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Languages in the news 2017

  • June 2017

    14 June Concerned Voices Over NSW Indigenous Languages Protection Bill by Amanda Copp SBS

    13 June We’d Have a Better Chance of Preserving Africa’s Dying Languages if we Learned Their History by Abdi Latif Dahir QZ

    13 June Nebraska Tribe Looks to Language in Preserving Culture by Ben Bohall NetNebraska

    13 June Of Logdrums ... And Threat to Language by Dr. Asangba Tzüdir MorungExpress

    12 June Fear of Losing Culture Rises Among Indigenous People in Manitoba CBA

    12 June Indigenous Languages Facing Extinction - Dogara by Kauthar Anumba-Khaleel Leadership

    11 June Reviving a Lost Language of Canada Through Film by Elsa Butler, Sarah Stein Kerr and Ruth Fremson NYtimes

    9 June Paquitos are a Family of Dolls that Speak Purepecha, Totonacom Nahuatl, and Wixarica by Adriana Cataño  Remezcla

    7 June How Indigenous Millenials are Using Tech to Save their Dying Languages by Polina Bachlakova Broadly.Vice

  • April 2017

    5 April Bureaucratic Rhetoric Won't Develop African Languages by Metji Makgoba The Huffington Post South Africa

    4 April Yuchi Language Project attends Native language fair by Honey Caranzo Mvskoke Media

    4 April Rescuing Koshur in Kashmir by Amir Sultan Lone The Wire

    4 April April named Chamorro and Carolinian Cultural and Indigenous Heritage Month by Lori Lyn C. Lirio The Guam Daily Post

    3 April Native American Hand Talkers Fight to Keep Sign Language Alive by Cecily Hilleary VOA News

    3 April 74% of Canadians support creation of an Indigenous Languages Act by Melinda Trochu CKLB

    2 April Ke Kula Niihau O Kekaha Public Charter School works to save language, culture by David McCracken The Garden Island

  • March 2017

    5 March Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language Al Jazeera

    5 March Tibetan languages face heavy government pressure whilst modernity threatens neglected dialects by Free Tibet

    4 March NU working to preserve Tuscarora culture, language by Niagara Gazette

    4 March No Aboriginal cultural, language supports for Labrador foster children in Roddickton by Terry Roberts CBC News

    3 March Celebrating language at Isaac Brock by The Metro

    3 March Residents challenged to speak only Chamorro on Sunday by Jerick Sablan Pacific Daily News

    3 March U of T assistant prof reviving Mohawk language by Jesse Winter The Star

    3 March Full immersion; Ideas to save indigenous languages shared during conference at UH-Hilo by Jeff Hansel Hawaii Tribune-Herald

    2 March Manipur Elections 2017: Irom Sharmila's party vows to replace Bengali script with indigenous Manipuri one by Amrita Madhukalya Daily News & Analysis

    2 March 'Da Kine,' Hawaii's Fantastically Flexible All-Purpose Noun by Dan Nosowitz Atlas Obscura

    2 March Anishinaabemowin Omiinigoziin app first to feature Treaty 3 dialect by Kathleen Charlebois Kenora Daily Miner and News

    2 March How Native languages lead to better outcomes by Aaron Hilf UNM Newsroom

    2 March Revitalising a Language by Shiv Sahay Singh The Hindu

    1 March Program designed to revive languages by Luca Cetta Port Lincoln Times

    1 March Parents urged to preserve indigenous languages Abuja Extra Nigerian Tribune

    1 March Pass the dedha: Grocery stores bring Indigenous languages to the aisles by Jimmy Thomson CBC News

    1 March Mother tongue language policy in education needs supervision by Cecilia Diesob Ghana News Agency

    1 March These Apps Teach the Culture and Languages of Mexican Indigenous Communities by Adriana Cataño Remezcla

  • February 2017

    28 February Former MP Demands That Iran Implement Right of Ethnic Minorities to Preserve Languages Payvand

    28 February Gaeltacht education reform must focus on language crisis by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin and Brian Ó Curnáin Irish Times

    28 February Why is it so hard to get a place in a Gaelscoil? by Aine McMahon Irish Times

    27 February Southern Azerbaijan: Mother Language Advocates Condemned for Allegedly Destabilising the Country UNPO

    21 February Online Platform Teaches Dying Languages To Save Them From Extinction by Holly Brockwell Gizmodo

    21 February The fight is on to save Toronto's endangered languages by Kate McGillivray CBC News

    21 February UN Marks Mother Language Day as Indigenous Tongues Still Suffer teleSUR English

    21 February Parts of a tree: If you teach people their own ancient language, can they keep it alive? By Alden Woods AzCentral

    21 February Could language revival cure diabetes? by Claudianna Bianco NITV

    21 February The dying tongues of Telangana and Andhra by Papri Paull The Times of India

    21 February On the language of identity by Nahela Nowshin The Daily Star

    20 February Speaking of the Ice Age by Anne E. Bromley UVA Today

    20 February Cultural Imperatives by George Hymont The Huffington Post

    20 February Local Language / Global Network: Designing Mobile Technology for Indigenous and Minority Language Users by Derek Lackaff Global Voices

    19 February Graphic artist turns talent toward sharing Algonquin language by Tim Fontaine CBC News

    16 February Remembering Nüshu, the 19th-Century Chinese Script Only Women Could Write by Lauren Young Atlas Obscura

    15 February Losing language risks culture by Bryan Meadows The Chronicle Journal

    15 February Symposium in Kelowna, Penticton looks at saving First Nation languages The Daily Courier

    15 February ‘Four Tribes’ teaches Native American legacy by Christina Lieffring The Columbus Telegram

    15 February Utah Valley's Everyday Heroes: BYU professors documenting endangered languages by Braley Dodson Daily Herald

    15 February Science, Maths in vernacular no barrier to excellence by Sheldon Maponga The Herald

    14 February Traditional Aboriginal languages to be used more often on Albury's sculpture trail by Allison Jess ABC Online

    14 February Translation app helping to preserve endangered Indigenous Queensland languages by Zara Margolis and Harriet Tatham ABC Online

    14 February Preserving Indigenous languages works from the ground up Queen’s Journal

    14 February Guest column: Native language preservation begins at home by Dr. Harold Begay Navajo-Hopi Observer

    13 February How to reclaim Toronto’s origins by Sahiba Shah The Medium

    13 February Federal govt urged to set up National Languages University The News

    11 February U of T professors fight to save dying Indigenous languages by Adrian Cheung CBC News

    10 February One of the world’s oldest languages teaches hidden life lessons by Jackie Bussjaeger St Croix Valley Area Lowdown

    3 February It's sCREEble not Scrabble: U of T students learn Indigenous languages through games by Hannah James U of T News

    2 February Penn partnership preserves and expands endangered Indigenous languages by Jacquie Posey Penn Current

    2 February Teaching maths, sciences in mother tongues: The hurdles by Dayo Adesulu Vanguard

    1 February Nigerian ‘Cultural Evangelist’ Promotes African Languages with Apps and Digital Storytelling by Eduardo Avila Global Voices

    1 February Yukon First Nations consider 'Indigenous-led' school by Philippe Morin CBC News

    1 February Indigenous education: We revisit a trailblazing Top End bilingual maths program by Anna Salleh ABC News

    1 February Ernesto Contreras On Creating an Indigenous Language for Sundance Winner ‘Sueño en Otro Idioma’ by Carlos Aguilar Remezcla

  • January 2017

    31 January Wa Zo Bia! Elizabeth Eremie is Preserving our Nigerian Heritage with a Language Teaching App for Kids called Teseem – First Words by Bella Naija Bella Naija

    29 January Tribal elder works to save dying language by John Lee McLaughlin Ketchikan Daily News

    28 January Tribal elder, KIC work to save Sm'algyax by John Lee McLaughlin News Miner

    27 January Indigenous languages are being wiped out – and social media isn’t helping by Peter Culshaw Spectator

    26 January Cree books filling a gap for students in Regina Public and beyond by Ashley Martin Regina Leader-Post

    26 January Reviving the Anishinaabemowim language | ABC 10 Feature by Matt Miller ABC 10 News

    26 January New university course teaches Stoney Nakoda language by Jenna Dulewich Cochrane Eagle

    26 January Reviving the Language – and Culture – of a Northern California Native People Newswise

    26 January Common future of Manipur – a view from tribal languages perspective Ragongning Gangmei Sangai Express

    25 January Listen: Linguist K. David Harrison on Preserving Endangered Languages Swarthmore College News

    25 January What's in a name? A lot, according to some Regina residents by Kerry Benjoe Regina Leader-Post

    25 January Dirtsong reinvigorates music and words of Australia's Aboriginal cultures by Alexander Varty Georgia Straight

    24 January University Of Winnipeg Offers Ojibwe, Cree Language Courses by  Sarah Rieger Huffington Post Canada

    24 January Learning and teaching Mohawk language to preserve its history by Gilbert Ngabo Toronto metro

    23 January Indigenous Language Games are launched by MSU Faculty by Emmy Virkus MSU News

    23 January Peru's indigenous language revival by Antonio Castillo Eureka Street

    23 January This Necklace Contains All of the World’s Languages by Erin Blakemore Smithsonian

    23 January Celebrate Linguistic Diversity Online With the Mother Language Meme Challenge Rising Voices

    23 January This country is developing its own sign language dictionary by Sohini Mitter Mashable

    23 January Saving a dwindling First Nations language, through an app by Priscilla Hwang CBC News

    22 January Lakehead Board expands native-language program by Gary Rinne tbnewswatch

    22 January Emulate Lagos Assembly to promote Yoruba language and culture Guardian Nigeria

    22 January Gujarati language in Pakistan faces imminent death: Report The International News

    21 January Launching the Project to Support the Revitalization of the Potón and Pisbi Languages in El Salvador by Betty Perez Rising Voices

    20 January Why Isn’t This Map in the History Books? by April Holloway Ancient Origins

    20 January Situationer: The future of Gujarati language in Pakistan by Rauf Parekh Dawn

    20 January Award-winning UNM prof discusses the importance of language by Nichole Harwood Daily Lobo

    18 January How Facebook can revitalise local languages: lessons from Bali by Alissa Joy Stern Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

    18 January Nigerian Govt expresses concerns over gradual extinction of native languages by Innocent Senyo World Stage News

    18 January This Iqaluit band is fighting to make Inuktitut part of the music industry CBC Arts

    17 January Native Affairs Summer Series - Catalan Experts - Make te reo Māori compulsory by Renee Kahukura-losefa Maori Television

    17 January Push to revive national plan for Indigenous language interpreters by Stephen Easton Mandarin

    15 January Applications period open for Haa Shuká Community Language Learning Project by Jill Meserve Juneau Empire

    15 January Inuit film producers partner with Haida for first-of-its-kind feature by Maryse Zeidler CBC News

    14 January Northern Ireland Assembly divided by Irish language by Ciaran Dunbar BBC News

    13 January The people are at a loss for words Gulf News

    12 January Portland type designer finds ‘particularly meaningful’ project with Cherokee font by Fred Bever BDN Maine

    12 January Restoration of Irish language grant ‘too little too late’, says Sinn Féin by Harry McGee and Gerry Moriarty Irish Times

    12 January Lawmakers working to boost indian language immersion programs by Sanjay Talwani Char-Koosta News

    12 January Study will Explore Best Practices for Creating Free Knowledge in Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia by Rodrigo Pérez Rising Voices            

    11 January Q&A: Saul Schwartz *15, on Preserving Chiwere by Mark F. Bernstein Princeton Alumni Weekly

    11 January When Language is More Than Words by Mark F. Bernstein Princeton Alumni Weekly

    10 January Voices from the past: CBC North to preserve historic Indigenous language programs by Paul Tukker CBC News

    9 January Talking to In-laws Can Be Hard. In Some Languages, It’s Impossible. by Bryant Rousseau The New York Times

    9 January Hinterland Who's Who videos now available in Indigenous languages by Stephanie Cram CBC News

    7 January Indigenous language protection at 'crisis' point ahead of feds' promised action, group says by Terri Coles Yahoo Canada News

    7 January Pakistan's regional languages face looming extinction by Khurram Shahzad My Sinchew

    6 January School Moves To Tribal Grounds by Sam Houghton Mashpee Enterprise

    6 January Scholarship to forge Māori and Latin American links Maori Television

    6 January Beautiful Animations Celebrate The Indigenous Languages Of Mexico by Amanda Adame Konbini

    5 January Lawmakers Consider Expanding Montana's Native Language Preservation Program by Cole Grant Legislative News Service

    5 January Black Arm Band recreates Indigenous Australian magic in ‘Dirtsong’ by Prachi Kamble Beatroute

    5 January Lawmakers Consider Expanding Montana's Native Language Preservation Program by Cole Grant Montana Public Radio

    5 January German Researcher Writes First Grammar Book for Karbi Dialect Northeast Today

    4 January Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages by Erika Astudillo Equal Times

    4 January Sydney Festival's reawakening of the Sydney language is 'music to the ears' by Peter Munro Sydney Morning Herald

    4 January Ottawa man designs Canada 150 typeface by Dylan C. Robertson Ottawa Metro

    4 January Schools in Ecuador to preserve ancestral languages by Erika Astudillo Equal Times

    3 January Waxing Poetic: New Tech Revives Sounds from Past Treasures by Barbara Tannenbaum UC Berkeley California Magazine

    3 January Indigenous erasure in plain sight: place names in New England by Sam Spurrell Intercontinental Cry

    3 January Indigenous kids get books in mother language Daily Star