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December 2014

31 December SCC instructor named Regan Residency Grant recipient Smoky Mountain News

31 December Native North America, Vol. 1 Common Ground

31 December Juneau's biggest stories of 2014 by Casey Kelly KTOO

30 December Documentary explores saving Jejueo language by Noelle Fujii Ka Leo

30 December Pustaka Offers Indian Vernacular Books Online

30 December Did You Miss Any Great Language Writing This Year? by Gretchen McCulloch Slate

30 December Minister Aglukkaq Announces Support for an Aboriginal Language Application Market Wired

30 December Santal Mahasangha demands Santali as 2nd official language of Odisha I am in

29 December PV Mayor honors Navajo Code Talker, highlights proposed museum by Yihyun Jeong and Jesse A. Millard Az Central

29 December Celebrating the harvest, preserving culture at Mohawk immersion school by Sarah Harris North Country Public Radio

28 December Speaking in (Native) Tongues - The Revival of Forgotten British Languages Sputnik UK

28 December Capitalism, colonialism and nationalism are language killers by Ross Perlin Aljazeera America

28 December Language Fees E-Pao

27 December White Mountain Apaches attend National Indian Education Conference WMI Central

27 December Aboriginal question the most important moral issue in Canada by Irvin Studin The Star

27 December Navajo Nation Council once again amends Navajo language fluency requirement for tribal presidency by Noel Lyn Smith Daily Times

27 December Agenda: Scottish Studies deserves more than a gesture of tokenism by Barclay McBain Herald Scotland

27 December Scheme to promote tribal sports talent in the offing by B. S. Satish Kumar The Hindu

26 December The Choice Of One by Kobina Antobam Ghana Web

26 December Indigenous Youth Help USFWS Restore Fish Passage on Cochiti Pueblo by Melanie Dabovich Indian Country Today Media Network

26 December 10 years since Tsunami: Tribes survived disaster, but their languages are doomed by Sandip Roy Firstpost

26 December The death of native languages by Bahram Sayad Daily Times

25 December National unity through inter-tribal marriages by Agwu Enekwachi The Sun

25 December Don advocates use of indigenous languages in schools by Olayinka Olukoya-Abeokuta Nigerian Tribune

24 December Explorer found Barolin country News Mail

23 December WCU faculty assist with Cherokee language documentary The Sylva Herald

23 December Reindeer herders, an app and the fight to save a language by Holly Young The Guardian

23 December Teach yourself ... five phrases in an endangered language by Holly Young The Guardian

23 December Language Preservation Efforts and a Birch Bark Canoe Build at UMass Amherst Indian Country Today Media Network

23 December With New Driver License Law, Indigenous Groups May Be Left Behind by Diana Aguilera Valley Public Radio

22 December IDC Cultural Centre in project to support Arecuna language Stabroke News

22 December This village school in Haiti helped propel a national movement to teach kids in Creole by Amy Bracken PRI

22 December Mapping The Most Influential Languages On Earth Fast Company

22 December Philanthropy award honors Salinas shippers by Mike Hornick The Packer

22 December Whose mother tongue will you use? by Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph Sunstar

21 December Juneau workshops perpetuate Tlingit language by Mary Catherine Matin Enquirer Herald

20 December They think indigenous rap is disgusting, but Im getting richer off it - Reminisce Nigerian Tribune

20 December Saving Tarao tribe from extinction E-Pao

19 December Help an Anchorage Man Address Shortage of Ahtna Language Children's Books Indian Country Today Media Network

19 December Navajo Version of 'Finding Nemo' Aims to Promote Native Language by Dan Frosch Wall Street Journal

19 December 'Tarao Tribe should be given Minority status' E-Pao

19 December Lakota Nation Education Conference focuses on Native challenges Rapid City Council

19 December With language on brink of extinction, Oneida hope mobile app will boost interest by Ryan Delaney North Country Public Radio

18 December Penn adds Native American studies minor by Sarah Welsh Penn Current

18 December LCO tribe fights to save language immersion school, facing deficit by Ramona Marozas Northlands News Centre

17 December Anchorage man hopes to revitalize Ahtna language with new children's book by Heather Hintze KTVA Alaska

17 December A Traditional Native Practice, Given Modern Form by Erin Joyce Hyperallergic

17 December Natives, Irish Find Common Ground Through History of Being Colonized, Oppressed by Christine Graef Mint Press News

17 December 2014 will be remembered as a year full of hostility and attacks against our People by Dr. Woolombi Waters The Stringer

17 December Media With an Endangered Language Message by Alissa Stern Huffington Post

17 December These Charts Show Which Languages Have The Most Global Influence by Drake Baer Business Insider

16 December Not a Full Picture: Evaluating Tribal College Success Using Mainstream Measures by Marybeth Gasman Huffington Post

16 December Ngarrindjeri language learned in Victor Harbor Victor Harbor Times

16 December Navajo hearing officer who ruled in language-fluency case fired for lacking state bar license by Felicia Fonseca Daily Journal

16 December Indigenous origin to city name, not Welsh by David Livitsanis The Courier

16 December WCU faculty assist with award-winning Cherokee language documentary by Scott Cherokee One Feather

15 December Serbia: we all speak Bulgarian; the Balkans have one common native language Focus News Agency

15 December Supporting Michif Language-Learning Tools for Children by Geordy McCaffrey Yahoo Finance

15 December Cllr Sian Gwenllian quits housing association board in Welsh Language row by Hywel Trewyn Daily Post

14 December Hindi is still a thorn in Tamil Nadu's flesh by Sruthisagar Yamunan The Hindu

14 December Victorian Aboriginal leaders promote better local understanding of culture, history by Karen Percy ABC News

12 December Professor speaks at dinner recognizing veterans Missouri State News

12 December Archie Roach returns to old stomping ground for Northcote Social Club gig by Julia Irwin Herald Sun

12 December Reservation of land only worked against tribals by R. N. Bhaskar DNA Idna

12 December Chinese Court Frees Uyghur Linguist Following Appeal Radio Free Asia

12 December Nzimande and the Afrikaners by Dave Steward Politicsweb

12 December Preservation of Manx Gaelic 'astonishing' by Dave Kneale IOM Today

12 December Bid to stop evidence lost in translation by Tania Broughton and Nokuthula Ntuli IOL News

12 December Parents and students rallied to keep this indigenous language school open by Deepa Fernandes PRI

12 December State Hluttaw Confirm Mon Language Can Be Used on Government Signs Burma News International

12 December Sámi artists compete in Europe by Sarah Bostock and Michael Sandelson The Foreigner

11 December Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages, Including Burmese by Catherine Shu TechCrunch

11 December Google adds Irish to list of Gmail options by Wilson Dizard Aljazeera America

11 December FSU honors Seminole legend Louise Gopher by Dough Blackburn Tallahassee Democrat

11 December Language equality 'impractical' by Ernest Mabuza Business Day Live

11 December Phillips Wicoie Nandagikendan Dakota and Ojbwe Language and Culture Immersion Program by Laura Waterman Wittstock The Alley Newspaper

10 December Looking for a Cause? Help a Yakama Elder Save Her Language India Country Today Media Network

10 December Muskogee Native Americans Embrace Honor, Sacrifice, Warrior Traditions by David Vergun Indian Country Today Media Network

10 December Erdogan's 'New Turkey' aspires teaching 'Old Turkish' by Pinar Tremblay Al-Monitor

10 December Spotlight: Teaching Cree at Ecole Providence by Tom Henihan South Peace News

10 December Make Guanaian Languages Compulsory in Schools - Prof Bosua Ghana Web

10 December 152 local languages may die soon by Medinate Kanabe The Nation

10 December Court dismisses lawsuit over Colville tribal settlement money Spokesman-Review

9 December 'Language key to identity, harmony among Odisha tribals' Odisha Sun Times

9 December Mesa Community College Leads in Foreign Language Classes Day News

9 December Native youth education in state of emergency by Susan Frey EdSource

9 December Making the internet talk local by Nandagopal Rajan Financial Express

9 December Reinvigorating the Yekuana Indigenous Language Through Digital Media by Fernando Carias Rising Voices

9 December Early exposure to English is damaging the standard of Irish among Gaeltacht young by Conchúr Ó Giollagáin The Irish Times

8 December Bills to support tribal and sign languages by Viju B Times of India

8 December Why Not Send Development Aid to the Western Sahara? by Michael Rubin Commentary

8 December Watch: Frozen's Let It Go lyrics sung in Welsh The Telegraph

8 December 'Hindi, local languages have a bright future in changing India' Times of India

8 December Defending the 'gavaar and unsophisticated' languages by Minerwa Tahir Express Tribune

8 December Manx language experts to star in new documentary Energy FM

7 December Botswana: MPs Differ On Multilingual News Broadcasting Motion by Mmoniemang Motsamai All Africa

7 December The Most Popular Language In Every State Other Than English And Spanish by Ben Blatt Business Insider

7 December Comment: Language is a strong symbol of cultural identity by Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins Times Colonist

6 December Gaelcholaistí top feeder schools list by Deborah Coleman

5 December Adivasis don't enjoy political right The Daily Star

5 December Drilling beyond 7,000 feet in Sarstoon-Temash by Adele Ramos Amandala

5 December Manx Gaelic 'warriors' praised for language revival BBC

5 December Forgotten Native American musicians: 'We could have been the next Nirvana' by Dorian Lynskey The Guardian

5 December Namibia: Indigenous Language Initiative Launched by Fifi Rhodes All Africa

5 December Hyd Lit Fest to be held at HPS The Hindu

5 December Online TV station on Island to film Manx language documentary Energy FM

5 December 'Irish Language Act is an act for everyone' Bradley by Paul Malone Newry Times

5 December Room 220: Speaking in Tongues by José Torres-Tama Nola Defender

4 December Our Culture, Our Standards, Our Rules: A Defence of Traditionalism by Damian Webster and Emmy Scott Indian Country Today Media Network

4 December UW hosts second International Ladino Day by Alexa Teodoro The Daily

4 December The bridge-building Nationals MP trying to save his party by Alex Mitchell Crikey

4 December Michigan teacher works to preserve indigenous language by April Van Buren WKAR

4 December 'Finding Nemo' is next movie to be dubbed in Navajo by Bill Donovan Navajo Times

4 December NDA Govt. says it is committed to the protection of endangered languages Business Standard

4 December Nigeria: 'Anilingo Product Series Will Promote, Preserve Nigerian Languages' by Joseph Wantu and Emeka Nwachukwu All Africa

3 December 'Why can't we speak Irish?' by Pól Ó Muirí The Irish Times

3 December Rainbow's Gr. 8 Aboriginal students surpass peers by Heidi Ulrichsen Northern Life

3 December How Australia's newest technology can be used to save its oldest languages by Broede Carmody StartupSmart

3 December Dickson encourages 'Ijaw BeBe Tolumo' in schools by Austin Ebipade-Yenagoa Nigerian Tribune

3 December Gaelgeorí groups demand respect for Irish language Irish News

3 December Dictionaries on tribal lingo to be brought out by year-end Times of India

3 December Tribal Nations Conference Will Emphasize Outreach to Native Youth by Vincent Schilling Indian Country Today Media Network

2 December Saving Indigenous Languages of Okinawa by Bernadine Racoma Day News

2 December Morongo Elder Wins Heard Award for Language and Culture Preservation Indian Country Today Media Network

2 December Revival of native tongue among Protestants speaks volumes by Dr. Ian Malcolm Belfast Telegraph

1 December Words to live by by Tijana Martin Lethbridge Herald