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How to make your own podcast


Podcasts about endangered languages

Language Diversity - podcasts and lectures from the Centre for Research on Language Diversity

The Shaping of Language - podcasts about the relationship between the structures of languages and their social, cultural, historical and natural environments

Endangered Languages - NPR - Guests: Steven Bird (Linguistics Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania), Jerold Edmondson (University of Texas), Lawrence Kaplan (Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska)

Saving Endangered Languages - Science - Guests: Meg Noori, David Harrison

Coding cultural riches: Investigating indigenous languages in Australia - Up Close Research Talk Show - Guest: Rachel Nordlinger

Living the Language (video) - Al Jazeera

  • Australia: The Aboriginal People
  • Guatemala: The Maya
  • Canada: The Ktunaxa
  • Bolivia: The Aymara
  • New Zealand: The Maori

SOAS Radio - SOAS Radio has a wide range of interesting podcasts including several on endangered languages such as the following:

Kristine Stenzel, and the Kotiria and the Wa’ikhana Languages of Brazil

International Mother Language Day – Bangladesh, Australia and the importance of Mother Language Education

International Mother Language Day – Bilingual education in Burkina Faso

Malin Petzell talks about Kagulu

Maurizio Gnerre: Huave