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October 2009

31 October Indigenous languages still being used ABC News

29 October Why Save Dying Languages? The New York Times blog

Fall 2009 The Cosmopolitan Tongue: The Universality of English by John McWhorter World Affairs: A Journal of Ideas and Debates

29 October Bilingual education changes 'defy commonsense' by Anna Henderson ABC News

20 October Keynote Lecture Language Death by David Crystal The 2009 Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference

19 October The death of language? by Tom Colls BBC Radio Today

13 October How to talk to Aboriginal students by Myrna Tonkinson Eureka Street Vol. 19(20)

11 October Native communities fighting to keep traditional languages alive by Jamie Komarnicki The Star Phoenix

1 October Bilingual education 'never given a chance' by Louisa Rebgetz ABC News