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Recording music

 The following summary of recommendations from RNLD members was created by Piers Kelly (1 June 2009).



  • Easily the most popular for RNLDers was the Rode NT4. It's a "good single-point stereo microphone that will cope with a large dynamic range". Cost is about $500.
  • The Rode range was also popular with some non-linguist musicians, who also recommended the Sony ECM DS-70 Electret Condensor and AKG C1000.
  • The four mikes built into the Zoom H2 Recorder (see below).


Audio and video recording devices

  • The Zoom H4n which can take two mics at once.
  • Sony HVR-A1P HD camcorder (with audio-only option).



  • Microphone placement is very important. Try varying it.
  • Use two microphones.