC

    25 June It's skookum to speak Chinook Wawa by Susan Lazaruk The Province

    25 June Musicians keep native languages and cultures alive by Elizabeth Floyd Mair Altomont Enterprise

    25 June Tongues not turning by Anna Grabolle Çeliker Today's Zaman

    25 June Committee releases key report on Indigenous constitutional recognition by Michael Kenny SBS

    25 June Peru Works to Preserve Indian Languages Latin American Herald Tribune

    24 June 10 Endangered languages in the world by Vincent Roy Insider Monkey

    24 June Preu officially recognises 24 Indigenous languages by Judy Heflin Language Magazine

    24 June Voices of youth keep Lushootseed language alive by Ben Gauld KUOW

    24 June Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia by Jeremy Hance Mongabay

    24 June Aboriginal radio show broadcasting to new frequencies Nanaimo News Bulletin

    24 June Languages are part of community healing and development by Tom Urbaniak Cape Breton Post

    24 June Peru’s soccer captain tweets in Quechua to rally nation for Copa America quarterfinals by Manuel Rueda Fusion

    24 June Canada’s language map looks way different without English or French by Jesse Ferreras The Huffington Post Canada

    24 June Ministry of Culture publishes Quechua history in Database by Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week

    24 June Welsh is considered a model for language revitalization, but its fate is still uncertain by Patrick Cox PRI

    22 June MIT Professor and known Haitian Creole Advocate join forces to create first ever Kreyol Alphabet songs and videos MW Market Watch

    22 June National Aboriginal Day in Petawawa by Ryan Paulsen The Daily Observer

    22 June It is important that the Scots language survives by Hugh Boyd The Herald Scotland

    21 June How the language you speak changes your view of the world by Farooq Kperogi Daily Trust

    21 June Editorial: Bilingual kids in the classroom a treasure The New Zealand Herald

    21 June Registration for Navajo language referendum closes Monday The Washington Times

    20 June Commentary: U.S. should confront its ‘cultural genocide’ of Natives by Julian Brave NoiseCat Santa Fe New Mexican

    20 June Review: An Irish-Speaking Island by Nicholas M Wolf by Roisin Ni Ghairbhi The Irish Times

    20 June Farmers give to Natividad Medical Center by Teresa Douglass The Californian

    19 June Talking book gives new voice to Indigenous languages The University of Queensland News

    19 June “This is for our people” - aboriginal community leaders explain Canadian Human Rights Act in Indigenous dialects CNW

    19 June U of S launches certificate programs in indigenous languages by Jennifer Jacoby-Smith The Star Phoenix

    19 June Turkish newspaper tries to save a dying language by Cnaan Liphshiz Heritage Florida Jewish News

    19 June A struggle on many fronts by Kate Mann Slow Food

    19 June Lawmakers call for compulsory teaching of Yoruba language in public schools by Dimeji Akinloye

    19 June Yucatan: Uwch Gopar Mynydd Album Review by Tony Clayton-Lea The Irish Times

    19 June Wiradjuri language course creates history Lithgow Mercury

    18 June Revitalising the Cree language through music by Steve Kingsman Day News

    18 June 25th First Peoples Festival offers array of film, music and culture by T’cha Dunlevy Montreal Gazette

    18 June Manitoba says sorry for taking aboriginal children from homes by Chinta Puxley

    18 June Student, community members honored by Lailani Upham Char-Kooster News

    18 June Learn tribal culture, history at Honoring Saganing Powwow by Tim Barnum The Arenac County Independent

    18 June How the US Mental Health System Makes Natives Sick and Suicidal Indian Country

    18 June Batsbi: A silent death of a minority language Democracy and Freedom Watch

    17 June Anchorage marks a hundred years, a hundred languages by Elwood Brehmer Alaska Journal of Commerce

    17 June Mi’kmaq educator celebrates National Aboriginal Day by Andrew Rankin The Chronicle Herald

    16 June Nanaimo must move forward with reconciliation by Karl Yu Nanaimo News Bulletin

    16 June WSD sets deadlines for boundary overhaul, indigenous language immersion by Nick Martin Winnipeg Free Press

    16 June Youth leaders accept challenge to White House's Generation Indigenous challenge by Bill John Baker Grand Lake

    16 June Mexican Indian language instruction now available online La Prensa

    16 June Minnesota Tribe gives grant to Lakota language program by Erin Mairose SDPB Radio

    16 June Alphabets of 24 native languages made official in Peru Andina

    16 June Blackfeet Nation plans run for language, health by Kristen Cates Great Falls Tribune

    15 June Documenting endangered languages N I uu National Science Foundation

    15 June Linguistic paranoia - why is Australia so afraid of languages? by Misty Adoniou The Conversation AU

    15 June Mission NFVF: Unclogging distribution bottlenecks, opening new markets by Michael Bratt The Media Online

    15 June Manitoba residential school survivor, teacher reunite after 50 years by Donna Carreiro CBC News

    15 June Fresh financial concerns raised over Maori language trust Newstalk ZB

    15 June Minnesota tribe donates to South Dakota language program Native American Times

    15 June Schuylkill Valley Community Library hosts Navajo Code Talkers program by Karen Chandler Berks-Mont News

    15 June Breathing New Life Into Native American Languages by Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    15 June Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages Endangered Language Fund

    15 June Need to Re-Awaken Culture Identity The Tide

    15 June Radio Jammu organizes a Poetic symposium and Folk music concert at Gandoh Scoop News

    15 June Celebrating aboriginal heritage benefits all by Gerry Chidiac Prince George Citizen

    15 June Youth leaders accept challenge to White House's Generation Indigenous challenge by Bill John Baker

    15 June Cree musicians collaborate for album designed to revitalize language CBC News

    15 June Indigenous language immersion program being proposed for WSD tonight Winnipeg Free Press

    15 June Looking back, looking forward by Stan Beardy Chronicle Journal

    14 June Prince Rupert Students To All Learn First Nations Language by Andree Lau Huffington Post

    14 June Hayton to lead language program Fairbanks Daily News Miner

    13 June King Felipe addresses Paraguayan president in his indigenous tongue, Guarani Gnomes National News Service

    13 June Hawaiian language poetry and writing competition opens to the world PRWeb

    13 June Project: Design for Endangered Languages Humanities + Design Stanford

    13 June 35th Annual Restoration Gathering a big hit in Cedar City by Haven Scott The Spectrum

    13 June The hard, important truths of Indigenous literature by Noah Richler

    13 June Head Start grad marks 20 years of memories by Kelly Oswald The Reminder

    13 June Mayan spoken here: Native languages of Latin American on display in Venice by Dominique Godrèche Indian Country

    12 June Bangarra Dance Theatre review: Lore double bill reflects enormous vitality of Indigenous culture by Jill Sykes Sydney Morning Herald

    12 June This Native American Rapper Is Using Hip-Hop to Tear Down Indigenous Stereotypes by Tom Barnes Music.Mic

    12 June Our cultures should interact, not just coexist by Robert J Balfour Mail&Guardian

    12 June ‘Keep language alive’: Grant Daily Advertiser

    12 June Tribal school Principal Norberg begins journey into retirement by Brielle Bredsten Mille Lacs County Times

    12 June Minnesota tribe donates to Lakota language immersion program at South Dakota tribal college Star Tribune

    12 June Labor Dept. releases new employee FAQ in Samoan by Megan Edge Alaska Dispatch News

    12 June As Native schools struggle, grad rate soars at Jemez charter by Robert Nott Native American Times

    11 June NT judge lost in translation by Stephanie Garber Lawyers Weekly

    11 June Why should some Native Americans have to drive 163 miles to vote? by Natalie Landreth The Guardian

    11 June Major Wikipedia boost for indigenous languages by Philip van der Merwe University of South Africa

    11 June Native American youth to raise issues at first Tribal Youth Gathering by Paris Burris Politico

    11 June Breathing new life into Native American Languages by Colleen M Fitzgerald Huffington Post

    11 June What does a second language give you? by Maria Isabel Garcia Rappler

    11 June Prince Rupert students must learn indigenous language from September by Daybreak North CBC News

    10 June Act on commission’s recommendations: chief by Brent Cooper

    10 June American Indian College Fund Announces Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Commitment to Action Recognizing Partnership with Brazelton Touchpoints Center to Train Early Childhood Educators in Native Communities Virtual Press Office

    10 June Those unheard voices by K. Pradeep The Hindu

    10 June CoastLine: African American English may be a Legit Language, But Linguistic Profiling Lives by Rachel Lewis Hilburn HQR News

    10 June Native American Education foes to Congress: 7 Bills to watch by Tanya H. Lee Indian Country

    10 June A lesson from the Miccosukee Tribe: importance of putting the 'Native' back into Native education by Gyasi Ross Indian Country

    9 June Kevin Kitchener helped Aborigines caught in the justice and prison systems by Ben Apple and Carley Tucker Sydney Morning Herald

    9 June One woman’s fight to save a language, not just a blanket by Jack Knox Times Colonist

    9 June Welcome back Wailaki: An extinct native language rebounds by Linda Stansberry The North Coast Journal

    9 June "You can't even imagine how they treated us" by Tereza Verenca New Westminster Record

    8 June Embracing Indigenous languages: the Kiwis just do it better by Nathan John Albury SBS

    8 June A call to action to save the Irish language inside and outside of the Gaeltacht by Julian de Spainn The Irish Times

    6 June Wahta Mohawks receive funding for language instruction by Brent Cooper Muskoka Region One Feather

    5 June N.W.T.'s CKLB puts aboriginal language programming back on air CBC News

    5 June Cherokee language app unveiled by Scott McKie B.P. Cherokee One Feather

    5 June Supporting Mohawk language instruction Digital Journal Press Release

    5 June Learning First Languages a song PSNews Teachers Online

    4 June N.W.T.’s CKLB puts aboriginal language programming back on air CBC News

    3 June Will Icelanders one day ditch their language for English? by Patrick Cox PRI

    3 June You don’t need English to be an Australian citizen by Allie Severin Fully (sic) Crikey

    3 June How to learn an Aboriginal language through Karaoke by Ollie Williams My Yellow Knife Now

    3 June Local news: residential school experience drives Trent Prof to preserve indigenous languages Northumberland View

    2 June Readers can now enjoy Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tales in the Cree language  by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    2 June Toronto street signs a reminder of First Nations heritage by Eric Andrew-Gee GTA

    2 June CSO figures show 182 languages are spoken in State's homes by Pamela Duncan and Shorcha Pollak Irish Times

    1 June Tribal Tongues by Joy Neumeyer Berkeley

  • May 2015

    31 May Klallam language gets boost in writing with grammar book by Diane Urbani de la Paz

    31 May Films Explore Native Peoples, Culture Conflict Learning English

    31 May Saving the Hawaiian language by Alden Alayvilla The Garden Island

    30 May Directive affects numerical strength of Techiman Catholic Diocese Business Ghana

    30 May Central University of Himachal Pradesh mulls certificate course in 'Gojri' language by Naresh K Thakur Hindustan Times

    30 May Valentin Lopez, Amah Mutsun Tribal Band: Owe it to ancestors to protect the land by Valentin Lopez Santa Cruz Sentinel

    29 May The digital language divide by Holly Young The Guardian

    29 May ‘I keep the Welsh language alive through bees’ by Wil Griffiths as told to Helen Barrett FT Magazine

    29 May Online Challenges to Save Indigenous Languages in the Americas by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    29 May Udall, Heinrich Introduce Bill to Preserve and Expand Native American Languages Cibola Beacon

    29 May CKLB to resume live broadcasting starting June by Mike Gibbins The Explorer Hotel

    29 May Supporting Mi'kmaq Language and Culture in Newfoundland Digital Journal

    29 May Rare language complicates Forest Park wildlife killing case by Jack Flynn MassLife

    29 May Maintaining cultural heritage is crucial, says NMSP Vice-Chairman Nai Hong Sar IMNA

    29 May ‘Serious challenges facing the Irish language in the Gaeltacht’ – Joe McHugh  by Pól Ó Muirí The Irish Times

    29 May Lies your map tell you: reclaim native lands by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    29 May Canada’s top judge says country committed ‘cultural genocide’ against Indigenous peoples APTN

    28 May Sainthood for founder of California missions angers Native American groups by Tim Gaynor Aljazeera America

    28 May Gezahegn Lemma Fituma:- Oromo Language (Afan Oromo) and the Ethiopian Government’s Discouragement by Gezahegn Lemma Fituma Finfinne Tribune

    28 May Students learn language to help maintain culture by Robert Barron Daily News

    28 May Class uses historic Cherokee archive, Skype to hone skills in linguistic fieldwork by Amy Athey McDonald Yale News

    28 May Preserving the Anishinaabe Language at UWM by Tom Luljak WUWM

    28 May One Nation, Two Polities, Two Endangered Ossetian Languages? by Liz Fuller Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

    28 May The language phenomena by Reem Antoon Gulf Daily News

    28 May Friday Opinuendo: On saving local languages and more …

    28 May Sen. Schatz Seeks to Preserve Native Languages Big Island Now

    28 May Dance To Honor Eldest Member Of Ponca Tribe Osage Clan The Ponca City News

    28 May Field recordist honoured for recording of bird and Aboriginal songs by Laura Gartry ABC News

    27 May One book, 17 languages: Australian children take part in the biggest storytime of the year SBS

    27 May National curriculum for indigenous languages to come soon by Emma McBryde Sunshine Coast Daily

    27 May Peru celebrates Native Language Day by Hillary Ojeda Peru this Week

    27 May Ho-Chunk pursue language initiative by Cassandra Colson Jackson County Chronicle

    27 May Sen. Murray, leaders celebrate tribe's golden Head Start program by Mark Klaas Aurburn-Reporter

    27 May Investment to protect native languages 30-fold increased Andina

    27 May Saving Peru's indigenous languages by Corey Watts Peru this Week

    27 May Tester announces language immersion bill at Fort Peck by Richard Peterson Great Falls Tribune

    27 May Kids helped to think big by Ellie-Marie Watts Port Stephens Examiner

    27 May The Medics' Kahl Wallis Wins $20,000 National Indigenous Dreaming Award The Music

    27 May Macmillan boosts SBIS with Siswati dictionaries by Thembeka Dlamini Swazi Observer

    27 May Compulsory second language for Waitaki? by Nicola Wolfe

    27 May Rohingya: The problem of minority groups by Al Khanif The Jakarta Post

    27 May Open your mind to a changing world by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya The Mercury

    26 May Librarian honored for promoting access to Pacific and indigenous languages University of Hawai'i News

    26 May Honoring Native Americans in the Military by Bill John Baker

    26 May Native language speakers to create new words for museum's dinosaur exhibit by Dan Bross KTOO

    26 May Supporting Radio-Programming in Michif-Cree Language Digital Journal

    26 May "Land of downriver people" by Joseph Price SYNC Weekly

    26 May Peruvian Rights Ombudsman Calls Out Gov't on Indigenous Rights teleSUR

    26 May Film Festival Looks at Indigenous Peoples, Culture Conflict by Mike O'Sullivan VOA News

    26 May Aboriginal langauge Wikipedia faces cultural hurdles, say researchers by Monica Tan The Guardian

    26 May AP PHOTOS: Indigenous beauty queen chosen in Ecuador by Dolores Ochoa Salon

    26 May Pacific health could improve if languages are saved Radio NZ

    26 May University looks at indigenous language preservation Radio NZ

    25 May Gazette opinion: Finale resting place coming for Apsaalooke Warriors Billings Gazette

    25 May Aboriginal women's choir performs baroque hymns in Arrarnta language by Annabel Ross Sydney Morning Herald

    25 May Australia developing first ever school curriculum for Indigenous languages by Monica Tan The Guardian

    25 May iPhone finally to get crowdsourced by Joel Locsin GMA News

    25 May Campaign underway to preserve Indigenous languages SBS

    25 May Experts urge government to halt decline of Indigenous languages SBS

    24 May How writers of endangered languages are embracing sci-fi by Britt Peterson The Boston Globe

    24 May The prince, the glamour model and the Vikings' lost language by Malcolm Brabant The Guardian

    24 May As Patience Jonathan Makes YouTube Record with "Diaris God O!" by Farooq Kperogi Sunday Trust

    24 May Revitalizing Quebec's English-speaking community by Celine Cooper Montreal Gazette

    24 May Fascinating Cambridge University Research Links Endangered Pontic Greek Dialect to Ancient Greek by Gregory Pappas Pappas Post

    24 May Aboriginal languages could reveal scientific clues to Australia's unique past by Robin Whitlock Ancient Origins

    24 May Mexican Programmers Create App to Learn Mixtec Language Latin American Herald Tribune

    23 May Justice Department eyes voting reforms for American Indians by Felicia Fonseca Native American Times

    23 May Mexican programmers create app to learn Mixtec language La Prensa

    23 May Culture key to student success, chief says by Jason Warwick The StarPheonix

    22 May Soweto event affirms importance of indigenous languages eNCA

    22 May Crossing the cultural divide by Vanessa Burgess Myrtleford Times & The Alpine Observer

    21 May At UW-Milwaukee, students speak the city’s native language University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee News

    21 May Preserving Pacific’s many languages key to cultural strength ABC Radio

    20 May Amazigh: Linguistic minority marginalized in Morocco Al Monitor UNPO

    20 May Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z by Janey DeMeo CrossMap

    20 May Many Native American Communities Struggle With Effects Of Heroin Use by Laurel Morales NPR

    20 May Mexican Official Makes Fun Of Indigenous People And Parents of Ayotzinapa Victims In Leaked Audio by Cedar Attanasio Latin Times

    20 May Library to screen 'First Language' Smoky Montain News

    20 May PotashCorp invests in technology for Aboriginal education Wire Service

    19 May Aboriginal or Australian? by Callum Clayton-Dixon IC Magazine

    18 May Join the gathering to connect Indigenous language digital activists in Colombia Global Voices

    12 May Nunavut-Ottawa deal should beef up Inuktitut funding: language watchdog by Thomas Rohner Nunatsiaq Online

    8 May The rescue of a language: Speaking Jaqaru in Tupe by Pamela Sandoval Del Águila for El Comercio, translated and adapted by Agnes Rivera Peru this Week




  • April 2015

    28 April Schoolchildren record ancient Wurundjeri stories in Woiwurrung language for new digital access by Julia Irwin Northcote Leader

    27 April Indigenous groups in the U.S. struggle to retain, and relearn, dying languages by Soni Sangha Fox News Latino

    27 April Why Languages Die by Revathi Siva Kumar News Everyday

    27 April 10 Ways to Boost Tribal Language Programs by Christina Rose Indian Country

    27 April The Israel-Palestine Lorde Project by Yuval Ben-Ami +972

    27 April SOAS' Endangered Languages Documentation Programme reveives a further $!! million from Arcadia SOAS University of London

    27 April UNPO Converence Draws Attention to Indigenous Struggles and Visions of Self-Empowerment Unrepresented Nations and People Organization

    27 April Aboriginal civic names a rarity in Regina by Natascia Lypny Leader-Post

    26 April What will the Federal Agency for Nationalities do? Vestnik Kavkaza

    25 April Colombian ethnologist emphasises wide diversity of cultures by Lorna Siggins Irish Times

    25 April Living beings as our kith and kin - we need a new pronoun for nature by Robin Wall Kimmerer The Ecologist

    25 April Recognition of some tribal languages under consideration: Oram Business Standard

    25 April Chechnya celebrates Chechen Language Day Vestnik Kavkaza

    25 April Educate yourself about the people of Tunica-Biloxi

    24 April Native Languages: From Forbidden To Funded by Amy Martin Montana Public Radio

    24 April Centre bid for Kokborok's constitutional recognition Times of India

    24 April Two-Day Event to Focus on Saving Endangered Native Languages UMaine News

    24 April Unesco: Half of the world's languages will disappear by 2100 by Ludovica Iaccino International Business Times

    24 April 4 northwest Tribal contestants shine in 'Miss Indian World Pageant' 2015 by Roscoe Pond

    24 April Lack of funding shuts down C&A Tribal College by Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton Native American Times

    24 April Between Homelands: Armenians Struggle to Preserve Their Language by Andy Vasoyan KQED

    24 April Potential GNWT Deal Could Bring CKLB Back to Life by Mike Gibbins My Yellowknife Now

    24 April National consultative seminar on tribal society, language and literature held Mizo News

    24 April Curriculum stakes out Indigneous learning PS News

    23 April The world's languages, in 7 maps and charts by Rick Noack and Lazaro Gamio Washington Post

    23 April What will the English langauage look like in 100 years? by Claire Felter Christian Science Monitor

    23 April 10 Things You Should Know About the Kalispel Tribe by Jack McNeel Indian Country

    23 April South Africa's 'demon of tribalism' raises its head by Shaun Dlanjwa Daily Maverick

    23 April Employee Expands Library's Reach by Transalting Children's Books to Her Native Tongue by Patricia A. Scheyer River City News

    23 April Bill Funding Native Language Programs Passes by Amy Martin Montana Public Radio

    23 April Through poetry Margaret Noodin keeps her Native American language alive by Mercedes Mejia & Stateside Staff Michigan Radio

    23  April Teachers connect with langauge learners with strategy and purpose by Shaina Cavazos Chalkbeat Indiana

    22 April Morgan makes Tory pledge to 'guarantee future' minority language GCSEs and A-levels by Javier Espinoza Telegraph

    22 April Language much more than words by Michelle Washington Victoria News

    22 April Cherokee culture, language and customs not only being preserved, but advanced by Bill John Baker Grand Lake News

    21 April Indigenous Australia, British Museum, review: ‘all too familiar’ by Alastair Smart The Telegraph

    21 April Why does Africa have so many languages? by Claire Felter Christian Science Monitor

    21 April Endangered Languages Project Website Rediisgned to Be More Accessible and Engaging Marketwired

    21 April Nancy Wise: French Immersion should be for all by Nancy Wise National Post

    21 April Tribal businessman upsets former Navajo president in race by Felicia Fonseca San Francisco Chronicle

    21 April Radcliffe Male Voice Choir help preserve ancient French language in trip to Brittany by Ben Ireland Nottingham Post

    20 April Educators seek to revive Puerto Rico's indigenous past through music, language, food Fox News

    20 April 80th Annual Tribal Assembly Adjourns Sit News

    20 April Gaelic in Nova Scotia under threat following cuts by Martyn McLaughlin The Scotsman

    20 April Reviving an indigenous culture The Hindu

    20 April A Language of Their Own: Swahili and Its Influences by Olivia Herrington Harvard Political Review

    20 April Linguists say Dakota, Lakota still mutually intelligible Rapid City Journal

    20 April Navajo Election: How We Got Here? by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    20 April Santo Domingo Pueblo, N.M., native named Miss Hozhoni by Mary Shinn Durango Herald

    20 April Costa Rica's first official sign language interpreter has long history of bridging the communication gap by Zach Dyer Tico Times

    19 April Usman’s Panacea for reviving endangered minority languages by Anote Ajeluorou The Guardian Nigeria

    18 April Researcher: Almost half of the 6,000 world languages risk becoming extinct Borneo Post Online

    17 April Cape Breton school offers course in conversational Mi’kmaq by Nicole MacLennan CBC News

    17 April ‘Where my heart is’ by Danette Dooley The Labradorian

    16 April Native American language poetry contest comes to OU by Brittney Bennett The Oklahoma Daily

    15 April Residential day school survivors who lost language and culture seek redress by Tamsyn Burgmann CBC News

    15 April A Name Restored by Katie Spielberger Juneau Empire

    14 April Georgia celebrates Mother Language Day

    14 April The seven big language learning issues facing the UK by Martin Williams The Guardian

    14 April Blackfella/Whitefella by Warumpi Band – Australia's seminal reconciliation song by Alexander Bisley The Guardian

    13 April Alaska Native place names workshop Alaska Dispatch News

    13 April Aboriginals who attended day schools also want redress for lost languages, abuse by Tamsyn Burgmann The Canadian Press

    13 April Old Colombian languages, customs get newfound respect by Chris Kraul Los Angeles Times

    13 April Sokaogon Chippewa, Wisconsin tribes ask for power to open charter schools by Ben Meyer WJFW.COM

    12 April What If the Hawai'i Driving License Exam was Only in ‘Olelo Hawai'i? by Ray Tsuchiyama The Maui News

    12 April Peak on ridge above Juneau gets its Tlingit name officially restored by Nathaniel Herz Alaska Dispatch News

    12 April Council of Indigenous Peoples recruits tribal language experts The China Post

    12 April First Nations Languages Part Of Global Study On How Kids Learn Mother Tongue by Colin Perkel The Canadian Press

    12 April I&B asked to include more tribal dialects in AIR programmes Business Standard

    11 April Alaska Native storytelling event embraces technology as 'new tool' by Jerzy Shedlock Alaska Dispatch News

    11 April Language, Colonial Hangovers and Access to Higher Education by Katherine Lamb Brown Political Review

    11 April A medical student explores the importance of Aboriginal culture, Country and the homelands movement by Jennifer Dogget Crikey

    11 April Expat Israeli ‘settlers’ in Europe get organised by Cnaan Libhshiz The Times of Israel

    10 April Govt asked why third language option taken off Naveed Iqbal The Indian Express

    10 April White Bear Education Complex aims to reclaim indigenous languages by Lynne Bell Carlyle Observer

    10 April Linguistic minority students forced to write language exam in Tamil by R. Arivanantham The Hindu

    10 April At the Nerman: Quilts that capture tension behind harsh tribal treaties by Cindy Hoedel The Kansas City Star

    10 April Legislature needs to step up for Montana tribes by Lt. Gov. Angela McLean, Sen. Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, Sen. Mike Phillips, Sen. Lea Whitford, Rep. Kelly McCarthy and Rep. Susan Webber Bozeman Daily Chronicle

    10 April Election for language referendum set by Noel Lyn Smith The Daily Times

    10 April Legislature advances proposed Indian language programs Great Falls Tribune

    10 April Translators needed to put poem in native language by Jill Callison Argus Leader

    9 April Wampanoag Language Historian Honored By Celtics

    9 April Sophomore Wins a Critical Language Scholarship The Boston College Chronicle

    9 April Shizuyo Yoshitomi started a radio station to help immigrants by Takehiko Kambayash The Christian Science Monitor

    9 April Tlingit language to be officially recognized in federal maps database by Elizabeth Jenkins and Jeremy Hsieh KTOO public media

    9 April More must be done to improve tribal economies by Lt. Gov. Angela Mclean Hungry Horse

    9 April “Take our words away”: Hyperbolic fear of Australia’s Indigenous heritage by Lauren Gawne Crikey

    9 April Meth, compact and language dominates Quarterly Meeting by Lailani Upham Char-Koosta News

    9 April Vugt: Using the mother tongue – in school and in church by Arnold Van Vugt Sun Star

    8 April Teaching Mandarin at school 'will colonise SA anew' - Sadtu by Bongani Nkosi Mail & Guardian

    8 April Excitement at proposal to open Indigenous focused school in western Riverina ABC news

    8 April Native mother tongue dilemma by Jenne Laijun Borneo Post Online

    8 April What about other languages? Daily Express

    8 April 'Incorporate minority languages into education system' - Pandikar Amin Astro Awani

    8 April War on language by Naziha Syed Ali Dawn News

    8 April Keeper of Salish language and music passes away at 62 MTN News Missoula

    8 April Gaelic conversations help Inverness dementia sufferers BBC News

    8 April EU’s commitment to promoting multilingualism under fire by James O’Brien The Parliament Magazine

    7 April Silver Spring Stage to Present THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, 4/10-5/2 BWW News Desk

    7 April Film captures dying language in NC Mark Washburn The Charlotte Observer

    7 April EU: 28 countries, one common language Gareth Harding euobserver

    7 April Young singer embraces Aboriginal choral tradition by Emma Sleath with Tim Brunero ABC Alice Springs

    7 April NSU American Indian Symposium, Children: The Seeds of Change, kicks off April 14 Native American Times

    7 April Grassroots Haida Revitalization Videos: Keeping the Language Alive by Christina Rose Indian Country

    7 April New picture for Indigenous arts PSnews online

    6 April Punjab-Maharashtra to maintain spiritual & literary ties Day and Night News

    6 April Sweden to expand teaching of minority languages Alaska Dispatch News

    6 April Language barrier complicates Farmington stabbing case by Aaron Curtis Wayne Post

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    6 April Irish: A living language is a spoken one The Irish Times

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    5 April More than language: Lakota Uŋčí teaches students culture, history by Danie Koskan Rapid City Journal

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    4 April Fidelma Cook: Mind your language by Fidelma Cook Herald Scotland

    3 April Aboriginal Languages in Canada Garnering Increased Interest Day News

    3 April Monthly Dakota Hymn Sing keeping Dakota language alive Yankton Daily Press&Dakotan

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    2 April Bilingual Schools Strengthening Ecuador's Plurinational State by Liz Scherffius Telesur

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    1 April Speak Setswana to your children editorial Mmegi online

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    1 April Fighting Guatemalan racism high on OU law students agenda by Andrew Clark The Oklahoma Daily

    1 April Debut album for Broome's musical treasure Baamba by Vanessa Mills ABC Kimberley

    1 April Coquille and Confederated Tribes receive historic preservation grants by Caly Mayberry The World

    1 April Australia launches reforms to get people into work Recruiter Anderson Group

    1 April Rhodes must fall everywhere by Wabantu Hlophe Yale Daily News

    1 April Students connect with their community roots at Bolivia’s Aymara Indigenous University by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    1 April Politics of language: Karnataka’s Kannada only policy is a gift to private school cartels by G Pramod Kumar F.India

    1 April Crimean Tatar TV channel goes silent by Olena Goncharova Kyivpost

  • March 2015

    31 March Indiana may add honors for bilingual graduates by Scott Elliot Chalkbeat Indiana

    31 March Centre nod to classical language institute by Minati Singha The Times of India

    31 March Evelyn Skookum honoured on Aboriginal Languages Day by Shinoah Young CBCnews

    31 March Increased interest in Aboriginal languages by Carmela Fragomeni The Hamilton Spectator

    31 March Kannada Language Made Compulsory in Karnataka Government Schools by Maya Sharma NDTV

    30 March A Loss for Words by Judith Thurman The New Yorker

    30 March A Thousand Tongues by Nilanjana S Roy Business Standard

    30 March Viewpoint: Misunderstanding the American Indian by Jeff Harrell South Bend Tribune

    30 March BSU hosts Minsk language festival on 29 March Belarusian News

    30 March The blind indigenous singer capturing hearts by Anthony Colangelo The New Daily

    30 March Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion in heated exchange with Aboriginal protesters by Rosa Ellen and Emma Sleath ABC News

    29 March Learning indigenous language is vital for Native students by La June Montgomery Tabron Albuquerque Journal

    29 March Hopes of preserving Cherokee language rest with children by Martha Waggoner Aiken Standard

    28 March Alaska Native orators speak by Ben Boettger Clarion Peninsula

    27 March Towards a linguistic singularity by Shahrukh Khan Harvard Political Review

    27 March Yup’ik spelling bee preserves language by Shannon Ballard KTVA Alaska

    26 March Yuwibara language kept alive in Mackay by Daniel Battley and Sophie Kesteven ABC

    26 March Native American language school in North Carolina opens for grades 6-12 as locals battle to keep Cherokee culture alive by Sadie Whitelocks Daily Mail

    26 March WA Consitution: Indigenous recognition recommended by parliamentary committee by Andrew O’Connor ABC News

    25 March Cherokees make push to preserve language Washington Post TV

    25 March Kaurna people didn’t exist when Europeans arrived, Kelly Henderson says by Anthony Templeton The Australian

    25 March Hopes of Eastern Cherokees to preserve language rest with children at small immersion school Fox News

    25 March Africa: No, languages have never been a problem for Africa by Rashid Swaleh & Sam Kebongo All Africa

    25 March ‘Shoulder-to-shoulder’: Hawaiians visit area tribal colleges so both groups can learn from one another by Bethany Wesley The Bemidji Pioneer

    24 March Can we revive endangered languages? Should we? by Claire Felter The Christian Science Monitor

    24 March Indigenous Elder pushes to preserve local language by Helen Spelitis The Observer

    24 March Tourism key to protecting Indigenous history in Tully by Kathleen Calderwood ABC North Queensland

    23 March Onedera named Master Storyteller by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    23 March Aboriginal legal services warn clients will face court unrepresented if funding cuts go ahead by Norman Hermant and Sam Clark ABC News

    23 March Globalisation spells the death of minority cultures by David Volodzko South China Morning Post

    23 March Not such an English game anymore by Sharda Ugra ESPNcricinfo

    23 March LDS Church putting scripture translations direct to digital, then print by Genelle Pugmire Daily Herald

    21 March “Rwanda’s untold story”: UK calls on Rwanda to restore BBC Broadcasting in Kinyarwanda by Ann Garrison Global Research

    21 March Lost in interpretation by Deabarshi Dasgupta The Hindu

    21 March Decolonizing language revitalization Intercontinental Cry Magazine

    21 March Unreserved: Seeing the world through the indigenous lens by Tim Fontaine CBC News 

    21 March Ao stresses importance of mother tongue The Times of India 

    20 March Preserve dying languages by Benjamin Goldberg Pipe Dream

    20 March Bill filed to promote language immersion by Alexandra Gutierrez Alaska Public Media

    20 March Indigenous ‘lifestyles’ have been diabolically shaped by governments since white settlement by Margaret Wenham  The Courier Mail

    19 March Alaska ghost villages are recalled by Native elders and scholars in two new books by Mike Dunham Alaska Disptach News

    19 March Africa: Is Language the Major cause of Africa’s Woes? By Sam Kebongo All Africa

    19 March Zimbabwe: cry our beloved local languages by The Herald All Africa

    19 March Plenty of life in Scots language by Alan B Riach Herald Scotland

    19 March Africans, Not Westerns, Killing African Languages by Butare All Africa

    19 March Dakota Hymn Sing helps keep language alive by Lance Nixon Capital Journal

    19 March Clarion call for languages institute New Era

    19 March Spin continues and the gap widens. New Indigenous funding is a dangerous misstep by Larissa Behrendt The Guardian

    19 March Arts contest open to Aboriginal youth across Canada by Molly Gibson Kirby Thompson Citizen

    18 March Wiradjuri words show the power of learning Australia’s first languages by Felicity Meakins The Conversation

    18 March The right to a mother tongue by Ceyda Nurtsch

    18 March Speakers can learn Cherokee language with a Tulsa city-county library card Tahlequah

    17 March Keeping Mohawk Language Alive by Michelle Ruby Brantford Expositor

    17 March Govt will ensure inclusion of Gojri Languages in Indian Constitution : Zulfkar Scoop News

    17 March New Warm Springs Academy Offers Lessons In Tribal Culture by Amanda Peacher OPB

    17 March PBS ‘Language Matters’ Documentary Includes Hawai’i Big Island Now

    17 March Vice Chancellor expresses fear of extinction of indigenous languages Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

    17 March Nicaraguan indigenous group fears Chinese canal will be a death sentence by Tim Rogers Fusion

    16 March Bolivia: a country that dared to exist by Ben Dangl Telesur  

    16 March Nationals leader Tony Grant launches NSW campaign in Aboriginal dialect by Damien Murphy Sydney Morning Herald

    16 March A Tribute to harmonious multiculturalism The Hindu

    16 March Video: what is language revitalisation? Indian Country

    16 March Chapman team engages natives in the Peruvian Amazon by Jonathan Winslow Orange County Register

    16 March Measures to Curb Drop out Rate of St Students by Samir Business Standard

    16 March N.W.T. Métis Nation producing Cree-language cooking show CBC News

    16 March UVic program aims to revitalize South Slavey language in N.W.T. by Erin Brohman, Garrett Hinchey, with files from Shannon Scott CBC News

    15 March No alien words in ceremonies, say Mayek exponents The Sangai Express

    15 March We have to bust the myths that shroud the Arabic language by Maryam Ismail The National

    14 March Don't learn foreign language at the cost of your mother tongue: Javed Akhtar Firstpost

    13 March Jeri Ah-be-hill, 1934-2015: Indigenous fashion aficionado was ‘a giant in honoring her native culture’ by Phaedra Haywood The New Mexican

    13 March Reclaiming a culture in its language by Jennifer O’Brien London Free Press

    13 March Native offerings: a celebration of Irish language productions during seachtain na Gaeilge by Ellίs Nί Raghallaigh Irish Film Institute

    13 March Stop Genocide of Indian languages’ numerals: Tarun Vijay The Time of India

    13 March Paraguayan association honors Oswego's Tracy Lewis SUNY Oswego

    13 March Saving Stories hopes to preserve refugees’ tales by Kathy Samudovsky Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    13 March “There are more unscripted languages than scripted ones” by Rana Siddiqui Zaman The Hindu

    12 March Indigenous languages Gaining Space in Ecuador by Liz Scherffius Telesur

    11 March Yukon First Nations make imagineNATIVE films on identity CBC News

    11 March Tony Abbott needs cross-cultural training, NT cabinet minister Bess Price says by Steven Schubert ABC News

    10 March ‘Gondi Script has no Similarities to Any Other Script’ The New Indian Express

    9 March ‘Navalish’: The Shifting World of the Navajo Language by Alysa Landry Indian Country

    9 March Know more than one language? Don’t give it up! by Rebecca Callahan The Conversation US

    8 March India’s First Tribal Magazine to be in Gunjala Koyatur Script The New Indian Express

    8 March Maine Observer: Celebrate Irish heritage through language by John Henderson Portland Press Herald

    8 March International conference focuses on language documentation, conservation by Karen Mackenzie University of Hawai’i

    8 March Jailed in Mexico: Thousands of Indigenous Behind Bars Due to Language Barriers by Rick Kearns Indian Country

    7 March Youngs looking forward to learning Mi’kmaq language by Frank Gale The Western Star

    7 March At UW-Milwaukee, students speak Milwaukee’s native language Media Release by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Native American Times

    7 March #AMVCA2015: Fathia Balogun wins Best Indigenous Language, Yoruba... by the Editor Net

    6 March Annihilation of an oral language by Ananta Yusuf The Daily Star

    6 March Support, don’t shush multilingual kids by Julia Gavin UMASS Lowell

    6 March Aboriginal mom fights officialdom over spelling of daughter’s name: SahaiɁa by The Canadian Press

    5 March What legacy do you want to leave your children? by Dr Woolombi Waters The Stringer

    5 March Chamorro language and Festpac by Monica Okada Guzman

    5 March Minnesota professor's work preserves American Indian language, culture by Kent McDill

    5 March Sokoagon Chippewa Chairman Gives State of the Tribes Address by Natalie Jablonski WXPR

    4 March Using Smart Technology to Preserve Aboriginal Languages by Judy Heflin The Journal of Communication and Education

    3 March Irish author's quest to revive native language launches cultural week in Lowell by Brendan Lewis

    3 March Fluent Osage Speakers are a Priority for Osage Nation by Geneva Horsechief-Hamilton Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 March Treaty by Yothu Yindi – a Trojan Horse in the Culture Wars by Jack Kerr The Guardian

    3 March ZZK Records Remixes Luzmila Carpio's Music of the Indigenous by Eddie Cota Huffington Post

    3 March 500 Australian English words added to Oxford Dictionaries by Bryce Lowry Australian

    3 March Challenges and solutions to keeping the Lakota language alive by Christina Rose Indian Country Today Media Network

    3 March On the brink of extinction, an Indigenous language gets its first dictionary by Allison Meier Hyperallergic

    3 March Ford Foundation gives $190K to University of Hawaii language programs by Loren Eleni Gill Pacific Business News

    3 March Native American languages still not offered at UM by Erin Loranger Montana Kaimin

    2 March Why Do We Fight so Hard to Preserve Endangered Languages? by James Harbeck The Week

    2 March Most Native Tongues of the West are all but lost by Jeremy Miller High Country News

    2 March We Need a Siswati Revolution by Thembeka Dlamini Swazi Observer

    1 March More Language Support Programs to be launched for Multicultural Families by Claire Lee The Korea Herald

    1 March Funding for App to Support Language Revitalisation Daily Liberal

    1 March Far From Extinct, Indigenous Languages Thriving in Public Schools in Dubbo by Julie Power Sydney Morning Herald