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December 2013

Topic      Recording cultural events

Date       Wednesday 4th December

Time       6:00 - 8:00pm

Venue     Queensberry Hotel, 593 Swanston St
               Corner Swanston and Queensberry streets, Carlton
               9347 2648

 Food and drinks available at the venue, see menu for details.

Contact   Ruth Singer if you have any questions




For the final LIP of the year, LIP will coincide with the final day of the conference:
Research, records and responsibility: Ten years of the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC) (2-4 December, University of Melbourne)

Topic: recording cultural events
All cultural groups have their own calendars of festivities and public celebrations. These can be religious or traditional ceremonies, major life milestones or a condoned opportunity for group-wide entertainment. In this session we'll talk about the documentation of cultural events from a variety of perspectives. We will discuss the importance of capturing cultural events in order to provide well-rounded linguistic documentation, as such events are often rich in ethnographic detail, specialised lexicon and unique genres of language use. We will discuss the technical challenges of capturing large, outdoor events in often sub-optimal conditions. We will also consider what constitutes a successful documentation of such an event, as well as the need to discuss such documentation closely with the communities that allow us to be a part of these events. 

The discussion will be led by Lauren Gawne and guest participants will be musicologists Prof. Linda Barwick and Reuben Brown from the University of Sydney
Background readings:
Tedlock, Barbara (1991) From Participant Observation to the Observation of Participation: The Emergence of Narrative Ethnography Journal of Anthropological Research
Vol. 47, No. 1 (Spring, 1991), pp. 69-94
Seifart, Frank. 2008. ‘On the Representativeness of Language Documentations'. In Language Documentation and Description, Vol 5, Ed. Peter K. Austin. 60-76. London: SOAS.’ In , ed. Peter K. Austin (ed), Language Documentation and Description, Vol 5. SOAS, 60–76.

LIP is organised by Ruth Singer and Lauren Gawne, University of Melbourne

Contact  Ruth Singer if you have any questions

LIP is an occasional gathering of language activists and linguists in Melbourne. All are welcome. Those in other parts of Australia and the world who can't make it to the Melbourne LIPs are encouraged to organise a local gathering to discuss this topic and support language activities in your area.